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Low Budget Gaming PC s under $ 300 for Modern Gerard Butlers

Posted on Oct 23, 2016 by in Tech | 0 comments

The gaming world seems to have crossed all the madness in the past few years. If you too have been digging into it like zombies, you can’t escape the demons prowling at you. Fancy hardware products are making it even tougher for those who don’t want to spend a fortune on such whims. So to ease up budget constraints, we have got you tips to configure low budget gaming PC s under $300. But before we get on to the track, let’s drill it out a bit to analyze what we’ve got for you.

The Mission Overview

First of all, it is really difficult to have a gaming hulk at as low as $300. So the one that we are going to assemble here at that price is a Mickey trained to kill. In other words, it is an entry level low budget gaming PC. If you want it under $300, you got to avoid those Bond-like gadgets that are costlier than Lamborghinis. But still, I couldn’t have really worked on with it with low-quality components. There are a few components that are little expensive yet important. So I have listed separately in the article. If you want to go for those slightly expensive components, you can check out them here in this article as well.

For example, 1TB hard drive costs just a few dollars more than a 500 GB hard drive. There is no point in investing into 500 GB hard drive then. It does not make sense. On the same lines is the story of PSU (SMPS). I could’ve easily improved the performance of the PC with an expensive PSU. However, doing that would have cost a few more dollars. I have got it listed separately again. On my journey to low budget gaming PC under $300, I ended up spending a few dollars.

The Target Approach

In this article, I will be taking you through the assembling of two low budget gaming PCs. The first is a few dollars less than $300 while another is a few dollars more. Keeping it below $300 was a tough decision. I didn’t want to compromise on the overall performance of the game, which is why I divided the article into two configurations.

All the configurations of these low budget gaming PCs are based on the following principles:

1. Best value for money
2. Best performance in the assigned budget

It should also be noted here that the components mentioned in the article might be country specific. Not everyone can find them in their location. The price of the components might also vary depending on the country you live in. But don’t just worry about it. You can share all your concerns in the comments below. We will resolve your queries in a timely manner.

So let’s try to build our low budget gaming PC s under $300 for modern Gerard Butlers. Here we go:

The Configuration #1 for Low Budget Gaming PC under $300

Key Feature: Intel Processor with Nvidia Graphics Card

Ramp it up with Intex Black Cabinet IT 216


People consider only the price factor before buying a suitable gaming PC for themselves, which is a sad story. Performance should the prime factor above all and everything. Expensive components for your PC are not really best things to go for. Every gaming PC has its unique nature and what works for it is decided by components it is built with.

So our configuration #1 for low budget gaming PC under $300 starts with Intex Black Cabinet IT 216. Despite the fact that it is low budget, there is just now way it is low on performance value. It is sturdy and good looking. Motherboard PSU and graphic card are easily accommodated into it. The best feature is that it comes with a one year warranty. Some expensive brands also offer one year warranty for their PC cabinets. So what is just the difference here? It is performing like just any big brand expensive stalwart.

Other features of the cabinet include Front Head Phone/Mic Ports, power supply data, 20+4 Pin SMPS Heat Vent CPU, heat vent, and PCI graphics card heat vent.

This Intex Black Cabinet IT 216 is an ideal purchase for just $17.90. Another hit on the lines of Intex Cabinet is Antek ASK 4000B. However, this stalwart is double the price of Intex Black Cabinet IT 216.

AOC e 1670Swu 15.6 Inches LED Monitor


One of the most important components of any PC is its monitor. However, the price of all the brands differs on various grounds. But the one that fits our budget is AOC 15.6 inches LED Monitor. It is arguably the cheapest monitor available with the best performance in the industry today. The hulk comes with a resolution of 1366 X 768 and response time of 16 ms. The response time slightly higher than others, though. The best part, however, is its one year warranty.

Most big brand expensive monitors also offer one year warranty. So if you are getting a good performance at the low price, then why go elsewhere? Investing too much in just anything for the heck of does not make it ideal. A good gaming PC is light on pocket and high on performance. Let us take a look at its key PC specifications. Here we go:

Resolution : 1366 X 768
Display : 15.6 Wide (395 mm diagonal)
Frequency : 60 Hz
Response Time : 16 ms

Time to Give it Some Speed with Random Access Memory (RAM)


As we are talking about a low budget gaming PC, a discussion around RAM is likely to pop up on and off. RAM is the soul of a gaming PC irrespective of its price. It gives your PC speed to play those out of the world games designed for zombies like you. So every move that you see on your screen actually depends on the performance and quality of your RAM. Hence, RAM plays an integral part in the configuration of your low budget gaming PC.

But yes. Not every goo RAM has to cost a fortune. Some of them are affordable even for your gaming experiences.

