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Top 9 Zombie Games on PC

Posted on Sep 16, 2016 by in Gaming | 0 comments

All right! There is something a hell lot of intriguing about these brainless slower-than-snail Zombie creatures on prowl. Despite being drop-dead ugly, they are more popular than Tom Cruise in both gaming and film industry amongst their crazy fans.

They leave an indelible mark on your body every time you are done with them in a game. The euphoria of killing Zombies gets over you and wherever you go you feel them in every person you pass by. You are at the dining the table and you feel your ankles being clutched by a gross pair of hands. They are behind in when you slam the doors behind you. In the bathroom, some naked eyes are prying on you secretly from some unknown corner. Damn! Such is the experience of being around them for a while.

Zombies are rage in the gaming industry today. The die-hard new modern Gerard Butlers are going gaga over new creative plots to keep them hooked into the game by the makers. In fact, a few zombie games are giving some tough competition to their Hollywood counterparts. These games with Zombies as villains are not all about innovative chopping skills, creatures running after stupid blondes clad in two pieces, and gravity-defying intimate scenes. We bring you some of the most popular and moneymaking Zombie games on PC for you right here. Here we go:

Terror on Dark Streets: Dark Night Terror


I simply love the idea of being followed by a group of brainless zombies as we have often seen them doing in some Hollywood blockbusters. They are slow as snail but are still threat to me, to you, and to the world, to the human race. What makes these creatures more interesting is that they do not have any super powers. Oh yes! But they are as powerful as superman in his red undergarment worn over his blue superhero suit.

In the Dark Night Terror, the group of Zombies is wreaking havoc on the dark streets of an unknown town. Your main goal is to stop them from killing the mankind and obviously you. The best part of the game is that you are playing the hive mind in the game. You are the one directing the entire pandemic from the behind the keyboard. One of the developers behind the game says that the only way to survive a Zombie catastrophe is by being the catastrophe yourself.

Those who have already played Zombie games before will find Dark Night Terror full of Christopher Nolan like plots and twists. The game intertwines both color and black and white displays to keep you on your toes all throughout the action on the street. The action is beyond your imagination. It keeps coming back to test your skills in fighting and haunt you if don’t have one.

What I personally loved about the game is its entire set up where the story is unraveling slowly. It is just so fit for Zombies to influence humans with their terror. When they are hit in the head the fall slowly like they are real and you can touch them. The effects are amazing like you are watching them all on your stupid box. It is like an actor is performing right in front of you.

The weapons are crazy. You will come across people carrying shotguns, buzz saws, and other deadly weapons in their hands. It reminds me of Mila Jovovich starrer Resident Evil series. I think that was one of the best movies on Zombies ever. The shotgun in her hands has now become a signature weapon to stash zombies popping out in every scene.

Another best part of Dark Night Terror is that all Zombies in the game can turn into mutated ones. They come with special powers in the game quite opposite to most of the movies we have seen so far. They can blow themselves off in bits and pieces to kill humans. They suddenly turn into suicide bombers sweeping humans in a blink of eyes. There is so much blood everywhere in the game. The black of the dark night seems like will turn red after some time. The blood oozes out from the body of zombies like they are human—a stark contrast to black and green that flash most on the screen.

Steel towers, booby traps, and stony pathways among others, all combine together for a great combo. You are right into their nation of no rules at all. Your aim is to survive or die without a trace. Zombies are terrifying on big screens but when you are in charge of saving the planet earth from their pandemic, then things are different. You are actually having the first hand experience of what it feels like to be amongst the brainless deadly creatures.

Calling them all on duty: Call of Duty-Black Ops III


Call of Duty: Black Ops III is one of the best zombie games ever in the industry today. The reason behind its success is a little tricky because a lot of industry experts do not really entertain the idea of repeating old formulas in the modern times. However, their entertainment has not affected the growing popularity of the hit game Call of Duty: Black Ops III.

Touted as one of the most talked about games in the industry today, Call of Duty: Black Ops III is based on an old formula of old gaming times. But this has nothing to do with the thrill of the gaming. It is still as good as new. I would rather like to describe this gaming as an old wine in a new packaging.

