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Witcher 3 PC Game Review : Blood & Wine

Posted on Aug 19, 2016 by in Technology | 0 comments

the witcher review

the witcher reviewThe best part about the old knights is their chivalry itself, the boldness and their devotion towards beauty. Also, one thing that matters is the amount of enthusiasm with which they use up their 3 qualities and justify their idiotic behaviour. For example, you can take Sir Lancelot for instance. They show that in one passage, he drives and Lancelot is watching from the highest possible window of the tower while the queen rides. The queen rides past him and gazes him with attention and pleasure. If you are predicting what happened next, he didn’t want to see her anymore and just wished that he could throw himself out of the window and get his body shattered into pieces.

This is not it, he tries this as well. Much like that, it seems like that the anguish of watching a pretty line breaking line of his sight was not enough for the knight to throw up a maybe fatal tantrum. The thing that delights me is that the knights of Toussaint, which is the new region in witcher 3 can’t be referred to either as stupid either as sincere.

If we talk about the final expansion of the Witcher 3, it has been observed that Geralt was whisked off to one opulent region for bold knights & deeds that boast. It is explanatory that one may just become the most beautiful in the open world and still seem to be in video games. The wild hunt of the temerity of this game was pretty grating and unforgiving because pockets of colors fought to secure their place in this world. Meanwhile, Toussaint was a bravado and also a rich palette of colors burst from each and every corner making the armour be pompous and frilly. Also, the guards of the city also issue warnings in couplets that rhyme for crying loud.

Campness of Toussaint that forms that pleasing contrast is quite garish and vibrant with the Temeria and it gets even more improved hen the unkempt Geralt of Rivia is added to it. It is right from the first moment itself that the dandyish knights come into view, and it gets clear that CD Project was determined to have little bits of fun after its outing with the witcher itself. The great counter was quite predictors and determined as well to bluster and pomp the opening section of blood & wine. The noticeable fact is that Geralt does find one handkerchief DLC which was monogrammed and it was merely the beginning as later he kills a giant and also attends the battle in that arena only to be gifted by his vineyard and all this happens in merely an hour.

While the whole game setting is quite playful and rich, it is also a little bit more than silly as the most expletive and popular in the region apparently is bumbotch ( I thought you might be wondering ). But this is not the end, the main story is quite foreboding, and bloody yarn that rivals the most memorable and awesome quest lines of wild hunting. Quite a big and important contract was Geralt who did some of his best sleuthing, even if their mechanics that comprised it said that it is detective work and no new thing. It is also possible to end up in a bizarre tangent in your latter portions of the main questline itself. This was something that I predicted and would prove to be divisive among fans – but if you look at the core story, it is placed exceptionally well and keep the drudgery clear of sight that weights down various aspects of this game.

Some of the side quests can also be considered as fripperies because they are quite better for that. The wild hunt certainly had its own moments that represent levity, because the majority of the side quests are quite a cautionary tale of may be one strip or the other. This business ( wotcjomg ) can still prove to be crispy if you consider it in the beauclair ( as in the Novigrad ), but it can still send one off in order to find those stolen testicles of the statue which are quite famous. The predictability of these quests also help in making blood and wine to feel like somewhat a holiday for the Geralt because in the chapter things get quite long and harrowing.

If you put the pinched up coin purses aside, the game can be considered as quite an impressive one in terms of expansion as it manages to be innovative regardless of having the task of closing up a game which is quite unenviable and already moved over to some hundred hours long. If you talk about this sense of innovation, a lot of it comes and sticks to Geralt in a way that it has some different sort of settings on its own but also stems from some welcome additions of gameplays.

The game has been aimed specifically at the audience which consists of high-end players that have a lot of character points to burn and also Geralt is capable of pouring extra points along with mutagens for research purposes of fistful enhanced mutations. Each of this leads to different and more devastating edge in the combat. The abilities of this are quite bombastic when looked deliberately and verging on its absurd. This one provides you one damage bonus for sky high and upon how many enemies you face at its start ( of the fight ). For example, it hobbles your damage stats by having a look at how many enemies still stand after the time period of 30 seconds later. What I personally adore is the personal favourite of many games – it turns up the card sign of blast and it freezes up any sort of enemy that didn’t get knocked over while the explosion took place. The effect is quite effective and enough if you are standing against small groups of enemies in the borderline while it is being overpowered. But also this makes the bandits explode with just a flick of the wrist ( I know it’s quite too much, but no doubt it is fun to watch.

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