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MSI GT 72 Dominator Pro: Review

Posted on Sep 3, 2016 by in Gaming, Reviews | 0 comments

The Dominator of the MSI series is back on fire with its incredible MSI GT 72 Dominator Pro. It is studded with Nvidia’s Maxwell graphic cards to perform like Hulk on a prowl. If that was not enough, the machine comes with not one, not two but four ultra-fast SSDs with an audio quality you can’t stop raving about and keyboard you can’t take your hands off.

Touted as the best value machine in the market today, MSI GT 72 does not disappoint you on any ground. However, its display does not quite match with its other powerful compositions.

Look and design

MSI GT 72 Dominator Pro: Review

Your love with MSI GT 72 might not take off at the first sight as in my case. To understand the beauty of this beast, you got to have eyes to look beyond its outer magnificence. I don’t like to be blunt often but the truth is that the machine is not just cool for a guy like me for a number of reasons. There is no dearth of pretty machines in the market that I can own at half its price. But still, there is something unexplainable about its looks and design. It’s got a very subtle black aluminum lid with its red logo right in the middle of two lines going down the cover.

One of the leading laptops in the world, I don’t understand why MSI tried to copy the iconic red strips of Alienware laptops. It just doesn’t suit it whatsoever. All the buttons (buttons for power, fan, engine control etc.) are on the left side of the deck.

With blue lighting, its keyboard looks awesome and soothes your eyes if you have spent a good amount of time on it.


MSI GT 72 Dominator Pro: Review

All right! This MSI like its other machines is slightly chubby and weighs whopping 8.4 pounds. But yes sometimes heavy is curvy and, thus, sexy. I mean look at Kim Kardashian. She obviously weighs more than those super thin supermodels seen in the arms of Leonardo Di Carpio but retains her own aura of what we call hot. This is exactly the case with MSI GT 72 Dominator Pro.

It measures 16.9/11.6/1.89. It is as curvy as Kim herself. There are lots of other machines that weigh more this Kim.


MSI GT 72 Dominator Pro: Review

Despite having a 17-inch display with 1080 resolution, its display turned out slightly off-putting to me. The main reason is that it simply fails to give you a better experience than others in its price range. For example, I watched ‘Transformer: The Age of Extinction’ on the laptop just to test its display quality. There was just no single moment of excitement that could turn me on despite Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in the movie. On the other hand, I could feel every strand of the plot on ASUS G751JY.

Audio quality

Just because display quality of MSI GT 72 Dominator Pro is slightly disappointing does not unnecessarily mean that its audio quality is also suffering on a few grounds. The case is entirely different here. The quality of both the components is poles apart in terms of performance. No doubt.

The mean machine is way much louder than other monsters of the league. It smashes the 93-decibel point on the laptop audio test. It defeated most of the laptops of its range but couldn’t surpass a whopping 99-decibel mark reached by the Alienware.

I played Drake’s ‘Fear’ at the highest volume, which literally brought down the house with its sound. On the other hand, ASUS G751JY just could not beat the sound of the Dominator at any level.


MSI GT 72 Dominator Pro: Review

Despite having a full-size island keyboard, I couldn’t really feel that excitement while hitting its keys. But what I really liked about it is its blue lighting that was cooler on my eyes than pieces of chilled cucumbers. It’s a great innovation for those who have stoned their eyes by working non-stop day and night on their laptops. In fact, it is a great innovation for those who play a lot on laptops.

However, the real test for the Dominator’s keyboard was my own typing test. My fingers were slipping on the keys and were not able to grip them exactly. Though the keys were smooth, there was something missing. May be, the grip. I could score 49 per words per minute. Needless to say, that is way lower than my actual speed of 65 words per minute on other laptops.


MSI GT 72 Dominator Pro: Review

For a lot of people out there, if a keyboard is not good then so is the touchpad. But, in my case, it was not the scene. Unlike its underwhelming keyboard, I enjoyed sliding my fingers around the touchpad.

MSI G 72 Dominator Pro’s touch measures 4.3 x 2.5 inches. It works fast and responds even better. To actually test its efficiency, I moved my fingers around and felt no difficulty in launching different applications and programs on the machine.

Heat management

MSI GT 72 Dominator Pro: Review

This is probably the coolest laptop I have ever worked on. I mean literally. Yes. After into Max Payne for more than 15 minutes or so, the temperature of the machine was around 75 degrees. The underside of the MSI G 72 Dominator Pro stood at 82 degrees.

To test it further, I tossed a few more tasks at it but to no avail. The machine was relatively cooler than others I have worked on before.


MSI G 72 Dominator Pro’s 2-megapixel camera is below average. You can never detect the real in the picture taken by the machine. Your skin tone will go haywire. Not even well for professional Skype conversations. Better avoid it or get shocked to see yourself in it.

Battery life

This is a hell of a machine when it comes to gaming but still it does not last for long. It could not last a few minutes extra after clocking 3 hours on my watch. This is seriously bad for a device being sold out as a desktop-replacement.

However, there are a number of other big luxury devices that don’t last even that much.


MSI G 72 Dominator Pro is an ideal gaming machine at its price. It has got the fastest SSDs, great audio quality, and a keyboard that soothes my eyes. To take the gaming experience to a different level, it is studded with Nvidia 900 series GPU and i7 Processor. The only thing it lags behind in is its display. It could have been much better.
There is no dearth of other machines in the market with a performance similar to MSI G 72 Dominator at a lower price.

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