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Tips to Break the Codes of Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Posted on Sep 14, 2016 by in Tips and Tricks | 0 comments

All right! Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is the new mozzarella cheese for the gamers around the world with a little twist of taste obviously. With a countless number of incarnations since its first birth a few years back to a variety of modernizations, the game has completely wooed the entire gaming industry with its every hue and color. These incarnations of sorts however can give memento like moments to any first time Gerard Butler and those who are returning to this iconic collectible card game (CCG) after a long sabbatical.

However, the good is that Ziuze has got you a list of top tricks to break Da Hearthstone codes. This will help you in the game big time. Here we go:

Do not lose heart over a weak starting-hand


Well, this is really common. Players tend to get disappointed over not landing the desired starting hand in the beginning of the match. Even old gamers in the arena want only the best starting hand to pick up from the very beginning, which is not possible all the time. You don’t have control on it. It is all random and about your luck. Right? No.

You can’t always pick up the starting hand you want but you can at least keep calm and try to turn the tables around in your favor. The very first step of the game starts by getting a starting-hand. Either you get it from your own selection of the deck or from the premade one. As you can realize here, there is no way you can ever get the starting-hand of Heroes of Warcraft by your choice. Chances of getting the desired starting-hand are as slim as winning an American lottery worth million dollars.

The key to play this game is keep playing without losing your focus. All right! We know you have got the worst starting-hand but you can’t this way predict your victory whatsoever. In the game, you will be given an opportunity to swap your cards from another random deck. You might land a really good starting-hand this time. Bingo! You now have strong chances of scoring well in the game. The bottom line is that you should never lose your hope. Tables can turn anytime. Keep calm and focus.

Mana mia moment: Plan it right baby


For those who have not been too much into collective card games or CCGs the entire setup on screen will look like a Star Trek space craft sinking into the deep blue sea. So do not just get overwhelmed by anything that you see on the screen while playing the game. However, there is one feature of the game that you must understand well beforehand to make some strong moves in the game.

So what really is Mana? Mana is a special feature of the game or you can better call it an in-game resource that shows you the number of cards you can use. It might not be in your hands to have the cards of your choice but making the right move or choosing the right cards to play game is in your hands. So make sure that your deck has cards from low to medium consistency. It is important to remember that your Mana increases by one with every turn. Keep these things in your mind for a better position in the game.

Ensure that the cards you have are compatible to your own benefits


As we have already discussed about the importance of Mana and their costs in Hearthstone, it is also important to understand the value of choosing the cards that are compatible to your heroes and other features. They are required to work together effectively in your advantage. Choosing the right cards should be the first thing on your mind once you are into the game. They should be your priority no matter what. Synergy is the buzz word in the game. You must have noticed that in the game minions suck while playing with the Mage. However, the way to increase your stats of cards is by selecting the right number of spells.

In fact, some other powerful creatures of the game such as Archmage can easily buff their own credentials and wave against your opponents. It should be noted that combination of a few cards or just some right cards work well together. When they work together effectively your attacks are automatically planned for your advantage. Hence, it is important to choose the right cards and their combinations to work in your favor at just any stage of your game level. Keep experimenting as your       initiative might reap benefits for you.

Learn to attack from the right positions


Like just any other game in the world, the ultimate aim of Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is to win against your opponent. The concept is more like that of a war game, where you wage a war against a creed of enemies of humans. If you have played collectible card games before then you know the plot. It is all about playing your cards to wipe off your opponents—pretty much like a war game. Right? The plot of the game is like this: you play card then your opponent does the same to appear like a block between you and the hero. The aim of Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is to reduce the opponent’s health card to zero. This means that blocks are like blood for a zombie.

The best you can do to trick you opponent is by not piling your cards up and spreading them out. If you will do it, then your opponent will also do the same. Just like your opponent will do, try to play your opponent by presenting blocks that cause high damage and are weak in health.