The game also combines the fun of shooting games. It is a hell lot of a boon for those who swear by the idea of shooting their enemies. The deadly combination of brainless zombies and guns is unmatchable. It is one of the most polished games ever in the league of such games where shooting and zombies go hand in hand. The game utilizes the same old concept of worlds at war but with a difference. You do not feel like you are actually playing a game based on some old versions.

There are some old props in the game but it has come a long way from those phases where hitting the same shamblers was a chore. I love the plot of the game. Heroes are required to arrange components for a magic ritual. The graphics are life like and appealing to your eyes. You feel like you want to play more and more. Call of Duty: Black Ops III is somehow looks like a rip off of Left 4 Dead. If you want to survive in the game, then there are a few things you must take care of. Communication is very important. Do not think of taking on the game entire game on your own. It is near to impossible.

As you keep moving without dying in the game, you will keep earning currency. You can use these currency to unlock new areas and more importantly, new weapons. The background score of the game is out of the world—a jazz soundtrack; that gives you an interesting feeling without too much efforts. The music is slightly quirky in a way for an action/horror game like this. But I love the idea of playing a soothing jazz in the background. It does go with this theme.

You will feel empowered every time you unlock new Iron Man like guns in the game. Throughout the game you will be doing the job of Dan Brown—deciphering clues from different signs. You will occasionally bump on to ugly starving zombies who will not spare a moment to think about eating you. My verdict at the end—a game you should go for it.

Walking with the enemy: The Walking Dead


All right! After sweeping the entire world of its feet with its screenplay, The Walking Dead is back to woo you with its gaming extravaganza. The popularity of the series on television forced the makers to adapt it into a new frenzy. The Walking Dead is selling hot cakes in the industry today. I think the name was enough for it go be a blockbuster like the one it is today.

This blockbuster game needless to say is highly inspired by its TV counterpart by the same name. However, there are some stark changes in its gaming adaption. The game is not entirely about zombies roaming around to fall in love with hot women around. Zombies are just the backdrop of the gaming plot. The Walking Dead intertwines an amalgam of stories about humans who are under some deadly stress. The protagonists and other key characters of the game are both kind and cruel when it comes to protecting their lives and the lives of their dependent.

One of the best things about anything that stars zombies is the unpredictability quotient. You know that there are zombies out there but the plot should keep you guessing from where they will pop up the next time. There should be stress brewing inside you. You should not know it at all. The plot should sometime relieve of all the horrors of the gaming but it should rise right when there is no hope at all. The Walking Dead cashes in on all of these quotients without a doubt.

Zombies are hot when there is some sort of mystery in the backdrop. If you are just chopping off heads of brainless zombies proceeding towards you then there is just no fun in this. Considering all these factors, The Walking Dead has also tried to build a mystery around all its key characters. You keep guessing throughout without feeling bored or tired in any scene whatsoever. The horror that follows is just out of the world. You are left with no choice but to be there in the game fighting to survive. There is a time of reassurance at the end of every episode in the game. This is where you get to know the number of compromises made by your fellow gamers.

There is no doubt that this season has lived up to the legends of its old installments. The graphics of the game are ultra classic. You really feel their expressions when the Zombies howl in several scenes of the game. Zombies are horrible. They are deadly. You feel when they attack you with their zombie fangs. They are exactly like those harrowing zombies that we often seen in movies made in Hollywood. What is personally loved about this game is the way the developers have captured the moves of zombies in the game. It feels like some actor is performing right in front of your eyes. Totally in awe of the game. It is like a dream come true moment for all those die-hard gamers who had always a game to be so realistic for their PCs.

Day Z


This is one of the most loved survival games on the block with some spices sprinkled around the zombie mania. One of the best things about this game is you get to play it in the first person. It is a standalone version of the game with the same name. The first version of the game was released in the year 2013 by Bohemia Interactive.

I loved the plot of the game, honestly. It does not make you feel like you are playing some game on some machine. You feel like you are watching a movie on big screen starring some of the most popular stalwarts from the industry.

