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The Undisputed Cheap Gaming PC Sports Experiences of All Time

Posted on Oct 3, 2016 by in Gaming | 0 comments

From the days when one would sweat it out in the field physically to the days now when one slouch it out on the couch playing sports virtually, time has taken a leap bigger than hundreds of big bang explosions taking place all at one time. If there is one thing that has not changed yet then that is the excitement of enjoying cheap gaming experiences, either on green fields or on your PCs designed to give you a hell lot of goosebumps on every fiber of your being.

But as the real fields are shrinking big time, people are fast turning into online Gerard Butlers to enjoy their cheap gaming sports on their PCs. If you are one of those online zombies, then we have brought you a list of the best PC sports games for you right here. Here we go:

Unleashing the frenzy with the Mx v/s ATV Unleashed


All right! So name me one gaming zombie who is not a fan of racing games. Touted as one of the best racing games on the block, Mx v/s ATV Unleashed packs all the required punches, twists, and turns to keep you hooked on to your PC screens until you are done and satisfied. This cheap gaming PC sports experience was out in the year 2005 and since has wooed the gaming critics worldwide with its content driven dirt racing extravaganza. Mx v/s ATV Unleashed is an ideal example of an action game with a hell lot of controls. It combines both brains and actions in one single screen.

One of the best parts of the game is that it does not have just bikes and luxury cars zipping around your screens. You will come across almost everything on the planet Earth that will be thrown your way for more intense challenges. There are helicopters, dune buggies, monster trucks, golf carts, planes, and a host of other transformer machines. They add extra flavor to your cheap gaming sports experiences on your PCs. However, you can’t handle all the vehicles, especially the ones that fly.

Playing it with a tiger in woods: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07


For all those who have always admired golf in real, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 is an incredible ode for them on a vast digital green field. The digital version of one of the world’s popular games is ageless and packs a punch with all the spices to oomph up the excitement on the field. The 07 version is the fifth in row after a successful tryst with its older version 03, 04, 05, and 06. Critics from around the globe have declared the game as the world’s best golf games for PCs. It is the most innovative of all the previous versions, which brings us to the question as to what will be the next in the series now. I mean you can’t sometimes beat yourself. What can you really do to be better when you are already the best? That is actually the scene with Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07.

Not just the most creative game in the league, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 is also the most difficult. This has probably been done to make it a little more unpredictable of all so far we have seen. What makes this game more exciting is a variety of courses.

Live it up with the Bard of Cricket Brian Lara International Cricket 2007


This is a magnificent cheap gaming experience for all the Cricket fans who due to all the possible reasons cannot step out of their homes to swing their bats in the ground. Brian Lara International Cricket 2007 is the best cricket game on the block with all the real lifelike gaming actions, adventures, thrill, and nail-biting moments.

The best part of the game is that it has all the controls that make you feel like you are playing it with your brain not that of the CPU’s. What I personally liked is its different angles that in some cases were better than those real camera angles on a live match. Brian Lara International Cricket 2007 allows you to taste the flavor of Test Cricket with all those real two innings features. However, the best part is its One Day series that most fans vouch for. One of the most popular modes of the game is its ICC world cup series with all the sixteen competing with each other in Group A and Group B matches. There are no boring game tours, which I felt was a big relief.

Bend it like Beckham with Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2009


Touted as the most popular game in the world, the thrill of soccer is redefined with Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2009 in an out of the world manner. The graphics of this cheap gaming experience on PCs is unmatchable and takes you right into the field of action in no time. The best part is its feature that allows you to play soccer like you will want to with your brains. All the drama is real and leaves you surprised on and off during the game.

The critics were expecting it to have a few changes in its gameplay when it was launched in 2009, which, however, did not happen as its makers preferred to tread on the traditional way. There are a few changes in its modes though. There is this Champion League that is also the best part about the whole PES 2009. The graphics of this mode are truly out of the world. They keep you hooked throughout the game without a single moment of break. What I personally like about the game is its presentation on your PC screen. It is like you are watching a live match on your television. It is so real that you forget it completely.

Dating the heartthrob Messi in FIFA 15


When we talk about cheap gaming PC sports experiences then the possibility of having the versions of the best game in the world twice is normal. And this has happened with us here with the presence of the two digital soccer versions on the list with us. So another soccer game marking its presence on the list is FIFA 2015 with a few exciting changes this year.