TranscendDDR3 – 1333 DDR3 4 GB PC DRAM is one such ideal RAM for your gaming PCs. They are light in your pocket and high on performance. Another best part about this RAM is that they are trusted by millions of people around the globe. The RAM gives you a 5-year warranty. That’s really cool for something as cool as this. Not even expensive branded RAMs can give you such a long term warranty.

Brainstorming for Your Gaming PC with the Cheapest Hard Drive


All right! Decking up my low budget gaming PC with a hard drive was slightly tricky. As I have discussed in the beginning of the article, I wouldn’t really suggest configuration at the cost of quality. So there is just no point of having a 500 GB hard drive, which is just a few dollars less than a 1TB hard drive. We all know that 1TB hard drive helps your low budget gaming PC perform better. It does not make sense to invest in a 500 GB hard drive to save a few bucks if it can’t perform. By low budget gaming PC I mean they are still the best in performance. I would recommend you to rather go for 1TB hard drive.

Toshiba 1TB Desktop Internal Hard Drive (DT01ACA100) is the cheapest hard drive in the market today. It will cost you around $53.74. Another better option is Seagate Barracuda 1 TB Desktop Internal Hard Drive. However, this costs a few more bucks than Toshiba.

I will not recommend you 500 GB hard drive at any cost. It just can’t stand the powerful games of our generation such as Assassin’s Creed Black Flag, GTA 5, GTA 4, Far Cry 4, Battlefield, and Watch Dogs. If you can’t enjoy these games then there is no point of configuring your gaming PC in the first place.



If RAM is the soul, hard drive brain, then what is PSU for your gaming PC? It is the heart. One of the cheapest PSU with great performance is SMPS Corsair VS 350. There are other PSUs available in the market today with lesser price than that of Cosair. However, they are not as good in performance as Cosair is. Hence, I would recommend you to lend your credence to SMPS Cosair VS 350.

Zebronic ZEB – 450 W Gold Series 450 Watts PSU is also used widely for cheap gaming PCs. However, they have often been reported of poor performance. Remember, compromising on quality for a low budget gaming PC doesn’t really make sense. You can use other cheap products as well but they may not be able to deliver you the same performance. Our objective is to get the best value for money without compromising on performance.

If you don’t mind spending a few more bucks, then you can go for Cosair’s 450 PSU. It is a 450 Watt PSU.

The Processor


There is a common notion amongst people that all PC processors are expensive. It is arguably the most important component and, thus, the most expensive of all in your gaming PC. But that does not mean that only the most expensive processors are the best for you PC’s performance. Remember, things are good when they fit your requirements. Anything out of your requirement just kills the fun. The same theory applies to our PC processors.

Intel 3.0 GHz LGA 1150 G – 3220 is the cheapest processor for your low budget gaming PC. It performs like a stalwart even at that price. In fact, a price is not really a criterion for performance. The processor is clocked at 3.0 GHz. With 2 cores, it supports LGA 1150 socket motherboards. The best part is that it comes with a 3-year warranty, which is great. Other brands also offer the same warranty. It is a 4th generation Intel processor.

One of the best parts of this processor is that it comes with an ideal graphic card. For an out of the world gaming experience, always trust Intel Processor. The price of this processor is around $55.22. It is an ideal purchase at that price because you are getting a graphics card with that as well.

The Mother of All Gaming PCs is Motherboard


A lot of gamers tend to just focus on an excellent graphics card. For them, the heart and the soul of gaming PCs are just that. However, that is not really the fact. Gaming PC or not, a motherboard is the pulse of your PC. In fact, there is just more than whatever you think about motherboards in that. Like just any other PC component, motherboards too come in different price range. So you have to invest in motherboards very smartly, especially when you are building a low budget gaming PC for yourself.

The cheapest motherboard for low budget gaming PC is Gigabyte H81M – S1 Motherboard. The motherboard is packed with a hell lot of features to spice up your gaming experience. There are some really good supports for LGA 1150 soc processors and graphics card. Not just that the motherboard also anchors 3rd generation PCI Express interface. This interface comes in handy if in future you buy a faster graphics card.

Apart from other features, this motherboard can easily handle up to 16 GB of RAM. Remember, a motherboard is a very important part of any PC and thus you should not make any mistake while choosing the suitable one for yourself.

Now Comes The Real Hero—Graphics Card


For those who live and breathe PC games, a graphics card is like what krypton is for Superman and his people. And I would recommend you to go for just any other graphics card other than Nvidia.

Zotac Nvidia Geforce GT 720 1 Gb GDDR5 is the cheapest Nvidia graphics card. In fact, it is the entry level card in the brand. Just put it in your low budget gaming PC and there you are off to go. It is best known for its faster memory than GT 620 and GT 610 with 2GB or 4GB VRAM. Touted to be one of the fastest graphics cards in that price range, you can also pick Nvidia GT 730. There is not much difference between the two in price.

