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MSI GT62 Dominator Pro: Review

Posted on Sep 6, 2016 by in Gaming, Reviews | 0 comments

One of the first laptops to have been studded with virtual reality (VR) is also the machine that can perform any task faster than the speed of the light. MSI GT 62 Dominator Pro is a machine for the generation of new age die-hard gamers with Nvidia’s pascal GPU, i7 Intel Core Processor, and PCIe SSD.

The VR feature leaves you stunned with its in-the-plot experience. So whether you are chopping off Zombies in Zombie lands or gunning down psychopaths like rotten tomatoes, you feel like you are actually doing it. The visual experience is out of the world to say. You can actually feel for every color in the plot and the blood oozing out from the body of the Target. G-sync technology allows you to perform along with the fluctuating power consumption of the beast.


Look and design

MSI GT 62 Dominator Pro is a machine for the generation of new age die-hard gamers with Nvidia’s pascal GPU, i7 Intel Core Processor, and PCIe SSD.

As from my experience, the MSI demons are too exhausted to try on for both looks and performance. They are slightly tilted towards only performance as far as my calculation goes. The moment the brand tries to contest the beauty pageant; it slips on the performance quotient flat. However, this MSI GT62 Dominator Pro seems to have filled with the gap by emerging as one of the sexiest laptops ever from the brand called MSI.

The first thing that got me was its red strips on the black aluminum lid. Its Porsche-like dragon logo sits right in the middle of the two red strips. The interior is quite imposing with aluminum black deck. The keyboard is backlit and right above sit buttons for power, fan speed, and Steel Series Engine etc.



MSI GT62 Dominator Pro is a young brother of GT 72 and GT 80. It is not as bulky as its big brothers are but it still has some really good options for ports. On the right side, three 3.0 ports with an SD card reader and on the left is a lock slot with a USB 2.0 port and jack for headphones and headphones.

As this was not enough, the rear of the machine too has options for plugging in. It has a mini display port, USB 3.1 Type C-Port, HDMI, power jack, and Gigabit Ethernet.



MSI GT62 Dominator Pro is not that heavy but not light as feather either. Its size does not really spoil its beauty. I would rather call it Kim Kardashian of all the laptops. You know not a size zero but still smoking hot. MSI GT62 Dominator Pro weights 6.4 pounds. Its size is 15.4/10.5/1.6.

The machine is likely to face tough competition from ASUS Rog Strix, which weighs just 4.8 pounds. There is this Digital Storm Equinox at 4.2 pounds. So the people who are more concerned about weight or who just can’t stay at one place gaming would not likely go for it, no doubt.



MSI GT 62 Dominator Pro

MSI GT62 Dominator Pro can well be declared a machine with the best display ever. For the die-hard gaming fans, this machine is like a lamp of Aladdin. The moment open the lid you are transformed into a world of your dreams where you had thought of a beast like this. It has an ideal 15.6 inch screen with a resolution of 1920×1080.
I believe that the main reason behind its out of the world display is its True Color Software application. The software helps in adjusting color temperature according to your choice through presets like office, movie, anti-blue, sRGB, and Gamer.

To test the screen display quality further, I played Captain America: Civil War online and was just amazed to see it working like that. The costume colors of superheroes were amazing. The detailing was out of the world. The accuracy was more than 100 percent. MSI GT62 Dominator Pro scored more than 300 nits, which is higher than the average of 265 nits.


Audio quality

The beat is studded with Dynaudio speakers that can assure one of high-quality sound and no glitches whatsoever. But to my surprise, nothing was as catchy as I was expecting out of it. I played some of my favorite songs on the machine. They were just okay. The extraordinary quotient that anybody will expect was completely missing.

The audio quality was still a notch better with other few songs that I later played on the machine.


MSI GT 62 Dominator Pro

MSI GT62 Dominator Pro is studded with a mind blowing full-sized keyboard. For a moment, I felt like I was playing a piano. My fingers were typing in such a great rhythm. I am a huge fan of island-keys because I tend to adapt to them quickly.

But with this keyboard, the main thing is that its travel that is just 1.9 mm. I attempted a typing test on the machine and scored 68 per minute. Compare this with my usual 60 words per minute or so.


I am pretty much satisfied with the touchpad of MSI GT62 Dominator Pro. There was just no error in reading my gestures or movements throughout. My movements were accurate. I could launch applications without any difficulty.

I selected a text on MS word easily and also copy pasted without facing any inconvenience whatsoever. The touchpad measures 4.2X2.3 inches.

Gaming performance

MSI GT 62 Dominator Pro v

With Nvidia’s pascal 1070 GPU, 8 GB VRAM, i7 Intel Core Processor, and PCIe SSD, playing games on this machine is like unleashing yourself for a ride in the kingdom of Akator for Crystal Skulls. This is just beyond an adventurous ride. The machine scores 10.1 on the test, which is just awesome.

I played a few my favorite games and was simply swept off with its cakewalk like performance. MSI GT62 Dominator Pro crossed the mark of 186 fps outright. Compare this with the average 59 fps. It is faster than the light guys.


Studded with i7-6700HQ Intel Core Processor 2.6 GHZ with a whopping 32 GB RAM, MSI GT62 Dominator Pro can destroy a whole town enemies faster than the green beast Hulk. To test its its performance further, I opened up a few tabs on my browser while my the trailer of the Captain America: Civil War was still playing. There was no problem at all. No hanging of the laptop. And then I opened up more than 20 tabs to test it more. And it was still like light.

Battery life

To perform like that MSI GT62 Dominator Pro needs to have a great supply of power. It guzzles down power like it has not eaten in years. It lasted just 3 hours on my test which is still better than Aorus X7 Pro-Sync that lasted not more than 2 hours.

The machine faces tough competition from the Alienware 15 that can last up to more than 24 hours. Seriously!

Heat management

Considering the fact that the machine is studded with some of the best guzzlers in the deck, the brand has tried to keep it cool some of the best upgrades. So to vent out the heat, there are more pipes. The temperature on our test was around 94 degrees, a notch down at average 95 degrees.


The revolution has just begun with MSI GT62 Dominator Pro that is studded with the latest Pascal Nvidia GPUs. The die-hard gaming fans are on the ride of their lifetime with the launch of the best MSI GT62 Dominator Pro in the competition.

The machine runs on Nvidia’s pascal 1070 GPU, 8 GB VRAM, i7 Intel Core Processor, and PCIe SSD. And you get this nuclear package at just $ 1,999. The composition of the laptop is equally good for those who spend some time working on their laptops as well.

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