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The List of Best Android Science Apps for Aspiring Docs

Posted on Dec 28, 2016 by in Android, App, Technology | 0 comments

So after producing a host of Steven Speilbergs on celluloid, smartphones are now all set to launch Einsteins from all walks of life. Some of the best android science apps are doing the rounds in the industry. Experts believe that this time of technology will now change the face of the education arena completely.

Smartphones and tablets are not just a way of communication but also a great platform to distribute quality education amongst kids and adults. A lot of people cannot have access to some really important study material of a particular subject all the time. These devices come in the scenario right here. They make for a great educational tool in that sense. App developers from around the world are now utilizing the unlimited power of smartphones to tap into the world of education like never before. As a result, there is a storm of educational books online with other interactive showcases.

The app industry is churning out some of the best science apps for scientists, doctors, and students to help them in their studies, research, and practice. Let discuss some of them in detail right here:

The Elements

The first on the list is The Elements that sounds more like the title of a Martin Scorsese horror flick. As the name suggests, this one of the best android science apps for people is designed to give you all the information you require about the elements. It is like an element Wikipedia with illustrations to help you understand everything about a particular element.

As soon as you enter into the app, you come across an illustrated periodic table. You can tap on to just any item there. This will show you the objects which consist of a particular element. You can read about any element in detail to know about their origins and just everything that is important to you. There are other vital facts to know of such as how have they been used by humans since their discovery. Unarguably, this is one of the best android science apps right now. It is available on iOS as well.

The price of this science app is $13.99.

All Game for Gravity with Orbit–Playing with Gravity

This is one of the best android science apps for kids on the block. What I personally loved about this science app is the way it has blended the fun with education. You know you learn more when there is more fun. The makers of this innovative app have worked in the same direction. It is so fun and educational at the same time.

Another best feature of this app is that it is actually a puzzle game. That means it keeps you hooked all the time. According to some reports around the world, puzzles make your brain sharper. Orbit-Playing with Gravity is what it is aimed for. This app is a gravity simulator. You are required to launch planets in some stable orbits around the black hole. You can be creative and launch your creations on the Sandbox. In fact, you can even share your achievements with the world through this interesting platform. There are more than 45 levels for free. You can even create your own levels in latest versions.

A Tour to Jurassic Park with Ultimate Dinopedia

This Ultimate Dinopedia is a hell lot of fun for people of all age groups. And as the name suggests, this science app has been designed around the format dinosaurs Wikipedia. The National Geographic has already released a book by the same name. Ultimate Dinopedia is the app version of the same book. This book is one of its kind. It gives a detailed information about more than 700 discovered species of dinosaurs. So if you are a huge die-hard fan of Jurassic Park franchise by Steven Speilberg, then you are going to love it.

It blends both fun and knowledge in one small app that you can carry wherever you want to. What makes it even more exciting is its illustrated references. You learn more with illustrated references and that is what the makers of this app have done to woo its audience. There are images of all types of discovered dinosaurs with detailed information such as height, behavior, and eating habit among others. The app also explains the situation that led to their extinction. There are expert views on other possibilities of the lost world as called by many. A great science tool for all of you at just $4.99. It is also available on iOS.

Isotope: Periodic Table

One of the best android science apps for people who show more interest in elements than anything else. This out-of-the-box science app is again designed to give away all the information on the elements. It is got a periodic table that helps everyone in the science field. This app is particularly very good for those who are studying science and need to carry something to refer to the elements. There are loads of elements out there in science. Remembering them all by heart can sometimes be a daunting task. Thus, this app comes into the scenario.

What is the best thing about this app for the elements is that it is relevant for everyone, be it students, scientists or physicists. They will find it all something of some value. This application has been designed by Jack Underwood who is also known for his innovative calendars worldwide. So something coming from such a guy could really be exciting. Experts of the industry were really looking forward to trying the app. Critics have given it a thumbs up. Its looks are good too. You get to explore every element with the help of high quality interface. That is not it. You get extra features and tools with the latest version. This comes for free. What else could you expect out of this?


All right! Earthviewer–the name gives it all away. It looks more like a Google Map clown. However, it is not actually that and for a lot of reasons out there. Earthviewer is all about maps but that is not it. What helps Earthviewer stand out from the crowd is that it explains the history of the earth. It is a unique concept because we have all heard about the earth going through changes since its formation but have not really experienced it. There are not many references to help us experience these geographical changes of the earth.

Earthviewer takes you back into the geological past of the earth. You also get to know about a host of facts on our planet’s presence. We undergo a lot of changes and so on the earth around us but we do not feel it. The revelations of the Earthviewer are mind boggling. You will be made to think once. There are explanations on the earth’s future. All of its shocks you and at the same time enlightens you. What I personally loved about this app is its ability to take us all back into time.

You can literally feel the temperature of old times when there were no humans.  Such is the power of this app. We all know that the land beneath us drifting. It is science but it is interesting to know the actual position of our land in future. So the bottom line is that Earthviewer sheds light on our planet’s major events in the past and in the present and future.

Complete Anatomy

So all the Grey’s Anatomy fans got to look beyond the title series and hook themselves to this amazing anatomy app. Complete Anatomy is a must have for all the science people around the world. What makes it even more exciting is that this app has been designed in 3 dimensions. As the name suggests, the app has got complete human anatomy with all the required information in detail. This is why it is such a fantastic resource for all the medical people out there. This app has all the information of the human body and its system. On the other hand, you also get ample options to make notes, other tools, and search options.

What makes it even more ideal is its out-of-the-world functions. You can just tap on any part and you can get all the information on that in no time. The information is detailed and vast. It is as good as medical textbooks. Since its launch in the past few years, this has become one of the most popular science apps.

You can share your notes with your friends as it utilizes cloud-based options to function. Share your findings with the world and get appreciated for it. If you are a student then you can get some really good notes from other students and obtain good marks in the test.
It comes with a demo wherein you explore the skeletal system. It is for free but if you are looking for more advanced features then you got to shell out $4.99.

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