If you are a soccer fan on PCs and have played the game before in its previous versions, then you will not face a moment of confusion while initially learning the game. Graphics of the game are mind blowing and slightly better than PES 2009. What I personally loved about FIFA 2015 is the way it has been executed by the developers. It is so elegant and fine that you feel like you are in the world bending it like Beckham yourself.

One of the toughest jobs for gaming developers is to depict the correct behavior and looks of the player of different teams. However, the makers of FIFA 2015 have done it so elegantly that it looks like a cakewalk, which is obviously not the case. Their movements are lifelike allowing other players to perform in a particular way.

Live it up again with the Bard of Cricket Brian Lara International Cricket 2005


The game has been named after the Bard of Cricket, the legend of the game and Caribbean star Brian Lara himself. If you are one of those who have not played a real cricket game on your PC for a long time then Brian Lara International Cricket 2005 is the poison you must try no matter what. One of the most disappointing parts of any cheap gaming PC sports is that they don’t look real sometimes. No matter what kind of development has gone into a particular cheap gaming PC sports but they just skip on a few important unintentionally. However, Brian Lara International Cricket 2005 will leave you surprised with its out-of-the-world simulation. Every behavior of the players and movement has been depicted so fine that you feel like you are watching a live test match on television.

If you are new to this cheap gaming experience on your PC then you must learn that the game is entirely based on the timing as in real cricket. You swing your bat too early and you end up paying for it. There are three standard batting attacks available for the batsman in the game: standard attacking, lofted attacking, and defense. If you too are a cricket fan and have not yet played Brian Lara International Cricket 2005 yet then you are missing on something that you should not.

Roughing it around with EA Sports Rugby 06


Rugby 2006 is a hell lot of a game for those who love real hard-hitting action with all the Hollywood like twists and turns. What works in favor of Rugby is that it can contain all the drama to keep you hooked and wanting more than you can even chew. Rugby 06 is packed with a variety of controls to help you play the game on your own. You got to use your brain to jump across the goal finishing point.

This American football version earns its popularity for its graphics and elegance by which all the moves in the game have been performed. Another best part of the game is that its players are way more than just alive. They behave, play, and move like they are real. Playing Rugby 06 is like watching a live rugby match on your televisions. If you have played the game before then you will face no difficulty in playing the game whatsoever. For the rest of Gerard Butlers, there is a tutorial with all the necessary details to keep you into the game. This tutorial was also available in the last version. You should go through this tutorial guide once to understand all the controls. But yes you can’t always learn simply by these guidelines and control tutorials. You got to be there in the field virtually, play, and make mistakes.

Soccer once again with FIFA 07 on the list


Soccer is the flavor of all cheap gaming PC sports on your platter all the way. In fact, this was bound to happen when I started doing this piece as people love to stay connected close to soccer in some way or another. FIFA 07 has been dished out to its audience right after a year since the stalwart FIFA 06 was launched. FIFA 06 went on to become a huge rage world over for its variety of actions and drama. On the contrary, FIFA 07 is not low any important quotients whatsoever. It is a high-octane cheap gaming experience for you on your PCs with no single moment of let downs. Critics were expecting a lot of changes in the 07 version, which however was not the case when it was finally launched. There are some really good changes in the game but not as much as they first thought by the experts. If FIFA 06 is the best game in the category, then FIFA 07 is dark horse of the long race.

One of the best things about FIFA 07 is that it is more realistic than its previous version. The players move, turn, and react faster than before.

FIFA 16 is the boon for cheap gaming PC sports fans


It is like soccer is pouring incessantly all around. FIFA turned out a very confusing cheap gaming experience for critics who could not review it properly for a lot of reasons best known to them. And honestly speaking I too had a tough time realizing the same for a long time. The graphics of the game are mind-blowing and you feel for every move made by the players. Details of all players deserve a standing ovation.

Those who have played previous versions of FIFA will be surprised to try the latest version. It is just different from all those you have played in the past. After a significant gap, the makers of the game have not just tweaked it to taste like a pizza with some more cheese. It is entirely different and makes you feel like you are playing a new game. You got to learn it from the beginning. It is not easy to grasp like its previous versions.

