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PlayStation VR Review

Posted on Sep 19, 2016 by in Gaming, Reviews, Technology, Virtual Reality | 0 comments

PlayStation VR Review

PlayStation VR is the first mainstream gaming VR headset that was released by a major company like Sony. Even though there are other VR headsets like Oculus, and HTC Vive, PlayStation VR will be the dessert every gamer will be seeking to get. It is due to its specifications, requirements, price and performance which mainly concentrated on gamers. Gamers are going to get all the major features they need in a VR headset from PlayStation VR Headset.

PlayStation VR Review:

PlayStation VR Review

There are a lot of things to be discussed in this review of PlayStation VR from its fabulous design to smooth performance, price to setup requirements. It took almost two plus years for Sony to develop this excellent VR headset since they first announced at GDC 2014. PlayStation VR first announced at GDC 2016 and at E3 2016 they announced the release date for the headset.


The design of PS VR is excellent with the colours, headband, and lights on the headset. The headset comes with a mostly white and black colours with a matte finish which gives a good looking over the other headsets. There is a total of seven blue lights built into the front of the headset. They are sensors to track your position and movements with the help of PlayStation Camera.

The head strap is a solid one which can be adjusted to fit your face. It’s cross design contributes to balance the weight of the headset more onto your forehead. Making headset is more comfortable to use for longer periods. PS VR is also more flexible to use for everyone; it can be adjusted to move forward which is easy for people who use glasses.


Sony’s Virtual Reality headset had a 5.7-inch OLED display in it with a 100-degree field of view. PS VR can refresh at a rate of 120 fps which provides a smooth gaming experience. Even though the present PS4 headsets does not provide such refreshing rate, Sony is releasing another PlayStation 4 edition. PlayStation 4.5 supports 120 fps and will be available to buy along with PS VR. Response time for PS VR is also very fast with just 18ms which unnoticeable to the human brain. HMD (Head Mount Display) comes with a resolution of 1920xRGBx1080 which is less than HTC Vive but is good enough to play games.


AS said above PlayStation VR provides a smooth 360 degrees VR experience with 120 fps refresh rate. PS VR requires a PlayStation 4 to run as if a Vive or Oculus needs a high-end PC. High refreshing rate allows users to use HMD for longer without any motion sickness. Sony unveiled PS VR along with some games for users to experience its performance. Results are excellent from the users who played Batman Arkham VR game on the headset and thrilled to experience its visuals.


Sony’s VR headset can be controlled using DualShock 4 Controllers which comes along with PS 4. Since the controllers are wireless, users can use it without any discomfort. VR headset also comes with inbuilt motion tracking sensors which are used to follow the movement with PlayStation Camera. PlayStation Move controllers are also compatible with PS VR which can use in compatible games.


Like Oculus and Vive Sony is also planning on releasing at 50 VR games along with PS VR. These games are not any regular or new game series, they are releasing games from major series like Batman Arkham VR and Resident Evil Biohazard. Out of planned 50 games, 20 of the games already developed and ready.

Sony is releasing different categories of games like Racing, Action, Indoor Games, Horror, Fantasy games. PS VR is going to be a major player in the VR gaming industry.

Price & release date

One major reason why PlayStation VR will beat the other players in VR is its Price tag. PlayStation comes with the lowest price of 400$ beating the 800$ Vive and 600$ Oculus headset.

Another important thing to note is PlayStation VR works with any PS4 which already sold 44 million units. Both HTC Vive and Oculus requires 1000$+ VR ready PC’s to work regularly. Which means to use a normal VR headset other than PS VR requires you to invest at the least 1500 dollars. Whereas PS VR needs no more than 500$ including accessories, if you are already having a PS4 or 900$ for a PlayStation 4 and PS VR headset.

Coming to the release date CEO Andrew House announced at E3 2016 that PS VR headset is going to be released on 13th October 2016.

With every year the popularity of virtual reality is increasing tremendously. PS VR is going to increase it multiple times since it is the first major gaming company to release a stable user version. Most of the gaming industry experts believe that VR will become mainstream in 2017. To achieve this more and more games, accessories, companies should start their work in virtual reality.

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