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Top Cheap Gaming Experiences for PC Sherlock Holmes of Our Times

Posted on Oct 4, 2016 by in Gaming | 0 comments

All the modern Gerard Butlers of video gaming industry tend to go the Sherlock Holmes way on and off to quench their thirst for out of the box cheap gaming experiences. The secret spice of mystery acts exactly like a dollop of bubbling hot cheese over just any bland dish served with no purpose whatsoever. The flavor of entertainment increases manifold and your hidden dream of playing mischievously hot Sherlock Holmes is taken care of.

The gaming industry first started doling out the genre in the early 90s when the makers mixed it up with other genres like adventure and action. The earlier versions of mystery were mostly developed to entertain only adult audiences who were looking for an ideal alternative to those cartoonish adventures that had then swarmed the gaming industry. All the mystery themed adventures on PCs became runaway hits. Most of them turned out way spookier than one could ever imagine.
We have compiled a list of some of the best mystery PC games of all time for you in this article. Let us just unlock the secret chamber of the gaming industry right away. Here we go:

Unraveling the Secret Beneath the Surface of Bright Falls is Allan in Allan Wake


Allan Wake packs a lot of adventure blended in gen-next actions and spine-chilling mystery. Originally conceived for the Xbox 360, the game took more time than usual to come out in the industry for its fans who wanted to explore it on their PCs. Allan Wake has been created by the makers of the popular Max Payne game series and, thus, looked promising from the time it was officially announced.

The best thing about this game is its intriguing plot that can give even the darkest movies in Hollywood a run for their money. It revolves around Allan Wake who is in the middle of some unexpected circumstances unfolding around him in the Bright Falls. His wife is missing and the Police is chasing him for all the wrong reasons. The best feature of Allan Wake is that it strikes a perfect balance between mystery and action. It is an out and out entertaining cheap gaming experience for all types of gamers across the world.

It is surprising to know that the PC version of the game was initially stalled for some unknown reasons. The game was then launched on Xbox 360. But that hidden urge to make it available for maximum gamers around the world took over and the makers finally started toying with the idea of releasing its PC version. As a result, the game was out in the open for all PC users in 2011.

The story of the game looks as if has been developed by the professional Hollywood script writers. The protagonist is not an action hero but his chance tryst with some unexpected circumstance forced him to done a personality he had never known lived somewhere inside him. The plot has some paranormal flavors as well. Graphics are sublime especially the Bright Town that appears more real than it could have ever been in reality. Details are mind blowing and actions sconces keep you hooked throughout the game. The behavior of the police, locals, and other key characters is extraordinary.

Reflection of a strange shadow in the Black Mirror


One of the most popular mystery genres of all time, Black Mirror is also regarded for its ability to bring those horror themes back to life in the early 2000s when they had almost lost in the ruins of no identity. The game was created by Czech studio Future Games with a variety of spices of entertainment stuffed together to woo gaming fans around the world. From graphics to unmatched background score to mysteries more intricate than the Da Vinci Code, this is a hell lot of a roller coaster ride you must explore in your life.

However, the Black Mirror was panned down for its bad voice-over performance by critics. We know how important it is to have good voice performances to keep a story going in the flow of the theme. As said by the critics, Black Mirror’s gameplay on a few stages was almost unbearable. But that is it. If we keep the performance factor aside for a while, then the game has many out of the world cheap gaming experiences that you can’t forget.

Talking about its plot, it is just like a recipe for mashed potatoes. The story looks inspired by a variety of different games such as Edgar Allan Poe, H.P. Lovecraft, Clue, and Scooby Doo—of course. You are the protagonist Samuel Gorden in the game. The story revolves around you and the mysterious deaths taking place in the Black Mirror Castle in England. You are the scion of Gordon clan that originally owned the castle in the ancient times. The story takes a sharp turn after the death of William Gordon, the father of the protagonist. Dismayed by the death of his grandfather, Samuel has locked himself in isolated towers of the castle where he is trying to solve the darkest mysteries of the clan staved off in the heart of a terrifying castle. The game is all about Samuel trying to unravel the mysterious murder of his grandfather and other secrets.

I personally loved the title of the game. It is eye-catching and makes you want to play the game at least once. The game is packed with a number of twists and turns, especially towards the end. Graphics of the game are plausible. The makers of the game have given extra attention to details and behavior of the characters. The castle and the environment look real. Other features of the game such as towns, mines, morgue, and church, all look real with vibrant colors. The mannerism of supporting characters is also great. Some of the scenes in the game are out of the world. They are spooky and keep you hooked.