The moment you are into the game playing it all the way, you are at Chernauras, which is a post soviet state sprawling across 225 kms. Most of the population of the town has been turned into blood starving zombies due to a deadly virus around. The plot revolves around your survival here. In the game, you are not just shooting zombies maniacally but also trying to search for food, water, blood, weapons, and medicine.

You will get to meet several other key characters in the game that will make your journey a little easier. The trick is to keep avoiding zombies at every stage. Other key characters in the game help you survive the plague by being helpful in your journey.

It has got all the ingredients to make it a hit amongst the fans of zombies. The plot is quite like the one we see in the movies. When I first entered into the game, my expression was just wow. Yeah. That is right. I was simply wowed by what I was watching on the screen. The graphics are lifelike. You feel for every scene. The entire set up is just believable. You know what I seriously hate about a few games is that they are just unbelievable sometimes. Their plots, settings, and backdrop just do not match with the theme of the game. When you cannot establish your connection with the game, then you just can’t endure the game much.

When I was there playing in the Day Z I could feel for every moment. From the time when I was roaming around in plain clothes scavenging Chernauras for food and water. You know searching for house and barns to survive was so real that I felt like I was searching for the one in reality. Without food and water, you die in the game. So these two things are the most important things to survive in the game. There are different clothes waiting for you in the game. These clothes are important too. They give you a different character every time you wear them. But the most important advantage that comes with new clothes is more storage space. You can keep more supplies if you more space. It eventually helps you in your fight with zombies. There are loads of weapons scattered around the game plot. Pick the one that suits you the most.

When the Light Goes Out: Dying Light


Well, that is no more a secret that I am a huge zombie fan but what you do not know is the fact that I love their titles as well. From Residents Evil to all those mentioned above on the list, they keep me intriguing all the way before picking up a game. I don’t know why but may be because there is some unknown mysteries everything about Zombies.

So when the Dying Light was dished out to me, I was just more than overwhelmed. Just try to pronounce the title in your head; you will feel it echoing in your body. Everywhere.

The game of Dying Light is deadly and so is its title. I just loved it.
Dying Light is a first-person survival game packed with out of the world action. So those who are die-hards fans of Bruce Willis and Terminators saving the world, this is an ode to you. You can’t help playing it and indulging in it. The game was developed by Techland a polish video game developer. It has since been on the top of reviewers’ list.

The plot of the game is better than a host of zombie movies made in the last few years. Honestly, this a hell lot of a game. The story of the game revolves around Kyle Crane who is an undercover agent set out to investigate in a quarantine Zone called Harran. Harran is infested with zombies with a strange day and night cycle. The day and night cycle of the game is very important for the gamer as zombies and other enemies become extremely powerful in the night. The entire plot of the game changes drastically as soon as the lights go out. Zombies become more violent and gory in the game, making it difficult for a gamer to deal with them.

It is combat game with a variety of deadly weapons. The game is packed with multiplayer mode. In the game, the protagonist is roaming around in search of food, water, weapons, and medicines to survive. One of the best things about this game is that this has a cool focus on parkour mechanics. This allows the main character to perform some never seen before action scenes. Climbing ledges, leaping off from edges, jumping off from buildings, and zip lining will keep you hooked throughout the game.

I have not played any other game before which allow you to perform drop-kicking and grappling hook makes it out of the world experience for all gamers from different parts of the world. The hero and other players of the game can jump from one building to another and travel quickly between places. This is just awesome.

We can also call describe it as a melee gaming as players are fighting the zombies off with melee weapons. The best part is that there are more than 1000 weapon possibilities for you in the game. You can craft your own weapons out of those 100 available.

Left 4 Dead 2


Created by Valve Corporation, Left 4 Dead 2 is a first person shooting game that also has the entertainment quotient coming from some of the deadliest zombies. I am in awe of its poster first of all. It is expressive without saying a single world. I got hooked and wanted to play from the day one I saw it. Those hands are like claws clutched to drag the body out.

The title makes you think about it. There is a lot of curiosity building around it. Undoubtedly. The new breed of games in the modern times are making it a hell lot of difficult for use to get rid of this gaming addiction with their titles. They are in fact better than those classic Hollywood zombie movies.

