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Top 5 WWE Games of All time

Posted on Sep 16, 2016 by in Gaming | 0 comments

So if you think that the international free style wrestling is our staple of wholesome entertainment, then you are probably mistaken. They are thin crust authentic pizzas of our entertainment with loads of warm mozzarella cheese on the top. WWE has been there for countless decades entertaining more generations than I could even imagine.

The popularity of some of the WWE stars is more than that of some A listers from the big Hollywood community. In a report recently, The Rock, Dwayne Johnson, topped the list of the highest paid stars in Hollywood. The Rock started his career as WWE star way back in late 90s and went on to become a household name after a few victories. His attitude, overall personality, and good looks also helped him carve a niche in the Hollywood industry. And not just him, John Cena, Stone Cold, Hulk Hogan, and Khali among others have become a routine in the Hollywood circuit lately for their popularity amongst masses worldwide.

WWE stars have not just lured Hollywood but have also been a huge inspiration for the gaming industry. All the big hot shot stalwarts from the industry have made it a point to draw WWE plots to keep their fans hooked throughout a game. Just like WWE on television and their stars on big screen, WWE games are also sure-shot blockbusters. From the times when they were WWF to the times now when there is a Christopher Nolan like drama in their fights, WWE games are leaving no stone unturned to pick up the right plot for its gamers around the world. They are real and their lifelike characters are the rage of the town. We bring you a list of some of the best WWE games of all time. Here we go:

The Good Oldie: Wrestle Mania


So you heard the name right? If yes then you must have gone back to the world of mid 90s when most stars in the ring were more popular than A list Hollywood big wigs. And yet a very of them made any appearance on the big screen. I guess it was just Hulk Hogan who would make a few blink-and-you-miss cameos on the big screen. WWE stars back then were not into any rush to make it any big in Hollywood because they were more occupied with their work than they could plan to expand anywhere else.

Wrestle Mania is an oldie when WWE was WWF and Undertaker was still the superstar who had won several matches. He was the rage then and now. I remember Bret Heart Hit Man who would hurl his sunglasses in the crowd and people would cheer for him like he was Tom Cruise. Wrestle Mania game seems to have lost its sheen amid the growing population of 3D VR games but it is still the most memorable games on PCs. It has got that nostalgic vibes in it. It is a terrific memory for the die-hard gamers who have an ear for the best.

Cashing in on Scientific gaming: WWE 2k14


What I personally love about this WWE game is its visuals. They are just terrific and full of some out of the world special effects. When you enter into the ring, every move is like you are watching on the television live. They have copied the moves of some of the stars so well that you can’t point out a difference anywhere. It has a number of remarkable features that keep you on your toes all through the game.

It is an arcade gameplay with a host of unmatched designs. You can switch modes like Wrestle Mania that reminds you of you good old times when wrestling was not just about fanatic drama and Universe Mode. In fact, the body language of some of the stars especially John Cena is so realistic that you start feeling for him. Other WWE stars have also been depicted well in the game. Experts of the industry term it as one of the most scientific games in the WWE series.

Smacking the Enemy Down: SmackDown


SmackDown championships are there from childhood. And they are just the world’s most entertaining wrestling championships without a single doubt. SmackDown has been adapted into the game for a long time now with the double frenzy. It is thrilling to watch a game on TV between two fighters but when their controls are in your hands the scenario is entirely different.

The makers of this game are cashing in on the same belief. The game is packed with action and real moves of WWE stars. Signature moves of stars like Undertaker, Kane, and Stone Cold are copied so well that you feel like they are absolutely real. There is just no different whatsoever. The game also has a good focus on its story. You can unlock your players. All these great features make it one of the best WWE games ever.

It is between the best now: SmackDown V/S RAW 2011


The frenzy around this game is palpable from the fact that the game became an instant after a few days of its release in the year 2011. This is one of the most popular WWE games of all time in the world. What works in the favor of the game is the chaos around the game. It is full of unforgiving action and drama. It combines the thrill of both SmackDown and RAW together. Thus, you get the nuclear fusion of entertainment in your life. This game is just an ode to the die-hard fans WWE. Do not miss it if you are worship WWE stars.

The Lord of the Rings: the Legends of Wrestle Mania


One of the most favorite WWE games of all time is the Legends of Wrestle Mania. The best thing about this is that it is wrestle mania in the same old retro look. You get to play with some of your favorite legendry stars from the past. From Big Show to Hulk Hogan to Undertaker to Hitman to Machoman, you get to see some real action with loads of dram and fun. The game was however panned down by critics for not being as polished as other WWE games. It is still the best for gamers who want to go back into old WWE times.

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