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Razor Blade: Review

Posted on Sep 3, 2016 by in Gaming, Reviews | 0 comments

The Razor Blade laptop has always been on an incredible heart-winning tour since its debut in the year 2012. And despite four years down the line, the stalwart has not lost its sheen even a single bit. This drop-dead gorgeous machine has got a body of a supermodel from Milan fashion week. It is light as a floating feather and yet can run some of the heaviest games in the world without any effort. With its QHD+ display, it becomes an undisputed dark horse of the race.

But every monster of the league wants to consume as much energy as possible to stay ahead of new next-gen laptop Zombies. Razor Blade is also trying to cash in on the new iteration with features designed to beat the latest demons in the market. From a new Chroma keyboard to huge video memory, Razor Blade is all set for the game.


Look and design

Razor Blade: Review

Touted as one of the best-looking laptops ever, Razor Blade has not tried too much to go drastically different in its appearance. It still maintains its signature sleek and athlete built. I often tend to compare the machine with the Great Usain Bolt. Its sable design is the most enthralling of all I could see with my naked eyes. And you can’t just miss the glowing green tri-snake logo of this magnificent charmer on the lid. The lid is made of CNC aluminum with two parallel lines running down it with its logo in-between.

When you open the lid you realize that the inner beauty of the lady is equally stunning. There is this beautiful keyboard right below which lies a typically cool looking touchpad from the Razor previous series. However, the laptop giant has tried to don a few new colors this time. It has got a new Chroma keyboard on the block probably to give a tough competition to all new demons.



Razor Blade: Review

All right! For those who think the beauty lies in the right body, it is gonna be a nuclear explosion. The lady has some really hot measurements (13.6/9.3/0.7) and weighs just 4.25 pounds in total. And I am not kidding it! Some other brilliant laptops such as Alienware 13 are much heavier (6.6 pounds) than this supermodel despite the kind of performance they are renowned for. There are only a few machines in the market today that can match both the performance and body of Razor Blade. For those weight matters a lot, then the sleek Razor Blade is the way to go.



Razor Blade: Review

Do not just go by the looks of this beautiful ghost who when required can simply knock you off with its unmatched performance. The company has not paid too much attention to bringing extra ports. However, the ones it has on its deck are enough to wage a war against the whole nation of Zombies.

There are two 3.0 USB ports on the left and one on the right side of the laptop. Jacks for power cord and headsets are on the left side with the two 3.0 USB ports. The other port on the right side of the laptop has a Kensington lock slot plus a full-HDMI port. Also on the deck is the new Type C-Port that can easily take care of a 4k display.



Razor Blade: Review

Razor Blade has got a 14-inch touch-screen display with a resolution of 3200×1800. This composition makes it a hell of a device for life-like gaming experience and movies that you otherwise prefer to watch in the theater. It is just way more than just colorful. It is vibrant, detailed, and right on my face. I watched Terminator 2: Judgment Day on the laptop out of curiosity to test the device perfectly. I am a die-hard fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger. And it emerged a winner on all levels. Every visual effect of the movie was just crystal clear. I have seen this movie so many times before but the experience this was just out of the world.

And obviously, Arnold Schwarzenegger looked way more gorgeous than ever before on this display. Wish this display could be powerful enough to show more of his meat when he arrives naked on the planet earth.



Razor Blade: Review

The audio quality of the device is a little confusing. I listened to Drizzy Drake’s ‘Closer to my dreams’ and I wasn’t really impressed with the sound whatsoever. Though when I turned on the volume, I guess people outside my room could hear it clearly. But the moment I tried to listen to the song in deep bass, the sound just fell flat on my ears.

The problem turned gross when I listened to Drake’s Fireworks feat Alicia Keys. I would not really recommend them for listening to music. They are however great for playing games. I played the old version of Max Payne and the dialogues were really crisp including the other background score.

Touchpad and keyboard

Razor Blade: Review

Razor Blade has a backlit island Chroma keyboard. Its switches are slim, smooth, and fingers tend to dance on their beats. You can adjust the colors of the keyboard from Synapse software of Razer. I mean if you want to have your custom setting for a particular game, then you can easily do that from this software. The travel between two keys is 1.1 millimeters.

To test the keyboard, I did a typing test and scored around 66 words in a minute. My speed is not more than 60 words per minute on other machines.

Battery life

Razor Blade: Review

The company says that the battery can last up to 5 hours. However, when I tested it the time it lasted was around 5 hours and 45 minutes. The battery life is poor as compared to other slim laptops that can last up to 8 hours or so.


It has got a 2.0-megapixel web camera. It just works fine. I took a ‘lapfie’ and was pretty much convinced with the picture quality. The colors of my t-shirt were accurate.

Heat management

Despite being really thin, the company has stuffed the machine with a new fan and few pipes to keep it relatively cooler than its previous machines. The attempt seems to have worked as it is comparatively cooler than before. After working for around 15 minutes, the deck including the keyboard was around 82 degrees while the underside of the laptop was 97 degrees—a little more than 95 degrees, which is normal.


Razor Blade is the best bet for those looking for a machine that not just looks gorgeous, but also performs like the vampire Blade in the Blade series. With all the great features studded in it, this is probably the cheapest machine on the block as of now. An investment with the best value.

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