One of my favorite parts of the new version is that this time the defenders are better and well equipped to win their balls. They can compete with attacking players on the field.

UEFA 2008 emerges as the real zombie in the pack


All right! UEFA 2008 has been declared the best soccer cheap gaming experiences on your PCs world over by the critics. There is just no other soccer game for your PCs available right now in the market. In fact, the match is not available for platforms like Xbox 360 and PS3s. There is hardly any different between UEFA and FIFA series but we can still talk about a few in detail and bring you the right picture.

Despite the fact UEFA 2008 has smaller teams than that of FIFA; it is still faster than the later. The footballers of the game are swift and quick in response on the field. Another good thing about the game is that its animations are rich and more lifelike. You feel for every player out there. Their behavior and movements are good enough to fetch the makers of the game an Oscar. You play with you mind and strategies. The control is in your hands like you are playing on the field yourself. Considering these factors, there is no doubt that UEFA 2008 is better than its FIFA counterpart. However, the difference is just marginal. It is up to you if you want to first qualify for the finals or just jump into the grand finale arena without any practice whatsoever.

Double up the entertainment with Pro Evolution Soccer 2012


If you are looking it seriously to go with cheap gaming PC sports this season, then do not forget to fill your quiver with one of the most lethal weapons of all time called the Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2012. One of the best things about Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 is that it has pushed the boundaries with a variety of new features. It is packed with new actions and graphics to die for. If you have played its previous version, then you can feel the difference between the two in the most meaningful way.

There is no doubt that the older version was a runaway hit. However, the 2012 version is equally mesmerizing and in some cases better than that. It will not be entirely correct to say that the game has new refinements. I would rather say that the 2012 version has been tweaked smartly to double the experience of the gamers worldwide.

A few changes are that the players of the 2012 version are more realistic. They are faster, quicker, and even more hot than those appeared in the older version. It is easy to predict your moves in the new version. Running on the field and competing with the player of the opposite is enthralling.

Football takes a U-turn with Football Manager 2013


With so many soccer games on the block and on this list, it becomes really understandable to come across games that repeat most of their mechanisms. Considering the same limitations, the makers of Football Manager 2013 have come up with some out of the box concepts to keep their cheap gaming PC sports fans hooked to their screens. The best thing about the game is that it is unpredictable. Every new game that you select is different from the one you have played before. The challenges are different for everyone and the gameplay shifts without any notification. Critics have given thumbs up to Football Manager 2013 and have also appreciated the makers for coming up with such an innovative concept, which was required for a long time.

The best feature of the game is its classic mode. It is interesting as it was once dubbed as the most boring of all. The makers were in fact planning to get rid of it once. The classic mode has got a makeover and packs a few extra punches. It allows a pro gamer to streamline their moves while for a new entrant in the world it is like a helping hand. The gameplay has been reduced drastically by cutting media interaction to some good extent.

Ruling the world of PC sports is the stalwart called Pro Evolution Soccer 5


The heavy soccer rain on the list is far from ending anytime soon. It feels like cheap gaming PC sports experiences are all designed soccer for their fans across the globe. Soccer is undisputed even on virtual platforms, no matter what comes. But when it comes to just soccer PC games then there are two brands ruling the industry. First one is FIFA and another is Pro Evolution Soccer or PES as they are normally known.

There is no doubt that FIFA is the deadliest zombies on the block today with its variety of actions, gameplays, moves, teams, and needless to graphics. However, PES is slowly climbing its way up to the success ladder. Pro Evolution Soccer 5 or PES 5 is slightly tough for those who have not played any game of the series. The controls and other tricks and moves on the ground might look more difficult than riding a plane in the air for some. Trappings, super cancels, pressure, feints, reversals, feeds, set pieces, dribbling pace, one-two passes, and a vast variety of crosses keep you intrigued throughout the game. Hence, it is better for you to first go through its instruction tutorial.

One of favorite features of the game is that it is quite real. I mean while you are running you have to stick to the football carefully otherwise you will lose it. However, it does not happen in other football games where the ball is magically stick to your shoes. You don’t lose them no matter comes.


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