If you are using this graphics card then you would require a 300 watt PSU. It has got 192 cores besides 797 MHz GPU core clock. Nvidia GT 720 is DX 12 compatible. It comes with 64-bit memory bus width.

So the total price of this low budget gaming PC has exceeded a little bit. However, you should keep searching for discounts on several websites. There are many sites that can give you discounts as much as 10% on various PC parts. It can bring down your overall budget drastically. Let’s just now go for the configuration #2 for low budget gaming PC under $300. Here we go:

The Configuration #2 for Low Budget Gaming PC under $300

So in this configuration, we are going to build it up with AMD A4 Processor and FM2 Motherboard. This motherboard is very compatible with AMD A4 Processor.

The processor


So the processor we are going to use in this second configuration for low budget gaming PC is AMD 3.7 GHz FM2 A4 – 6300 Processor. In all rights, this is quite similar to the one we used for our configuration #1—Intel Processor.

Dual Core processor as it is, it performs exactly like Intel processor. The output is almost the same. One of the best features of this processor is that it over-clocks to 4.0 GHz easily. After reaching that much GHz at over-clocking, it gives, even more, FPS.

Bringing in the Life of the Gaming PC—Graphics Card


In this configuration, we are going to use Sapphire AMD Radeon R7 240 1 GB DDR5 graphics card. This is more powerful and effective than Nvidia GT 720. This works better than other graphics card in a variety of games today. You should always rely on AMD Radeon graphics card if you are using AMD Processor. This graphic card is compatible with this processor. In fact, they both have been designed for each other.

I would recommend you to not buy 2 GB, 4 GB DDR3 AMD R7 240. They are slower than you can even imagine. Sapphire AMD Radeon R7 240 1 GB DDR5 is the best.

Let us just read in details the key specifications of AMD Radeon R7 240 1 GB DDR5. Here we go:

 1 GB DDR5 Memory
 Core Clock – 730 MHz
 400 Watt PSU is required
 Single Fan Cooler

The Configuration #3 for Low Budget Gaming PC under $300

In our third configuration, let us build a low budget gaming PC that is slightly more powerful than usual. I mean something that can easily handle heavy games with superb ultra settings. So what are we waiting for here we go:

Getting It Right With Intel Pentium Processor


The Intel Pentium G 3258 CPU processor is ideal for those who want to enjoy heavy games on their low budget gaming PC. The processor overclocks after some time. After overlocking, the processor reaches the power of Core i3 or FX – 6300 in some really interesting gaming titles. However, you require a compatible motherboard to keep this stalwart going on throughout the game.

Motherboard GIGABYTE H81M-S1


This motherboard is ideal for non-overclocing processors. It is highly compatible with Intel Haswell G3258 processor. It supports 16 GB of RAM besides supporting PCI version 3.0. The performance of the motherboard is pretty much good if you do not want to overclock.

ASUS H81M – K Motherboard


If you are using this motherboard, then remember overclocing will require a bios update. In this case, you will require a CPU cooler. This will help in overclocking.

Cooler Master Hyper TX3 EVO Cooler is an ideal cooler in the right budget for you. It will cost you around $17.90.

Nvidia GT 730 1 GB GDDR5 Graphics Card


The performance of this graphic card is out of the world. In fact, it matches its performance with that of R7 240. Not just that, the performance of the graphics card surpasses R7 240 in some heavy gaming titles.

Note that using 2 GB and 4 GB DDR3 of GT 730 version is not recommended. They are slow and does not performance as per your requirement.

Key Specifications of Nvidia GT 730 Graphics Card

 3 Year Warranty
 1 GB GDDR5 memory
 DirectX 12 Compatible
 64 Bit, 1 GB DDR5 Memory
 954 MHz Core Clock

The Configuration # 4 for Low Budget Gaming PC under $300
Now, we are going to use AMD Fx 4300 processor and much more powerful GPU AMD 250.

Graphics Card


MSI AMD/ATI R7 250 1 GDS 1 GB GDDR5 is one of the best graphics cards at around $100. It is undoubtedly a better performer than Nvidia GT 730. Touted as one of the most powerful in the price range, the graphics card packs a punch with Core Clock of 1000 MHz. it requires 400 watts of power supply. It comes with 1 GB DDR5 Memory besides 384 stream processors. There is this PCI – E 3.0 Bus that you need connect it to the motherboard.

The Processor


The most compatible processor for this is AMD FX 4300 that packs a punch with Bulldozer architecture. It has 32 nanometers die size besides a clock speed of 3.8 GHz. Other features of the processor include AMD Turbo Care. This means that your low budget gaming PC can easily adjust to your gaming requirements depending on the performance of the game. This gives you the best performance every time you play a game.

It also overclocks the processor to give an out of the world gaming experience.

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