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Top 10 Games with The Best Graphics in 2016

Posted on Sep 17, 2016 by in Gaming | 0 comments

The experience of gaming on PC without good graphics is like watching Transformers: Dark of the Moon without any display. It is like going blind suddenly and only your ears are on the job, making their ends listening to the dialogues of the characters in the movie.
The same Einstein theory applies when you play a game on your PC with below standard graphics. Remember a good game is all about out of the world visual effects. If it does not do that then the gamers must rather trash them to make way for other good games in the current league. And to be honest with you, there is no dearth of good graphic games that are also light on your pocket. We bring you a list of some of the best graphic games of 2016. Here we go:

The screen is set on fire with the Firewatch


Touted as one of the best games of 2016, Firewatch is here on the list for its out of the world graphics that help sail the storyline in the setup like never before. Camp Santo released this game in February this year. The graphics of the game are highly inspired by the paintings of Olly Moss. The game is the most creative I have seen in the recent time with a very simple plot. The makers have not tried too hard to make it stand out and this is what actually has gone in its favor.

Not just the best graphics and visuals, the storyline is also impactful. The graphics support the storyline big time. It is available on Windows, Mac, Linux, and PlayStation 4.

It is not No Man’s Land; It is No Man’s Sky


No Man’s Sky is another most talked about game of 2016. As you can yourself see that the title of the game is inspired big time by the Oscar winning movie No Man’s land, the game deserved an Oscar for its unique graphics that is made up of procedural generation.
This means that there is plenty of adventure to explore in deep oceans and air wars in the sky. No Man’s Sky is a hell lot of roller coaster ride with a dash of unmatched graphics and sound. The game is already out in the market. It is available for gamers on PlayStation 4 and Windows.

Living It Up with The Mass Effect Andromeda


The graphics of Mass Effect Andromeda is unmatched. The makers of the game have gone extra miles to let it stand out from the world of ordinary gaming. One of the best parts of the gaming is that the protagonist has an option to play as a female or male lead.

Mass Effect Andromeda is empowered by Frostbite 3 Engine. Those who have played the game before can feel an entirely different experience with the launch of Mass Effect Andromeda. The game is available on Windows, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 platforms.

The Far Cry Primal is Set to Give You Goosebumps


Far Cry Primal is packed with out of the world graphics and sound. Every single strand of its graphics is a strand of gold woven with diamonds to double your gaming experience. Those who have already played FarCry’s other versions are waiting with bated breaths for the next Primal version of the game.

The game is packed with a single player mechanics unlike its previous version that boasted multiplayer mechanics. One of the best features is its immersive visuals.

The Division


When it comes to gaming there is no way a shooting game will take a backseat. Their names have to pop out there. The Division is one of the most talked about games of 2016 that makes it our list for its speechless graphics. The game has been developed by Tom Clancy. It is multiplayer third-person online game with an option for role play.

The entire set up of post apocalyptic world is just unprecedented. It feels so real that you start having goosebumps on your skin. The details of the characters and the world are very good. The atmospheric effects are just awesome. The best part is that it involves some of the best techniques of the gaming.

Rising with the Tomb Raider


All right! The first thing that pops up in my mind after hearing the title is the superhot and glamorous Angelina Jolie who with her out of the world acting skills raised the bar of the game and the movie alike. Lara Croft is the hottest woman of the century without a single doubt.

This is why when we talk about its video game version we tend to expect a lot from it invariably. But does the game version is as hot as Lara Croft of the movie adaption? The answer is yes.

The Rise of the Tomb Raider is coming from one of the most successful game franchises of all time, which took off in the year 2001. Developed by Crystal Dynamics, it is the sequel of Tomb Raider Reboot that received accolades from gaming experts from around the world. The makers of the game have not left any stone unturned to make it live up to the expectations of all the previous games in the franchise. Apart from its innovative visual effects, the plot of the game is also exciting and keeps you on your toes throughout.

One of the main reasons for this game to be on our list is its unprecedented visual techniques called VXAO. The graphics of the game are one of the best so far in 2016. The game was released in the month of January this year. It is available on PlayStation 4 for all die-hard gamers around the world.

