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Media centers better than Kodi

Posted on Feb 15, 2017 by in Tech, Technology, Tips and Tricks | 0 comments

Media Centers better than Kodi


Kodi is one of the most used and popular media centers for Windows users. Users can connect all the media related files like movies, songs, videos at one place and enjoy without any fuss. Users can also view the same files on different devices and also can share with friends through the internet. The best part about Kodi is it’s free and open source software without any restrictions. There are many media centers better than Kodi.

Even though Kodi have much plenty of features that require for a media center and plenty of add-ons to customize many people may like to explore and find other alternatives. So, we have listed some of the media centers which are good and some better than Kodi. Most of these are free to use and test them out and find the most suitable for your needs.


Plex is another popular Windows media center, and it is attracting many users every day. It had an easy to use interface, and you can access all the movies, songs, and videos from the Plex with ease. There are two options for Plex users, one free option and another is paid option where you can connect to other devices and get many premium features.

Plex had many great features which you may find very important for you and understand why it is better than Kodi. It automatically collects all the media files on your computer once you installed it. It will allow you to connect to your tablet, mobile devices and streams any format of media even when your computer doesn’t support the file.

With premium features, there are vast features to explore. Users can use parental controls to keep your kids away from personal media files. You can sync your files with cloud servers and enjoy them whenever you need. Plex Premium can save your HD movies, TV shows, programs and much more as a normal DVR.

These are some of the many features which make Plex better than Kodi. One final feature you need to know about Plex is, it supports a vast no of devices like Xbox, PS, PC, Mobiles, Tablets, NVidia Shield, Roku, IOS, Apple TV, Chrome Cast and plenty more.


Emby is an open media center like Kodi, and you may find some features better than Kodi. It can organize all your media files at one place similar to Kodi. Access the content on other devices and access live TV on any device and control with DVR options. Users can restrict children from accessing your personal files and videos through parental controls.

It is also having premium access for only 5 dollars a month with which you can sync your files with cloud services and access data on any other device.  Premium gives you free apps to connect with Xbox, Fire TV, IOS and PS4 and cinema mode will provide you with excellent cinema experience. You can backup your data to external hard drive and restore it whenever you need with ease.

Emby is one of the best alternatives to Kodi and had many good features you will lack on Kodi. You can also get lifetime access for just 100 dollars which is a great offer.

Universal Media Server:

Universal Media Server is a truly free Media server similar to Kodi without any hidden charges. It is first developed as a free media server for Play Station 3 and later on it is upgraded to other devices. As of now, UMS is accessible on 20+ other devices which are totally free. UMS had plenty of features that are similar to Kodi and many features that are not present in Kodi.

UMS had a web based interface which is a good feature as it can support on devices not having DLNA support. Automatic Bitrate adjustment gives you uninterrupted video or media streaming as it adjusts to your network speed. UMS doesn’t take any extra time to browse your files like other media centers. By connecting to Open Subtitles, it will automatically download subtitles for your movies and TV shows. Users can connect it to the iTunes for streaming your music. These are some notable features of Universal Media Server.

Media Portal:

Media Portal is an excellent media solution and is on par with Kodi in many ways. Users can access live TV, Movies, TV-shows, Pictures and more that are available on your computer. Users can access media portal from the web and mobile devices. You can also listen to radio even though most people are not using now a day. Media portal is having hundreds of plugins and skins you can use to customize the app in plenty of other ways. Using Media Portal is also very easy and connects to many devices.


OSMC is not just software that is based on Kodi, but they had also developed many hardware products like Vero 2, remote control, Wi-Fi Dongle, Raspberry Pi Kit and many other accessories to support them. The only reason it is better than Kodi is its specifically designed hardware which makes it easy for you in many ways.  Since it is totally based on Kodi, these hardware products will give you many advantages over open source Kodi Software.

These better alternatives to Kodi may provide you with more specific features you are looking for and fill the gaps in Kodi. Give a try to all of the above Media Centres and let us know what your thoughts are.

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