Taunting is good for the game


So we are not talking here about the general taunting here. Taunting is one of the best tools for this game that you can use to your own benefit. In fact, if you use it perfectly you can even win the game without putting in too many efforts. A good usage of taunts can allow you to enter into a few stages of the game sooner than normal although with a little bit of protection.

Oh but we have not told you what exactly taunting is. It is a great tool by which minions can turn into number one enemies. That means your opponents will not dare to attack you directly. By number one enemy means that you are the strongest of all.

Taunting allows you to distract your opponents in an effective way. By using the technique of right taunting, you will be able to distract your opponents from the recently played cards. This will improve your chances in the next round. They will also help you miss the turn of your opponent and their mana resources.

Strategize like you are playing the ultimate game of intelligence—Chess


One of the best parts of Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is that it is not just any other game. This is a real game that tests your intelligence to win a particular situation. I find it more like a chess where two titans plan and strategize calmly against each other without too much revealing anything.

Talking about collectible card games, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is a strategy game where every player gets a chance to play a move in turns. This is done to end their turns in between to allow their opponents to slip into their own shoes. They expect their opponents to fall in their trap and follow the same suite.

This is actually the basis of the game. You are required to play according to the cards played by your opponent. But by playing like this for long will lead to no results whatsoever. You will get bored. You will not just win the game like that. You will have to do some more things to make this game interesting and exhilarating. Try to plan for a turn or may more turns to play the game in your favor. Let the strategies go into the game as much as you can.

Remember, the cards in your hands can be played only when you have played the one you have chosen by your hands. That means you can’t just play a game whenever you have a mana to bring in a big card. You are required to play your cards with taunt and Hero Power to cover their deployments.

Boiling it down to Hero Power


All the heroes in Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft have special powers. These powers define the style of the gaming in their own right. One of the most important significance of these powers is choosing the right card that relate to the heroes of the game. To give you an example we have Rogues in the game such as Valeera who have special daggers. These weapons can be used to dig and take out enemy minions out. This allows us to readdress the state of the battlefield.

But one important thing that you must not forget is that all these powers are not used mainly just for attacks. They have other purposes too. Remember that all the heroes in the game have their own styles that decide the kind of power they will have.

For example, Druid such as Malfurian is more of a defending hero. Hence, the power of this hero is more related to protection. All his abilities are more into protecting himself. So the idea is to check all the heroes and choose the style that works best for you.

Get your deck ready for the gaming


There is no doubt that building the deck in the game is one of the most important parts. Your victory in the gaming is decided by the kind of deck you build. Your performance in Adventure and Arena are both determined by your deck. Building a deck might not be a great task for the players who have been into Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft for a long time now. But yes for those who have just started playing the game might find it a little daunting to build the deck.

But all the new gamers should not take it seriously because building a deck is actually very entertaining. It is more fun than actually playing the game. So just indulge in building the deck while on your glory road to the victory in the game.

The first step of building a deck is to choose a hero followed by choosing low level cards. These low level cards should not cost a lot of dust. Dusts are related crafting. Your next step should be to choose mixture of class cards.

And this is just your beginning. Don’t worry about what you have achieved in the game now. Try exploring more and more in the game. Keep experimenting like there is no tomorrow. This will help you unlock more cards in the game in future.

How to unlock cards in the solo play?


For those who think that Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is about playing with an online competitor then they are completely wrong here. There are certain ways to open up real solo adventures without too many efforts. You can watch online Youtube videos to realize that it is all about online competitive play. However, the scenario is slightly more different than you might assume.

As a matter of fact, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft do come with their solo adventures. Let me talk about the benefits of solo adventures here now. One of the best advantages of playing solo adventures is that you learn to test you skills in the gaming, building up a deck against your opponents. Another advantage is winning the cards to improve your deck.

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft has been into the gaming industry for a while now. Most of the games have already tried out by gamers from around the globe. However, there are some still left unexplored by the same gamers. Games such as Curse of Naxxramas, Blackrockl Mountain, League of Explorers and One Night in Karazhan are the best games to try out for solo adventures.

