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The Undisputed Zombies of Gaming Industry: Top VR Games of 2016 (Part II)

Posted on Sep 13, 2016 by in Gaming | 0 comments

The gaming industry is all buzzing with the announcement of some of the hottest games ever on VR platforms. These undisputed gaming zombies are going to take the frenzy a notch above by giving the gamers an opportunity to play these games from their own uninterrupted perspective.

The games that had swayed you with their plots will get a fresh makeover in style to up your excitement level a few notches above. Some of the games have gone a bit ahead and opted for first person perspectives to leave gasping for breath while playing horror games like Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.

But that is not it. The gaming has got more weaponry to release in the year of 2016. The experts of the gaming industry believe that the future of modern world gaming is on the verge of a desired change. With PSVR technology and 3D sounds, the experience has never been so real. The idea is to not just to play but get involved and explore the adventure through a technology that makes your experience lifelike. With those VR headsets on, you are transformed to a world of new adventures like you are in some other planet. You can almost touch everything. You are feeling everything from your own perspective.

Once you put on those stylish VR headsets, you become the only hero of the human race. Every bullet is made for you. That is actually the real the fun to get involved in a game. So there is no hero you are controlling. You are the hero. You got your brain to control yourself. The predators are there for you. You got to be fast, intelligent, and use brains out to explore and survive.

The VR gaming is industry is turning out to be way more expensive than Hollywood. Loads of Hollywood movies have been adapted into full-fledged games. They have been declared blockbusters. On the contrary, there have been some games that were later adapted into full-fledged movie scripts. They went to break all box office records. Big stars were part of the projects. This shows how the gaming industry is changing for better.

In our last column, we had discussed about a few top VR games of 2016 that have set the stage on fire. These games on the list were already high on speculations before their release. Let’s discuss a few more VR games in the offing in the column today. Here we go:

Having all the fun in the space with Star Trek: Bridge Crew


Star Trek went on to be a huge blockbuster on big screen and the makers are not leaving any stone unturned to make it a hot favorite amongst the modern gamers of our time.

But you know what I think is watching a movie is a different experience but playing a game on VR headsets on is a different experience altogether. In the movie, you are a part of an adventure that you know is not real or related to you. But once you put on the incredible VR headset, you start feeling you are into the game. You are hero of the game.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew is a hell of game in that context. We have all watched the movie and loved it. Getting a chance to be part of this plot as a hero on VR platform is the best you could have ever asked for in your life.

The makers of the game wanted to keep the launch of the game a secret and low key affair but the news leaked prior to their announcement. So their all efforts to explode the news as a nuclear bomb failed flat. According to reports, the VR version of the game is will be available on HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and PlayStation VR.

The best part of this VR game is that it has got some of the most popular Star Trek start cast. Yes. You heard it right. You will not be alone in the space. Your favorite stars from the ultimate glamour world—Hollywood will be there supporting you all through your war in the stars. The game is touted to be one of the immersive ones in the industry today. The makers of the game Ubisoft did not reveal much about the plot of the game. This has disappointed the fans a little bit but we got beans spilled over by our secret sources.

So according to our so called sources, the story line is pretty much around survival and exploring while defending your spacecraft from other enemy spacecrafts. You will be doing all the stunts in a very realistic environment with the support of other team members in the storyline. It is believed that the gamer will also an option to collaborate other online players from different parts of the world steer the spacecraft around. Team work is very important in the game. There is a captain, engineers, and other members in the team. You got them all required to drive around.

The game will throw you in a variety of situations. You will have to follow instructions of your captain and achieve a goal. You will have to communicate with your team members and make a strong strategy to win and survive in the space. It is really interesting you know. We know it is not real but to win a game, you will actually have do things that are lifelike. For those who always had this little dream to become air force pilots can now live it courtesy the game.

The gaming industry is waiting for the launch of the game with bated breaths. The gamers who are tired of just shooting a bunch of zombies have now better intelligent options to indulge into. Having said that it is an intelligent game, VR games are allowing us to think beyond our comfort zones now. People are getting smarter than before.

