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Secret Tips for Pokemon GO Fans To Be the Best Trainer

Posted on Aug 8, 2016 by in Gaming | 0 comments

pokemon go

A few days ago, we shared how Pokemon GO is an ever quickly growing game which is quickly  getting popular among the national and international audience. The game is so fast that it has also been subject to many trolls and jokes upon the internet.

But, whatever you call it, the game is awesome and Pokemon fans are loving it. If you too aim to be the best trainer in this game, below are some secret tips from the pros.

#1. Turn off the AR Mode

Thanks to its AR Mode, you can make strangers feel awkward by pointing your smartphones on them and throwing those pokeballs on them. On one hand, this might be an exciting feature, but you will discover that when you turn this feature off, you can catch Pokemon more easily.

If you are not playing in the AR Mode, you will use less Pokeball in catching up Pokemon and thereby would be catching more Pokemon. So, for the long run, it helps you save your precious pokeballs.

#2. Checking out their moves

Sometimes it might happen that you catch up different Staryus in the same area with almost same CP, but you should take a look at their moves when you catch them. Suppose if you caught two Staryu, one is 98CP and other is 102CP, you would notice that one has water gun and the relatively stronger ones has tackle power and body slam. You should then go for better move set.

You would also see how much damage that Pokemon makes. You can also check whether your Pokemon is ready for a battle or not. To get a better Pokemon, you have to get better moves, and better power.

#3. Kilometer and Egg Incubation

It might happen when you visit a pokestop, that you find some eggs from which Pokemon are likely to hatch. To use them, you first need to incubate them and then walk around ( sounds like a bit of exercise ….duh ). To do this, you need to visit your Pokemon collection, and there you’d see an Eggs tab. Tap that tab, choose a suitable egg along with one incubator and walk around to wait for the hatch.

Just to keep you away from hard work, don’t choose to incubate 2Km eggs if you want a low-level Pokemon. There are some 5k eggs that will get you awesome Pokemon like Porygon, Machops. If this is not enough,  choose 10k eggs that can get you even Pokemon like Snorlax.

The app only wants you to move, not essentially on your foot. A quick hack would be using a train or riding your bike while keeping the app open. However, going out for a run is never a bad idea.

#4. Razz Berries feeding

You’d be excited to know that you can feed a Pokemon with razzberries so that it slows down. More important is the fact that you can use these razzberries in the tandem with a more strong Pokeball and catch up those extremely rare or feisty Pokemon that you encounter while walking.

All you have to follow is a simple procedure, feed that Pokemon with a razzberry, use a great ball, make a good throw and the caching thing would get a hell lot easier.

#5. How to gain XP Faster ?

The best way in which you can grind your XP is by capturing multiple low-level Pokemon and paying attention to the no. of candies that they require to evolve. You have to do this until you have enough candies for multiple evolutions of the same Pokemon at the same time. By catching up the same Pokemon over and over, you can gain more candy and stardust.

So, the next time you find a Duduos, Zubat or Weedles, don’t think they are the waste. You can transfer your duplicates and earn 1 candy based upon that Pokemon type.

Conclusion – Overall, being an awesome trainer isn’t rocket science. All you have to do is being regular and catch as many Pokemon as you can, even if they are duplicates and evolve them over the time.

Let us know your experience and tips in the comments below.

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