Basking in the mystery of a new wave in the Heavy Rain


All right! One of the best things about this popular mystery game is its curiosity to do things on a different level. Yes. The truth is that the game has slipped on many occasions on a variety of important features, but it still emerges as one of the most popular game in the mystery genre for its ability to dole out a few new things. There is no doubt that Heavy Rain could have been the most unforgettable of all times if a few things were taken care of by its makers. Nonetheless, it is still a masterpiece of its kind. And I am sure the next sequel of the series will fill the gaps completely.

The best part of the game and my favorite is that the makers have used digital actors for an out of the world performance. This in itself is a big revolution in the gaming industry even it has not gone down too well amongst its fans. Actually, the concept of using digital actors for performance was ideal but their execution was not as convincing enough. On this ground, Heavy Rain was panned down severally by critics from around the globe. But still, the game went on to carve a niche for itself in the industry and built its own kind of a fan following. I personally believe that the story of the game could have been much better. Thumbs up from my side for its guts to do something new at a time when most makers are relying on inspirations from hit games. In fact, Heavy Rain has started a sort of a rage in the industry of adventure games with its new technology.

Released way back in 2011, Heavy Rain was ahead of its time. It was arguably the first game in the world to have used DualShock’s motion-sensing capabilities for stimulation so effectively and in such a detailed manner. Dialogue delivery in the game was outrageously good. They were beautifully timed and the reaction was split sections that could have easily changed the plot of the game anytime. Graphics of the game are out of the world. You feel like you are into the game yourself and waging a war against all the odds yourself. The soundtrack supports the plot of the game. It helps you keep hooked to the plot throughout. The technology of the game makes it even more beautiful than one can even imagine.

The story revolves around a serial child killer called Origami Killer. It has been told in four different perspectives of key characters such as Ethan Mars, Madison Page, Norman Jayden, and Scott Shelby. Performances of the characters are mind blowing. There are a few scenes that will leave you dumbfounded. Jayden’s drug withdrawal scenes wreak havoc on your cheap gaming experiences.

The sexual assault scene in the game is undoubtedly the best scene of the game. It has been executed so well that I can’t describe it in my words. The camera is outstanding. One of the best action sequences ever in any game.

The spookiest invitation comes for the 7th Guest


A lot of gamers would find a connection with this game. First of all, it is an old cheap gaming experience that tries to keep you hooked with its traditional themes around spooky mansions and guests. When I first happened to try the game I seriously felt like I was being thrown into the world of Evil Deads.

You as the protagonist are on a mission to solve some twenty-one puzzles inside an old terrifying mansion. The mansion is exactly like the ones you must have seen in other horror movies. But that is not it. There are more secrets behind the secret chambers that you must unravel to win the game. The game was first released as a CD-ROM game and still manages to appear on various lists of most mysterious games of all time. It is recognized for its out of the world graphics, actors, actions, and a strong gameplay. The game went on to become a legend since it was released in the era of CD-ROM cheap gaming experiences.

Talking about its plot, the story revolves around a mysterious mansion owned by the man called Henry Stauf. Henry Stauf is one of the most interesting characters ever created by any gaming company so far. He is a toy-maker, puzzle maker, and also an architect. I don’t know why he looks creepy as a toy maker. There is something really intriguing and deadly about him from the first scene he appears in the game. There is not much to reveal about the story because if I do then you may not be able to experience the thrill yourself. The story has been plotted in such a way that I can’t just give you a brief on it. You got to play it on your own for the first-hand experience. What I can say is that you are Ego, the protagonist in the game who is trapped in the mansion. You have to go from one room to another, solving puzzles that are mainly chess-based. There are logical games and other word games to test Einstein in you.

Cracking the puzzle of the game is not easy unless you take help of other outside resources. Back in the 90s when CD-ROM games were in vogue, solving these puzzles would have been even more difficult than breaking the Da Vinci Codes. But now at this time when we have some really effective resources such as Google, solving these puzzles would not be that difficult. Most puzzles in the game are really difficult. The first puzzle is that of a cake where you are required to divide it evenly. I remember playing this game on my computer and never being able to solve it in my life. I have not cracked this mystery even today. It is just so difficult.