Get set for some paranormal activity on VR


All right! After those shooting games blended in the fun of some intelligent plots, I believe horror is the way to go this year on VR platforms. I think that is actually a great wise decision considering the craze around horrors around the globe. And adapting those horror plots to VR games is just more incredible than anybody’s imagination.

Even if a horror movie is being played at home, I keep jumping off my seat time and again. Irrespective of their content, a horror movie manages to keep you hooked for a longer time than other action dramas. There is something intriguing about horror genre. And the one of the most anticipated games of all times, Paranormal Activity is trying to spook its fans big time.

This is one of the newest games on the block right now. However, the mystery around it is already growing like never before. The experts from the industry have already said some good things about the fortune of the game. They believe that the game will soon become a must drug for all gaming fans across the world. One of the videos around Paranormal Activity VR was launched on YouTube, which went on to become a rage. It has received views more than any gaming expert could have expected. So going by the numbers, the game is already a blockbuster in the pipeline.

The first chapter of Paranormal Activity movie was released in the year 2007 and has since earned more than 600 USD in the box office around the world. It is probably the most successful movie franchise in the horror category today with six hit installments till date. The next chapter of the game is slated for a release somewhere around this year. The bad news is that no date has officially been announced so far by the makers. I don’t know why all the makers of the game love to keep mystery brewing around the release date. But anyway, that is probably the best way to garner more attention.

Touted to be one of the most exciting installments, the next chapter of Paranormal Activity will be released on Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and PlayStation VR. The game has been developed by VRWERX that claims that the upcoming game due for release at the end of this year will pull the floor under your feet.

Commenting on all the excitement around the game, Russel Naftal, the co-managing partner at VRWERX, revealed that the game has a story line of up to three hours and six hours of total game play. That means the game packs a lot of punch for the gamers who want to get spooked for some good reasons like entertainment. The good thing is that gamers will be able to explore the every part of the world through their own perspective. I know for some the timing is a concern. The game has been stretched a way too little more than required. However, for some it is what they always wanted to explore.

Cooking it up with the Raw Data VR


Shooting is the ever green flavor of the gaming industry. It is like the authentic thin crust pizza from the villages of Italy. Never going to go out of culture of the world whatsoever. There is just no dearth of shooting games and movies around, but what makes this zombie a hell of a game is its out-of-the-world features. Having said that there is more to this game than just a bunch of some fancy modern guns.
Well, we all love gunning down our enemies in the game without a second thought. However, Raw Data VR tries to empower its gamers with some other killing machines and that is where the fun begins in the game. The title of the game is a bit tricky. When I first heard about it I felt like I was going to work on computer programming stuff. It sounds like a programming language. But just do not go by its name. It is better than its name.

There are other gamers on the block who find its title very tempting. Raw Data is a new James Bond chapter. It is lethal, brutal, violent, and packed with loads of action—similar to Hitman.

Raw Data VR will be available on HTC Vive through Stream’s Early Access Program. The game is not just about guns and enemies. Raw Data empowers you with more weapons. Imagine chopping off enemies with a samurai sword and bow and arrow. Well, this is very interesting. A samurai sword like as in Ninja Assassin. Wow! This is really different and makes me want to look ahead for this game. I am a huge fan of those great sword skills that I have seen in those Chinese action movies. Holding those swords in your hands makes you feel a little empowered from within.

One of the best features of the game is that you have to aim manually and not just that. You are required to manually reload your weapons. This just gives you a real lifelike feeling. You are there in the war all on your own. Go live your dream men!

As in most games, your weapons get a makeover after every new stage. The aim of the game is to steal the Raw data—Eden Corp’s data and the smarter weapons you have the better your chances are to win the game. But this is not it. The fun of gaming is when you’ve got equally powerful enemies in the game. So to take your gaming experience a notch-high, there are enemies with some really good powers. They have got ninja Stealthers, heavy armour units, and drones. Oh man! They are really powerful. If you think that you can’t take on those enemies all alone, then you have the option to kill it with a partner. Yes. You got it right. You can also have a partner in the game and double-up your gaming experience.

