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Sites like Reddit – Best Alternative Reddit Sites

Posted on Mar 13, 2017 by in Technology, Tips and Tricks | 0 comments

Sites like Reddit

Reddit famously called as “Front Page of Internet,” a worthy name for the site. Users can share, and discuss on any possible topic in the world, you can share from technology, gaming to puppies and cats which are actually pretty big topics on Reddit. Users also not need to provide much of the personal information, just an email confirmation would suffice to start. This helps a lot of people to share more knowledge openly without any hesitation. Anyone can create their own sub-Reddit and start a community with rules and restrictions. However, many people wouldn’t like such vastness in a single platform and try to find a more specific website. So here we have written other sites like Reddit with more or less common features, and they may be useful or informative for you.


Voat is mostly a clone to Reddit everything on Voat is similar to Reddit with minor changes. Sub-Reddit in Reddit is called as Sub Verse in Voat. The major difference between them is recently Reddit is banning Sub Reddit’s and people who are discussing on sensitive topics. This is where Voat is providing an opportunity for those topics and people as there is no restriction other than illegal topics. Voat is also having a Partner program like YouTube where users will be paid for posting useful, unique content.


Quora is an advanced version of Yahoo Answers where the community is more informative and filled with intellectuals. The interface is more friendly to find new topics, people and follow them for learning more information. People who like to gain more knowledge and interact with experts would like to use Quora. Even Reddit as such type of sub-Reddit’s but the community and discussions are not good enough and informative. In Reddit people would get more aggressive and spoil the healthy discussions into debates. In Quora, the users are more matured and experienced which makes the discussions healthier.

Product Hunt:

Product Hunt is a place for creators to showcase their new products from games, apps, books, and more where people discuss the products. Even though you can share any new product on the site, it is mostly focused on tech related products. It is the best place to discover new things and give your input to the creators to make the product more useful. There are also Sub Reddit’s to explore products like “Shut up and take my money, ” but there isn’t a healthy sub-Reddit like Product Hunt. Product Hunt is a site liek Redit but focused on new and creative products.

Buzz feed:

Most of you may already know the largest viral site on the internet Buzz Feed and one of the best site to entertain yourself. Buzz Feed like Reddit discusses on a wide range of topics mostly concentrated on teens in entertainment. Most posts on the site are curated to entertain the audience. Users can share videos, articles, create quizzes on a variety of topics like Animals, Food, Health, Tech and much more. It is best to place to spend your time like Reddit.

Hacker News:

Hacker News is a site where people posts news related to Hackers, entrepreneurs, startups, and tech. The website is having very easy to use interface with not extra stuff but the news. Users can upvote if they like and the posts with highest upvotes will be at the top, and most news is accepted only from high-quality sites like. Users can enter into the discussions in the comment section and provide their views and also can submit new articles to the site by creating an account.


Slashdot is the site you need to know if you are interested in technical stuff in the latest technology and advancements. It is a place where users share more detailed informative articles on the technology. The articles are not like the latest Apple Phones or gadgets. So visit this Reddit like site and get to know whether the site suits you or not.


Are you trying to find more entertaining gifs, videos, and memes? Then 9gag is the best place where you can find them in a variety of topics like gaming, animals, and NSFW. 9gag which started as a Facebook page is now one of the most popular sites on the internet. The content is also very unique and creative, there are long posts like comparisons and lists. It is the perfect site where is can spend hours and still find plenty of funny stuff to laugh hard enough.


Digg is one of the best places to find all the news at one place on diverse topics. You can find information and detailed article on any topic in the Digg. There are also videos and a store to find news gadgets, courses, and products that are trending on the internet. If you are bored of Reddit then try the Digg, you may find it more informative.

Sites like Reddit requires years of hard work to form a community, and very few are successful. The above sites are some of the alternatives and sites like Reddit you can find. If you have not found any of the above site useful to you, then try to search in google with more specific search terms.

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