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Killer Cheap Gaming Whims That Played With the Life Of Real Gamers

Posted on Oct 7, 2016 by in Gaming | 0 comments

Blood-sucking ugly zombies, aliens munching on your organs. and monsters smashing your head with stones are not really the only threats lurking around your cheap gaming whims. There is something even deadlier and more real that you the real Gerard Butlers of our times can ever imagine. So the next time when your target aims a gun at you in the game, beware because it can go through your heart and kill you in reality.

All right! This is not just anything for the heck of spicing up the story. I happened to come across a few news pieces recently that discussed the deaths of gamers due to their cheap gaming whims. And just like few of you, I too was shocked and surprised as to how can a video game take the life of few innocent gamers? Well the answer to this question lies in the modern science.

You must have noticed that a few gamers around us tend to go too deep into their cheap gaming whims. They are way more absorbed into the game than actually required. For them killing is a real business despite it being a virtual frenzy for a few hours or so. Their bodies and their heart during this frenzy acts in a particular way like they actually will in a real situation of the same intensity. And in reality, chances of having a situation of such intensity are rare and null sometimes. But it is all in your mind. When you allow your brain to take it seriously like it happening for real then even the slightest touch affects you physically.

On the top of it, the modern makers of video games are going extra miles out to come up with technologies that can put the gamers right into the battlefield. For example, the surge of virtual reality games around us. They are so real that some innocent minds might take them seriously and not be able to cope with their intensity whatsoever. There have been many instances of movies killing people in theaters. If that can happen then why cannot video games kill? In fact, if I am not wrong, video games are as good as any Hollywood action/horror flick is. The only difference is that the video games put you in the control of the entire game. That is exactly the main reason why gamers start taking the games so seriously. In the name of creativity and making video games more realistic, makers have been toying with several ideas lately. Although there has not been many games spawning sexual content, some have definitely been throwing at you without your knowledge. They are doing it so creatively that your mind does not go that way. You realize it but you do not have enough time to judge the content.

To shed more light on this reality of killer cheap gaming whims around us, I have got you a list of some of the most notorious games in modern gaming history. Remember, the tension starts when the thin line between the virtual and real starts blurring. Here we go:

One of the earliest serials killers of the gaming industry is Berzerk


Released somewhere around 1980 by Stern Electronics in Chicago, Berzerk went on to become one the most popular games of all time. And If I am not wrong here, then this is one of the earliest games of the cheap gaming history that changed the way people used to game around. Additionally, this is probably the first such a popular shooting game in the gaming history. The plot of the game was intriguing and gamers tend to go deep into the game invariably. Not just Berzerk but, I believe, it tends to happen with all the shooting games. You despite a few precautions tend to go too far into the game.

That is what happened with Berzerk. To make it sellable, makers made it so hot that not everyone could handle the heat. Berzerk is a simple game but back then in early 80s, it was way more enthralling the some of the top VR games of our times now. The protagonist in the game has to shoot his enemies navigating around maze-like buildings. The game shot to indispensable popularity with its Atari 2600 version that was later declared “best solitaire game’ ever in 2010. In fact, the villain of the game is ranked 78 on the list of best villains of all lifetime.

However, the intensity of the game earned some flak from critics of that time as well. According to media reports (some newspapers also covered the accident), a young boy named Peter Bukowski who was still in his teens died of a major heart-attack while playing Berzerk at his home. The report suggests that Peter was in some cheap gaming whims to score high when the accident happened. It is believed that Peter in his cheap gaming whim put himself on to a pressure unknowingly that even his body could not cope with. His stress levels increased beyond a certain point leading to failure of heart.

A media report following the death of Peter Bukowski attracted public attention. The report suggested that the some violent games tend to wreak havoc on minds that are not fully prepared to take in so much pressure to emerge a winner at the end. Video games affect physiological aspects of young minds. The debate was the talk of the town then and has not concluded in the convincing manner even today. It is still going out and out like Unstoppable strain with Denzel Washington behind the steering wheels. Berzerk is still as popular as it always was and no debate has been able to affect its popularity. After so many years and a slew of recognitions, the game has made an ideal entry into wall of fame now. How significant parental guidance is in this is another important debate that should be addressed aptly.

EverQuest Dubbed as the Serial Suicide Killers


All right! Psychological relationship with a PC or any other video game does not look rare to me after so many years of my relationship with games. I believe it actually depends on you and the way you handle a particular situation. It does not necessarily apply to your cheap gaming whims all the time. I have known a lot of people who just love to take it too far in a game unnecessarily while some like me know how to cope with this frenzy before it starts taking toll on your life.

Some people are not just right fit for just any game like they are not fit for a group of people due to their behavior issues. So just any game tossed at them will be a misfit and how they absorb the game is their fault not of the makers of the game. Let me bring up an instance EverQuest that as all we know is one of the most popular games ever produced by humans of the modern century.

EverQuest is a 3D fantasy game with sparkling graphics, out of the world performances by all the characters, and problems that oomphs up the flavor of the game. One of the best parts of the game is that it makes you a part of the game. You are not just someone playing and controlling the game from outside the box. Once you start playing it you are deep into the game without a doubt. Critics went on to declare it a visual feast after its release in the year 2002. It is colorfully vibrant that even comparing it with another game is like doing injustice it its glamour. Details are magnificent and art is spectacular. So if the game happens to weave its spell around a few vulnerable gamers, you do not really care about it until it takes an innocent life. That is right.