The creepiest game ever is Phantasmagoria


One of the best cheap gaming experiences for all our gaming Sherlock Holmes is Phantasmagoria. Launched way back in the 90s, the game went on to become a huge hit overnight for its content and other good things. Phantasmagoria was also packed with loads of sexual content that stirred a one of its kind controversy in the early 90s.

In fact, even today I can hardly come up with any game embroiled in such a sexual controversy. The game then raised the debate of harsh age restriction. The hype around the game worked in its favor and the game went on to become the best-seller of its time. The critics gave it mostly positive reviews. However, the game seems to have gone a little bleak in the contemporary world. The script is not that gripping as it earlier was. The performances of the actors do not just convince you. Everything just falls flat at some point in time. The gameplay too fails to execute its spell. However, you can’t take the game lightly because it was the biggest hit of that era unforgotten era. I mean it is like giving a thumbs-down to Arnold Schwarzenegger today. How can you forget that he was the legend of the 90s?

What I personally loved about the game is the flavor of horror without any compromise. Horror and mystery are the best combinations in the world and the makers have played them together really well. There were some really great moments of thrill and horror. Graphics too add to the excitement of the game and story. Details of characters are mind blowing. The environment and other places have also been created beautifully with strong details.

Talking about its plot, it is simple and sometimes looks clichéd in some portions. This simplicity has worked in its favor bringing it to the list of the world’s most popular gaming masterpieces. My personal cheap gaming experience with Phantasmagoria was phenomenal. It is undoubtedly the scariest games I have every got a chance to play in my life. I found the plot of the game even more intriguing than some of the most popular mystery movies of all time. The concept of the game deserves an Oscar. Some scenes in the game make your cringe and a chilling sensation runs down your spine like a thunderbolt. One of the most creative games without a doubt. Some of the critics have praised it for its lifelike scenes. They say that Phantasmagoria has been able to depict a few scenes so well that no other will ever be able to do the same again in the near future. Technology is important to make a scene of a cheap gaming experience at par with its own standards. However, it is not the only factor to stand out. Developers have to focus on other areas as well to revolutionize the whole concept of a particular gaming. Those who also love exploring should go for Phantasmagoria as it offers the exploration experience. You got explore just everything out there to win the game.

A leap into the future with Gemini Rue


Since its launch in the year 2011, Gemini Rue has gone on to become one of the most creative masterpieces in the cheap gaming mystery category. One of the best parts of the game is its plot and the way it has been all structured to give its audience an experience of a lifetime. The product helped the makers of the game return to the gaming industry with a bang. Another good thing that helps the game stand out is its retro style of telling this story. It just looks awesome. There are moments when you feel like you are watching a movie directed by Christopher Nolan. Gemini Rue has a few hues of The Memento starring Guy Ritchie. It is a science mystery unfolding in the world of the 23rd century. The plot of the 23rd century makes you want to try the game at least once. And that’s the trick. If you try it once you can’t really come out of it easily.

The game was created by Josh Nuernberger in 2D point-and-click. It is a sci-fi/noir cheap gaming experience that you will find hard to miss if you are a true gamer by heart. It is not that Nuernberger was not around the business before. It is just that Gemini Rue got him the recognition and brought him to the limelight. The maker of this explored a new side of his creativity through this game. He gave up clichéd plots and opted to try something extraordinary. This Memento-like plot keeps you on your toes throughout the gameplay. There is hardly any moment where you will find yourself coming out of the spell woven intricately by the maker. The story revolves around Azriel Odin who is set out to find his brother. One of the best things about the game is it is packed with a hell lot of adventures, interactive objects, and a menu of icons to help you in the game.

Not too many makers try to delve deep into multistory aspect for it is hard to handle. However, the maker Gemini Rue has handled the multi-story beautifully without compromising on the plot of the game. The plot remains intriguing throughout the game. There are loads of things to discover while you keep moving towards the end of the game. The success of a particular game depends on its characters and Gemini Rue boasts some of the best performance by its key characters. The personality of these people is mesmerizing. They are developed to keep you hooked throughout the gameplay.

Graphics of the game will be loved by gamers who are fond of old graphic play. The game has adopted a hyper-pixelated style that was a huge rage during the early 80s and 90s. The voice acting of some of the characters in the game is not up to the mark. However, the main characters are simply the best. Their personalities have been developed as per their attitude. No doubt why it is the best mystery games in the world today.

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