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Top VR Games 2016 : Best Games for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift

Posted on Oct 16, 2016 by in Gaming, Technology | 0 comments

vr games

vr gamesIt is 2016 and VR finally feels somewhat real. With players like Google Cardboard, Samsung gear VR, and even more immersive things like Oculus rift and HTC vive, you can enjoy a huge selection of some high-end games and apps to play.

Also, PlayStation VR is expected to come out around in October, which means that there are going to be even more games as we all know sony is an expert in coming up with games. This dramatically growing interested of gaming community in virtual reality thing has made the game developers to think more about it than they ever did before. In the future, there would be more and more vr games hitting the shelves.

After a deep research, I’ve compiled a list of some of the best VR games. So, gear up your headsets and get started with.

#1. Hover Junkers

The game is a combat and multiplayer plot based game that is quite sleek when it comes to looks and makes use of some really nice room scale controls. You get to choose a ship based on the size of the room you are playing. You then get to design its physicality and defenses as well. It is futuristic, fast and fun. If you own a HTC vive, this is a must to play for you.

#2. Fantastic Contraption

Although this game was launched back in 2008, but it got repurposed for mobile and now, it got made up for VR. It quite really got to where it should really have started. You get to build fantastic corporations and solve little weird puzzles. It is quite simple to build but still you will have a great time playing this game.

#3. Audioshield

This game combines up to the mix of gaming and exercise in the right portions. You are hitting glowing orbs in the game at your favorite tunes. You can also face tons of difficult things such as shields etc. The best part is that you can even upload your own music, which makes it an even more addictive game.

#4. Call of the Starseed

This game is themed around fantasy and adventure. This is actually an episode where you find yourself on a search for your missing sister. There are tons of objects you can pick up and look closer to. Also, the whole thing is inspired by the dark fantasy films that came out in the 80s.

#5. Tilt Brush

The game is now owned by Google and is a 3D illustration tool that lets you walk beside the creations which you make with the help of your vive controllers. It is more of an app than a game, but its still pretty fun to make 3d paintings and play around with them.

#6. The Climb

This game is exclusive for oculus rift and comes from the house of Crytek. As the name might suggest, it is first person VR climbing game that combines hyper-detailed scenery with tons of immersive thrills, which makes it worth playing once. The game can be played both using oculus touch controllers and Xbox one.

#7. Chronos

This game is an atmospheric RPG where you’d find yourself on a quest to save the world from a great evil ( #cliche ). Everything is rendered beautifully in the game, and it’s a good game to play if you enjoy VR.

#8. Lucky’s Tale

For some reason this game makes me remember the sonic race. It is a VR game that lets you race through trees, battle bosses, dodge swamp puts and also play all sorts of mini games. All the time you are a cute little fox – lucky. Lucky’s tale was one of the games that made people love the oculus rift.

#9. Dragon Front

If you enjoy stuff like DND you will love this game. This game is moved after the traditional game of card collecting and its all about strategy making and learning to experience the cards becoming alive.

#10. EYE : Valkyrie

This game has been one of the most anticipated games for both the Project Morpheus and Oculus rift. The game is a multiplayer game for VR and is set in EVE online universe where you play a rookie and are guided by some female pilot. You even get tutorial missions before you dive into the good stuff.

#11. Surgeon Simulator 2013

This game comes from the house of Bossa studios and is the more realistic version of an operation. You play as an incompetent surgeon who is faced with challenges of performing various procedures on his patient. The game is now supported on both Razer’s Hydra peripherals and oculus rift. By this, you can make a lot of mess, experience surgical procedures in 3D.

#12. Batman Arkham VR

After the dark night, tons of game came based upon the same subject. But as of now, Rocksteady studios is focused on enriching the detective skills of batman and taking him to locations like Batcave in VR.

#13. Mechanized Combat league

This is a great multiplayer and first person shooting game during which you play 3 on 3 with specialised weapons for your player to climb onto. Doesn’t this sound awesome already

You get to shoot down your opponents or instead – slow them in some task. You also have to collect yellow orbs around the arena you are in order to get to the overdrive mode. Your aim is taken care by left thumbstick and head tracking. To minimize the feeling of getting sick, you only need to move the head a little bit.

Shoot your opponents to slow them down in the real task – collecting yellow orbs around the arena to reach Overdrive mode. And left thumbstick controls are joined by head tracking which takes care of aim and orientation in the game. Only small head movements are needed, though, to minimize feeling sick.

#14. London Heist : Getaway

It is the bit of basic gameplay, you are in some moving car and shooting on some Londoners on your motorbike who are sharing you. It is although a good tactic to solve the hectic task of moving in VR Space.

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