Be the new Kung Fu Panda for Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft


Do you know that Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is amongst the most watched games on Twitch? No. then it is the truth. This is actually the fifth most watched game on the Twitch. Now question that pops in your mind is why and how?

It is actually very interesting to watch the game online. A lot of professional gamers from around the globe stream daily on the site or anytime in the week to play the game. This makes other gamers to visit the site to actually learn from their moves and techniques to play the game properly without any hindrance whatsoever.

So just be there on the Twitch and choose a game of your choice without any second thought. Remember choose game that keeps you on your toes. That is all fun for you. The idea is learn and play. Learn some moves by other professional gamers in some game and apply them while you are playing. Be attentive. Use your heads. Apply tricks your way. You will surely learn some.

Learnt the way they use their cards. Learn what cards they use normally. Know the significance of poor hand. What is the great time to use Hero Power. Obviously, not all the tricks will work for you. But they should not work for you either. The idea is to pick some great tricks on your own. Remember, it is better to have a few good cards in your hand in the game than have all the good cards in the game.

Quests for resources


If you are already a die-hard gamer of Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, then you know that there is just not one way to earn resources for the game. A lot of gamers across the world take only online match—Arena and Adventure—as the best resource. However, that is not the only way to earn those resources. There are other ways available too.

Daily task or Quest are some of the best ways for the gaming. There are two types of Quest—Daily Quests and Unique Quests. You can find Daily Quests in Quest Log. They keep you updated every day and push you for rewards in different ways. And as like their names, Unique Quests are very unique and rare. You get to play them after successfully completing a particular milestone.

In the world of the game; the currencies are different


In the world of Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, like just everything around even currencies are also different. There are two types of currencies in the world of this game: gold and dust.

All right! The basic currency of the game is gold. You start earning gold after completing level 10 with a hero or by completing Daily Quests, Unique Quests or by defeating other players in the game online. One of the best currencies for buying booster packs is gold.

Dust is probably the most confused resource of the game amongst gamers. It is intimidating for new lovers of Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. Crafting mechanic in the game mostly uses dust for creating new cards. Another way to earn dust is by getting rid of cards you do not want.

Get skilled in crafting


Crafting is the trickiest part of the gaming without a doubt. Those who have been trying hard to get used to remarkable crafting skills in Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft are all doing it wrong most of the time. You should understand the value of the including your earnings to build the deck. This way you will able to do it correctively and innovatively without any difficulty.

You should understand that gold is hard to earn in the gaming then you should not use gold to buy any boosters. Enter the Crafting Mode. Select the cards you want to destroy. The crafting of card actually depends on your amount of dust. The higher it is the rarer the card.

Fighting it out in the Arena


Apart from online matches and solo adventures, another way to earn gold in the game is through Arena. In the Areana, you play with a pre-designed deck and try to win as many matches as you can before the deck is taken out. Every win ensures more gold. However, it is way too risky as it requires 150 gold to be admitted. But if you are brave and love to challenge yourself. Then its like a real gold mine for you. Trust me. Try your luck here.

A piece of advice. The Arena style gaming is slightly faster than other resources. So try picking up Heroes that are compatible to this fast style. Chances of different heroes making it big in the game are high. So just pick a hero from Mage, Rogue, and Paladin. Do not trust Priest and Hunter classes. They are prey of the game. They get eaten alive.

Keep a tab on the health of your deck


Irrespective of what game you play, the goal of the game is to survive and win. Hence, survival is the main goal of Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. You can survive in the game only by not reducing the health of your deck. However, the tricky part is that there are just three decks for you. That means you have to think very wisely building your deck. Otherwise you will lose your deck and reduce health alongside.

Remember, the number of times you can use a particular card is restricted. Do not just get bogged down by anything. Do not full your deck with high and mid level cards. Have only low to medium level cards in the deck for better advantage than others. As cards are pulled out blindly, have loads of spells and a variety of creatures in your deck.

