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Major Features of Android Nougat

Posted on Aug 31, 2016 by in Android, Tech, Technology | 0 comments

android nougat feature and changes

Android the largest mobile Operating System had started rolling out the latest version Nougat Android 7.0. In this March they had released developer versions, and now they had released the User version for some of the Google devices Nexus 6P, Nexus 6, Nexus 5X, Nexus 9, Pixel C and Nexus Player.

Major features of Android Nougat:

android nougat feature and changes

Nougat is coming with significant changes from Marshmallow and many new features added to the Android. This time, the improvements are more in the User Interface, usability, performance, and customization of the device. In this article, we are going to write about the latest features and improvements in Android Nougat.

Multi Window and Quick Switch:

This is one new cool feature in Android Nougat now the devices are now powerful and larger than ever; Google is trying to add Multi Window feature like Personal Computers. Once multi-tasking used to be a major feature in the smartphone which had now become a primary feature. Now Multi window may change more about the usage of smartphones.

With Multi Window users can use multiple apps at a time on the screen. We can adjust the space occupied by two apps. We can also switch between two apps while using this feature. I think this feature will be more use full in larger phone and tablets as smaller screens will be difficult.

Quick Switch is another feature which will be utilized more by the users. With this feature, the user can switch between apps quickly. When users double tap on the Recent apps button, it will automatically switch to the recently used app. This works in Multi Window mode too.


There 72 new emoji’s added to the Nougat that now have different skin tones as directed by Unicode 9.0. With the addition of 72 new Emoji’s the total count of emoji’s is now more than 1500. There will be six different skin tones for the Emoji’s having human skin in them.


Android had many languages that come with the stock Android which needs to be changed in setting every time we need to shift. With the new Multi-Language support users can add two languages to the keyboard. One as primary and the other as secondary. Users can change between languages by clicking a button with globe symbol left to space bar.

Day Dream VR:

Google is improving slowly in the area of Virtual Reality, and now it had completely added Day Dream VR to Android Nougat. Google announced Day Dream VR platform in May which supports Cardboard VR glasses. Previously Google had a separate app called Cardboard for Cardboard glasses which is difficult to switch between apps. Hope Google comes with significant changes and usage options to Day Dream VR instead of a minute or two experiences.


Notifications feature had got major changes in Android Nougat. In Nougat notifications are now more flexible users can reply to a chat message directly from notifications. Read emails by expanding them and interact with them directly from the notifications. In the notifications, Nougat had five miniature toggles at the top with Wi-Fi, Battery, Bluetooth and other options. When you swipe them down a bit, they will be enlarged and provides you more toggle buttons. We can also edit and add or remove them or change the positions according to our convenience.

Data Saver:

Data Saver provides you with more options to control your data usage. You can restrict background usage for apps when you are on cellular networks. You can select data saver option directly from the quick settings toggle or in Data option in settings. It will also provide you notifications on data usage and limitation.


Previously Doze mode used to save battery power when your mobile is still on a table for few minutes. With Android Nougat, Doze mode save battery time even when you are on the move thereby saving, even more power. When doze mode is active, your mobile will switch to hibernation and reduces the background apps and process. It will reduce the background usage of Network, Wi-Fi, GPS, Wake Locks, sync and apps that run in the background.


Android Nougat comes with new JIT compiler which improves device performance, storage occupied by apps, and increases the speed of apps and system updates.

New Apps (Allo and Duo):

With Android Nougat Google is releasing two new apps called Allo and Duo.

Allo is an instant messaging app and had many new features than a general instant messaging app. It had the support of Google Assistant, Smart Reply where the Google Machine learning technology provides you suggestions based on the message you received; it is more secure with end-to-end encryption, stickers, and whisper-shout.

Duo is a video chat app with simple interference like Facetime. It provides High-Quality video with faster experience and more reliable video calls. It is also a cross-platform application with apps for both Android and iOS.

Vulcan API:

Vulcan API is now officially added to Android Nougat. It provides faster, better rendered and smoother gaming graphics and also for apps with high graphics.

Seamless Updates:

It would be frustrating when an app stops suddenly when you are in between something. This happens when an app is updating in the background and users can use it when it is upgrading. So, Google had come up with Seamless Updates in Android Nougat where it will create a separate process when an app is updating.

These are significant upgrades in the Android Nougat from its previous Android updates. There are much more minor and substantial changes to discuss to like direct boot where the booting time of the device is reduced, and apps run in the background even before you had unlocked it. File based encryption encrypts all the files on the ground level. In Android Nougat we can change the display size if texts, icons, and sizes of UI elements easily from the settings. The first mobile that is releasing with the latest Android Nougat is new LG V20.


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