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Lenovo Z70: Review

Posted on Sep 1, 2016 by in Gaming, Reviews | 0 comments

Lenovo has been one of the leading computer brands in the world. It has also tried luck in cell phone manufacturing and has tasted exceptional success without any effort. The brand has made it to the winning categories of several lists and campaigns over a period of time. Its Lenovo Z70 is touted to be one of the cheapest gaming laptops in the industry with some of the best compositions a machine would ever boast at this price in the history of gaming devices.

It is loaded with the 6th generation Intel Core i5-5200U processor and 2GB Nvidia GTX-840M graphics card—making it ideal for an out of the world gaming experience. The machine is the feast for the suckers of multimedia as it prides itself with a display of 17.3 inches. One of the best things about the device is that it is not trying to go overboard with its styling, features, and compositions. It is treading the middle path without stumbling on distractions. Die hard gamers who are looking for an affordable gaming laptop should now heave a sigh of relief and rely on Lenovo Z70 for a larger than life gaming experience. However, the machine is not as great as other laptops in its league are in the market today. It is believed that the machine will soon be replaced by the next star from the Lenovo bandwagon.


Look and design

Lenovo Z70: Review

As it has already been discussed above, the best feature of the machine is its 17.3 inch screen display that just transforms you to the world of gaming literally. The display is out of the world and superb as compared to those other laptops designed keeping in mind the performance of a desktop. Just like MSI G 80 laptop, it too comes with a number pad on the far right. It resembles much to the number keyboard of a desktop. In a way, it is designed to give you a desktop like convenience all the way.

Talking about its size, its slimmer than the waistline of Paris Hilton. It weight just 6.6 pounds and measures 11.14/0.99/16.46 inches. However, despite being so light and slim, it is not really that portable at all. I couldn’t really figure out the reason behind this. But I guess its structure just don’t help you get that feeling whatsoever. There is no doubt that the machine is slimmer and lighter than the other versions of its league such as Lenovo Y70 Touch that weight around 7.5 pounds. It is got an ebony black lid that gives it a premium look like most of its other monsters.


Key features

Lenovo Z70: Review

The monster from Lenovo’s premium series Z70 17.3 inch screen performs on an i7-5500U processor. The same processor fuels its Lenovo G 50 monster. However, the Lenovo Z70 is supported by 16 GB of RAM in its heart, which is twice the RAM of Lenovo G50. This i7-5500U processor with 2.7 GHZ turbo boost up and 2.2 GHZ base speed can execute just any application tossed at its way without any difficulty. The machine faired really well on several performance tests. It scored 2.740 points on the performance test.

However, the series can face a tough competition from the sixth generation Skylake Intel Core Processor that is considered to the next big thing in the industry today in terms of processing and energy efficiency. Some of the machines already studded with the processor have already started outsmarting the existing devices.

Some Dell Inspiron versions are being studded with this sixth generation Skylake Intel Core Processor. People who are not that fond of big screens might like to skip Lenovo Z70 for machines with these sixth generation Skylake Intel Core Processors.

Graphic Card

2GB Nvidia GTX-840M graphics card gives you an out of the world gaming experience. However, not all the games are enchanting on the Lenovo Z70 whatsoever. As per experience, most old games are quite incredible on the laptop while the performance of the latest games on this machine was underwhelming. You will have to do some settings to actually that feel all the way. Small games will occupy around 37 FPS while the bigger games will occupy around 20 FPS, which, needless to say, will obviously hamper the resolution of the games, especially the bigger ones.

But yes, Lenovo Z70 is ideal for those who are not much into those flashy and fancy graphic games. If you are too one of those basic game lovers, then you should go for it without any second thought. The machine comes with an 8 GB SSS that makes it incredible when it comes to performing daily tasks. Windows 10 is pre-installed and that makes it one of them most desirable laptops of 2016.
Windows 10 is faster and ultra smooth. It can execute daily applications like they don’t exist.


Other features

Lenovo Z70: Review

Touted as the entertainment laptop, Lenovo Z70 is studded with speakers designed by the speaker giant JBL itself with Dolby audio sound. The audio quality is so magnificent that it does not break even the top volume level. However, the bass lovers might have to turn on the woofers of the machine as just crisp is not all hog for them. The demon comes with DVD burner which a lot of companies have fast started to avoid in their new versions. It does look old with that DVD burner slot but it still comes in handy when handling older files and applications. There are still a lot of people left with old data and applications.

Talking about its ports, there are two 2.0 USB ports and one 3.0 USB port. For a lot of young generation, two 3.0 USB Port will come in handy. It is slightly off-putting. There is no touch technology in its 17.3 inch display like its previous Lenovo Y70 version. However, this comes as a boon as Windows 10, which it comes pre-installed with, functions better without touch technology.

One of the most disappointing features is its keyboard which is not backlit.



With all those compositions making it look slightly scrunched, Lenovo Z70 is still a hell of a device, especially because of its price. There is no machine in this price range that can give you so many ideal features. It is an ideal gaming machine that is equipped to take on daily tasks as well.

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