Playing it wild in the woods: Horizon Zero Dawn


All right! So once again making it on the list is the game available on only PlayStation 4. Horizon Zero Dawn is enthralling in every right. From the colors of weathers to the texture of the costume to the weapons used by the characters, they are all so palpable that you feel you are touching them with your own hands. I remember watching its poster somewhere. The female standing poised with a bow in her hands charged with an arrow. It was so detailed that I was swept off. The torso of the female protagonist is bathing in the orange sunlight of the dawn while lower part is still in the shadows of the surroundings.

The bow carried by the protagonist the best I have ever seen. Such a beautiful bow has not been designed by even any Hollywood art directors for a movie. I mean Spartacus should have had it. The moment I saw this poster I could feel the texture of the wooden bow. The colors of her hairs and her finger on the arrow—it was masterpiece.

Developed by Guerilla Games, Horizon Zero Dawn is a role play game. The makers of the game are new to the genre but they do not seem to be caring too much about this fact. With the way they have forayed into the industry with this game, they are there to hang for long. This is the most innovative game of the year 2016 so far in terms of visual effects.

Another good thing about Horizon Zero Dawn is its really interesting plot. You are put into a situation where you are fighting with gigantic robotic dinosaurs. You are shooting them with arrows. All the action of the game is controlled by the consoles of the machines. This makes it an even better game.

The Magic of Black Eyes: Mirrors Edge Catalyst


I must not tell you anything about Mirrors Edge Catalyst. You just see the poster of the game and you will be blown away like a straw in the air. It is more than just crystal clear. One of the best things about its graphics is that it has captured the real emotion behind the plot. Look into the eyes of the female protagonist you feel you are being hypnotized automatically with the aura deep within.

From the color of the eyes to the emotion on the skin, you can actually touch them. They are so clear that you can actually see the pores on the skin. The eyebrows and eyelids are way detailed like they are real. It is true that the original version of the game had the best graphics but its installment Mirrors Edge Catalyst has not let the franchise down. The game will be known for its out-of-the-world graphics for a few some times to come.

Industry experts panned the high graphics of the game though. According to them they are on your face unnecessarily. It is good to have great graphics but if it showing even the impurities of your skin then it is no good. There has to be an ideal difference between the loud and good. For some experts this line of difference has been breached by the makers of Mirrors Edge Catalyst.

The gameplay is outstanding and so is the story of Mirrors Edge Catalyst. The makers have retained the two best features of the original game: the gameplay and story. The game was release in May this year and is currently available on PlayStation 4, Windows, and Xbox One.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided


Good visual effects and graphics for an action game are mandatory and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided seems to have learned it a long time back. This is why the game is so polished that there is no way one can spot a flaw in it. The protagonist and other characters look vibrant. They are hot and all the credit goes to its rich graphics. Critics of the industry have even compared it with Crysis due to intense performance graphics. The game is packed with Direct X 12 API and the latest Dawn Engine to make the experience of the user a hell lot more thrilling than ever before. The game has been developed by Eidos Montreal who has this time introduced a few changes in the protagonist.

Adam Jensen is more exciting with new technologies and features. One of the best things about this gaming is its storyline. Not all on the list can truly hold the charisma of both cool graphics and an out-of-the world storyline. But this has just done that without any difficulty. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided deserves to be on the list today for its outstanding graphics. The game has been release last month in August. Gamers can enjoy this game on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows.

The Best Game of 2016 with the Best Graphics: Star Citizen


Developed by Chris Robert, Star Citizen is undoubtedly the best and ultimate graphic game of 2016. The crazy graphics and unique gameplay all make it a hell of a game this year. The game is so grand this time that the makers had to use modified techniques of Cry-Engine with polygon-culling just to bring all the assets on the screen. The budget of this is huge this time. The graphics are created from procedural generation. Every detail that you see on the screen is just out of the world.

The game is slated for a release somewhere in 2016. No other details have been revealed by its makers so far.

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