One of the best advantages of having minions in your deck is that you can change your strategy to reduce the health of card of your opponent wisely. Ensure you start with less flexible minions followed by minions with more flexibility.

Hone your skill of board control and numbers


After playing a few more times, you will realize that Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is a game of numbers not of a chance. You experience in the game changes with every single minute, making it hard to predict the game for your advantage. The game is all about burning cards of opponent then indulge in dealing with the cards of other opponent.

Try hitting your opponents with debuffs. This will allow your opponents to use more valuable spells. However, if you attack a hero directly then it will force them to push a powerful card with taunt. Remember, if it is about using your numbers then you will surely win the match with great advantage. You will just wipe off your opponent without a trace by this skill of board control.

Learn the tricks of using Hero class effectively


Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is the game all around heroes. The hero on your deck and on your cards is the one you love the most of all you got there in the game. Every hero comes with its own style and special powers. Their special powers are decided by their basic abilities and features. When you move into the game further your deck gets big full of all types of heroes that have got certain styles. So just let us discuss the heroes that are best suited for you and the ones that you must avoid at any cost.

Try not opting for Mages. They are a hell lot popular amongst the online games in the world. Warlock should also be avoided for its stiffness to be deployed amongst top professional players. One of the most loved and creative heroes are Rogues. They do not just take up any challenge for the heck of it. They do not believe on attacking in a head-on collision way. Innovative as they are, they love to play it safe and smart outright.

Rogues are also ideal for their ability to use spells and buffs effectively. In fact, they are mostly used for their spells and buffs. A lot of professional gamers have termed it a risky gaming with Rogues. But I believe that most level of Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft are played on risks. They are won on risks. One of my favorites is Druid after Rogues. I love it for its defending features. Druid is a hell lot more versatile than the Oscar winning Leonardo Di Caprio. It is ideal if you love to play the war of attrition. Druid is a class hero for you.

The significance of third-party resources


Once your game has crossed a significant level of stage of the game, then you are required to track your record to prove it later. Do not worry you do not have to do it with the pen and piece of a paper. There are hundreds of sites and applications out there on the internet for you to help you on this without having you to worry about this whatsoever.

There are software applications that keep a detailed history of your account. Information such as the number of times a card particular has been pulled to the number of times you have gone lethal to the average time you require to turn lethal all are stored in these applications. These detailed information are valuable in the advance level of gaming.

One of the most effective applications is Hearth Arena for gamers around the globe. The reason why it is such a big hit amongst professional gamers is that it is versatile. It offers a variety of resources for the gamers to make most of. One of the best resources is its star tracker. It helps you in studying uses of your decks and also advices you on picking up a particular card.

While you are on the advance levels of the gaming, the only way to ensure win is to break your play down into the numbers. Using these third party resources will come in handy in the process.

The combo trick goes a long way and can be applied at the most advanced levels


If you are playing Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft then you know that you can lose for maximum three times and win for 12 times in the game before you are required to cash in your progress in the form of gold. If we go by the rule of the gaming then we know that your time in Arena can get over in the blink of an eye.

Combinations can work even in this stage. However, you must be a little more innovative here though. The stage is advance but you cannot always use the same approach here with the combos. Try something innovative. Think of it in broader terms. It is not as easy as choosing your cards based on a particular style.

Digging it in night for bots


Bots in Hearthstone is a mystery more popular than Da Vinci Codes of Dan Brown. But to surprise of the gamers who did not know it yet, yes they do exist in the game. They do not make regular entries though. If you ever happen to catch them then you can make some really good resources and obviously how can you forget the gold.

Bots are normally active in the night. If you happen to spot a golden hero portrait with no movement at night, then you have caught it. This is a bot. Getting a bot allows you to play an advanced level, which is not available for everyone. It is restricted in certain ways. Though bots are banned by Blizzard.



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