So what new is in the offing by Left 4 Dead 2? The game as like its previous installment is all set to give you a ride of your lifetime. There are four new survivors in the game who are forced into a situation where they are facing it off with powerful zombies. They are called as infected in the game. They are extremely aggressive and psychosis. The survivors are required to go through five new campaigns each with up to 4 levels. This is somewhat different from the old version that had menus.

In each campaign, survivors are required to reach a safe zone. The task is incomplete until they close the door behind after reaching a safe zone. At the final stage of the game, survivors are required to call for rescue and fight against an onslaught of zombies until the help arrives in the game. Then the survivors are required to go through the bunch of zombies to reach an escape vehicle.

There are cool categories of weapons out there in the game that makes it even more exciting. Any survivor can pick just any weapon from the five categories of weapon in the game. The weapons have been divided into four tiers depending on the ability and skills.

Tier one weapons such as shotguns and SMG hare low damage weapons. Most weapons in the tier one are basic protection weapons. They are not as advanced as other weapons in other tiers. As the tier increases so increases the aggressiveness of the weapons in the game. Most guns in the tier 2 are high damage guns that appear in the later maps of each chapter. In the tier three weapons are more like grenade launcher and M60, which are slightly different from the weapons in the tier one and two. You cannot refill the weapons in tier three. They are very less in the game. Just one or two each map of the game. Needless to say that tier four weapons are high damage weapons and they are the most advanced of all you see here. They come with unlimited ammunition. So there is no need to refill your weapons. You can imagine the power of a gun that has got some unlimited blood in it. Bam!!

The New Project on the Floor is the Project Zomboid


All right! Project Zomboid is more attracting to me for its title than just ugly zombies in the game. I must appreciate the makers of these games who come up with such uniquely interesting names every time. Project Zomboid has that enigma around its name. You can feel the whiff of its horror by just going through its title slowly. The names of all the zombie games are a little bit inspired by the viruses that infest the plot heavily.

Project Zomboid is another open world survival game on the block that has earned its reputation amongst its fans for its intriguing plot and action horror drama. Unlike other zombie games, Project Zomboid is set around a post apocalypse world. The main hero of the game has to survive in the game for as long as possible before inevitably dying.

Knox Country is zombie ridden after an apocalypse. The outbreak has left the protagonist alone in the catastrophic town. The aim of the game is to survive and manage pangs of hunger and water. It is also important to stay in the pink of your health. Your mental stability in the game is also crucial for a lot of reasons. It is important to manage your mental stability in the gaming as well.

One of the best parts of the game is its some fast zombies. This is slightly different from those we have killed in the past. When it comes to those traditional zombies, stupid and slow are two traits that we try to identify them with. But in this game, things are a little different. Just a little. It does not mean that there are just fast zombies. There are slow zombies as well. Fast zombies are there too.
There are two interesting game play modes of the game: survival mode and sandbox. In the survival mode of the game, the main character is required to create a new character and survive in Knox County as long as possible. The sandbox mode is however more interesting than that of survival mode of the game. In this mode, game players are equipped with a variety of game play mechanics by which they can take control of speed of zombies and their numbers.

What I personally loved about Project Zomboid is its different scenarios where a game player is thrown into a variety of challenges. This makes this game different from other traditional zombie games in the market. The Last stand mode will sweep you off your feet in no time. In this mode, you are required to survive the deadly waves, the flow of extremely aggressive zombies. You can even earn cash for killing zombies, which you can later spend on buying ammunition to use against them eventually. Each character in the game comes with a different profession, style, and trait. Every profession and character has an edge over others. The game has become one of the most popular games in the world courtesy its out-of-the-box game plays.

The State of Decay


State of Decay is one of the most loved zombie games of the modern times. Packed with some out of the world actions and intriguing twists and turns in the plot, the game takes you on a ride of thrill without compromising on the entertainment quotient. The game has been developed by the Undead Labs. It intertwines both horror and zombie genre in the smartest manner. One of the best things about this game is that tries to explore the leadership quality of the gamer through a variety of challenges. It is not just a zombie game but also an amalgam of shooting, stealth, and intelligence. The game combines all the elements without having you to worry about anything. And probably, this is why the game is so popular. It keeps you on your toes throughout. The intriguing plot of the game judges your leadership skills through several stages of onslaught and challenges. It is a game of survival in which you are required to live, explore, scavenge, and fight the starving zombies.