The gaming world is incomplete without a dash of Horror: Get Affected Now


We are somehow naturally addicted to the genre called horror from our early childhood. There is this always something intriguing about ghosts that keeps us hooked on to the plot even it is not that interesting. I know a lot of gamers around me who are die-hard fans of the genre for no reason whatsoever. They just love it unconditionally. So when the VR-enabled game Affected has been announced for the end of the year release, there is a lot of curiosity brewing around the game.

So those who are already a staunch lover of the game series know how it feels to be there in the Affected. Some of the games based on the same plot such as Until Dawn have already become a rage amongst the gamers around the game. One of the most intriguing games is Outlast where gamers do not stand a chance to defend themselves. It is very intriguing. Affected is on the same lines. It is a decision-based gaming plot, where your one wrong decision just can lead you to your death. Wow. Thrilling, huh? The decision-based games are the new rage of the town. There is no way you can miss the thrill because you are hooked like a zombie to human blood banks.

The entire setup of the game is designed to run the chill down your spine. The lighting, ambience, and music will give you goose bumps. I don’t know why but the entire is better than watching a movie on your stupid box at home. The experience is just out of the world and more frightening.

When you watch a horror movie then there is this subconscious wisdom that tells us that the movie is not real. We tend to not buy the truth whatsoever. But when you are made to enter the arena yourself then the table turns completely. You are right into the game and unraveling the mystery through your own decisions and moves. You know there is a huge difference between what you see and what you do. A starkly huge difference. The first-hand experience is always the different.

Now let’s talk about the plot of the game. To take the horror of the game a notch higher than its previous installments, there are loads of signature locations where the ghosts come to haunt you. You are going to pay a visit to manor, hospital, and carnival. Well, my favorite is carnival. There is a reason behind it. I was for the first time intrigued by the idea of scaring gamers in the carnival where I personally believe no way you can scare people. There is this huge crowd. There is no scope of horror in it. But I was wrong. The horror quotient just does not die down even in the carnival in the game. Hospital is the spookiest game location of the game. Manor keeps you on your toes too. The game is available on Oculus Rift.

The shooter is the Superhot VR this season


All right! As we have already talked about how shooting games are still most played games on any platform, here comes the Superhot VR this season to take your experience out of the world one more time. It is important to change with time for some things but for some change is bane. The same philosophy applies to the Superhot VR shooting game. The flavor of this shooting game has just improved with time. It is more like an old wine or like some aged cheese. Nothing can be tastier than them at all.

However, there are some really good added flavors in the same old Superhot.

Available on Oculus Rift, the game is a little alien for those who have not played it before. One might take some time more time than usual to get used to it. The game has a concept of time, which is a little bit tricky for a lot of gamers. It demands you to be there into the game totally. Otherwise, you won’t just be able to pick up the game. The Superhot game moves according to your moves and these moves define your success in the game.

There are no girls in the game as the name ‘superhot’ of the game suggests. So don’t expect too much glamour in it. However, there is loads of entertainment in the game undoubtedly. You will be stuck to the plot of the game without blinking your eyelids for even a single second. The costume of the protagonist reminds of the dress worn by the superhot Deadpool in the movie this year. The makers of the game have not spilled any beans on its release date. However, the industry is buzzing with rumors for a while that the game will release somewhere in the end of the year 2016.

Well, that’s strange. Most of the games that have featured on the list that are available on virtual reality platform are all going to release at the end of the year. That means the end of the year is going to be full of nuclear explosion. Although makers of the game have not talked too much about the game and its release, they have discussed a little about the level of the immersion in the gaming. They say the VR version of the Superhot will have the most outstanding immersion level. According to them, the game will sweep you off from your feet in no time. Spilling more beans on the subject are the developers of the game who believe that the redesigned version of the gaming is never seen before experience for a lot gamers. Everything in the game has been given a classic makeover to keep its lovers hooked into the game without a doubt.

The ghost, zombies, shooters, and ninja assassins are coming to make your new year a little more exhilarating this year. Get hooked guys!!!

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