The plot of the game is quite like that of a full-fledged Hollywood movie. It is a third-person game of survival. The gamer is the leader of a small human community. He is in charge of leading this human community to ultimate survival amid a town that is plagued by deadly zombies. Hence, the gamer is required to both lead the community and perform task that can help survive the community. It is a hell of a task for sure.

The total area of the town or the game world is around 16 square kilometers out of which just 8 square kilometers is playable. What I personally like about this game is that you are required to use your intelligence to win this game. The game empowers you with a set of responsibilities. You are required to use your brain and find a solution that is good for all your community.

There are several locations in the game. As a leader, you are required to choose one perfect location where you can build your base. You are then required to reinforce your base with basic facilities such as water, food, medicines, watch towers, gardens, kitchens, and sleeping quarters. These facilities are important to keep all the survivors healthy and surviving. You can divide the game into two parts. In the first part, you are required to fight for survival and in the another manage things for survival by trading and storing whatever you thing is necessary for living. It makes you a leader big time. One of the best parts is that you can even grow food to feed your community on this.

As the gamer you can even interact with people. You can trade and even recruit people to assist you in your survival strategies. Interestingly, not every survivor can be recruited in the same way. You are required to determine whether the survivor can be recruited or controlled. You can control two survivors at a time.

Smack Them All Down: Atom Zombie Smasher


Atom zombie smasher is not just any game in the league. It is a hell of a game sweeping the world with its out of the box plot and entertainment that goes on beyond full-fledge action blockbuster. For me personally, the game is not less than Transformer series when it comes to video games. It is to video gaming world what Transformers is to the big screen.

The thrill of being at a position from where you can save thousands of lives from the clutches of enemies is enthralling—at least in virtual life. You know in real life you don’t get those situations and when you do you can’t really take on such challenges all the time. However, the game lets you live your dream while doubling up your fun quotient.

The plot of the game looks like derived from the Air Force One. It is so good that you feel like you are watching a movie. This is a survival game where you are in charge of an Air Force defense forces. You are required to save as many lives as you can in the city. Just like a full throttle action packed Hollywood blockbuster, you are required to judge the situations and accordingly call in snipers, reinforcements, and other teams to save humans. What really made me positive about this gaming is that there are times when you are required to make sacrifices. This is a hell lot of dramatic. I mean the fun of gaming with all the big screen melodrama. Atom Zombie Smasher, as the name suggests, is full of smashing plots where you will get a lot of opportunities to explode zombies without caring for other things in the game.

The plot of the game is not so complicated that it leaves your dumbfounded. It is simple and thus very different. Most of the zombie games in the league are somewhat complicated. At times, it is hard to get used to them. I don’t know why but some makers of the game tend to make their games more complicated in the name of stuffing layers of twists and turns. This is why there are not so many games in the industry that are not just easy but also full on entertainment.

Breaking all the traditions is the Atom Zombie Smasher, which is simple and one of the best zombie games in the world today. You don’t have to waste too much time to understand the story. The goal is to save as many people as possible and stop them from getting infected with the deadly virus else they will turn into deadly zombies. You are the savior in the game. You are the in-charge of the air force defense forces.

You order your helicopter to land in a particular place. It is you who decide where marine should be deployed in the area. Explosives are set up in the area on your discretion. When you are done with everything, you hit the start button on the machine and then the entire city is swarmed by the onslaught of zombies. Your duty is to make sure that no zombie must reach humans if they do humans turn into zombies. And the whole town turns into a town ruled by deadly zombies.

One of the toughest situations in the game is to differentiate between humans and zombies. You are the head of air force defense force and riding war machine up in the sky. At times it is difficult to save humans from your explosives. See the idea is to save humans as many as you can. That means you will lose some too. Your victory in the game will be decided by how many you will save not by how many you kill. You will have to bear a few losses too.

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