After its global release in the year 2002, EverQuest became a bestseller overnight. In a few weeks, it was like a new drug in the social circuit that had swept the youth of their feet. Critics had started comparing it with Crack and had even nicknamed it as EverCrack. It was so addictive that people would play it without any break for hours. They would not get up for even answering nature’s call. In fact, the game went on to become the biggest heart-breakers of its time because most males would spend their time playing this hell lot of a game. You will not believe this but it is true that several support groups were formed back then to rehabilitate relationships between couples because their partners were addicted to this hell lot of a game. Be it game or drug, addiction is not good at all. This old adage applies to the case of Shawn Woolley who took his EverQuest obsession too far unknowingly. The case of Shawn Woolley was the talk of the town back in 2003. Several newspapers had covered the story and had raised the debate of how much is too much for cheap gaming whims?

According to reports, Shawn Woolley was way more addicted to EverQuest than he could have ever been to Crack. His obsession with the game first got noticed by his family when he quit his full-time job just to play the game full time. This was a shocker to his family but the family could bring him back on track for whatever reasons. But one unfortunate day, the man just did not respond to the thanksgiving invitation by his family. Even after repeated contacts, his family could not get hold of Shawn. This raised the suspicion of the family and they finally decided to reach at Shawn’s home themselves.

Much to their horror, they found Shawn in a pool of blood oozing out from his temple. Shawn had ended his life by shooting himself in his head. After investigations it was revealed that Shawn was too depressed with his addiction to EverQuest, which led to his deteriorating relationship with his family and girlfriend. So to put all the misery to end he took such an extreme step. Interestingly, the game of death—EverQuest was still running when the family found him dead at his home.

Legend of Mir 3 became the Real Legend After It Killed One of Its Fans Brutally


This is one of the most unfortunate instances of how people take a video game so seriously. Not because a person got killed but because the reason got killed over such a petty issue. But let us just talk about the game first that became the new Crack for gamers in a very short span of time.

Legend of Mir 3 is a 3D game with some out of the world graphics, actions, and performances. One of the best parts of the game is its plot that keeps you hooked on the screen throughout the game. But what I personally loved about this game is its title that has been a huge rage for more than 10 years now. Legend of Mir 3 is one of the most popular games in China and South Korea.

The action scenes of the game are mind blowing. You can have your character specific abilities to wage a war against your enemies in the game. You can play the solo and group versions with all the special characters intact. The game allows you to play in different key characters with a variety of superpowers and weapons. You can play as a warrior with a large sword that can slash even Hulks in undergarments, a rogue character with dual daggers just like the King of Persia, and, my favorite, you can play as the magical character that makes most of his magical powers to wreak havoc in the life of his enemies.

Legend of Mir 3 is one of its kind video game with a variety in its gaming plot. The characters are vivid and packed with special powers to give an edge over other players in the game. Fluid action combat feature of the game makes it a hell lot of game. It is the reason why people from around the world are more gaga over this than the Lady Gaga herself. This feature allows you as a player to activate distinctive powers to just ruin your enemies to rubbles. You earn combo points along to deal with such a massive damage in the game.

How many of you like watching those old eastern Kung Fu action movies? Well I do and the flavor of this type of entertainment is never going to end for me. But unfortunately there are not many games in the industry that have these eastern flavors this vibrantly. Taking this apathy into account, the makers of Legend of Mir 3 dished out something spiced up with Chinese spices and addictive Ajinomoto. The game is loaded with those gravity defying kung fu actions. However, the best part is the ambiance that is soaked into Easter world. It is like watching a Chinese action movie like never before. The clothes, their moves, and other details are mind blowing that make you like you are watching movies. The details are spectacular and keep you engaged.

For all these qualities that we have just mentioned, the game was more popular than you can even imagine. This cheap gaming whim started taking toll on people’s lives after some. Critics also gave it a thumbs-up for its intriguing plot, actions, and other mechanisms. However, they did not shy away from calling it a hell lot of addictive back then. The gravity of its addictiveness came to light a man stabbed to death his good friend and Legend of Mir 3 cheap gaming partner.

It all happened in the year 2005 when two good friends namely Qiu Chengwei and Zhu Caoyuan went on to create history in the gaming industry. They won a Dragon Sabre sword in Legend of Mir 3 after a pursuit of so many years. However, the things turned ugly when Zhu decided to sell this hard-earned sword on eBay without taking any permission from Qiu. This fetched around 900 USD to Zhu but, needless to say, this did not go down too well with Qiu who was still fuming by this act of his friend. The two could not come to any particular agreement the disbursal of the payment and in frustration Qiu stabbed his friend Zhu while he was fast asleep one night.

The incident raised the debate of intensity that some cheap gaming experiences throw around. It was just a Dragon Sabre sword and that too virtual. I agree the sword was expensive but it could not be more expensive than the life of a human. These guys were probably too much into the game that they forgot the real exists out of that stupid box. Qiu has been sentenced a life imprisonment. It is believed that this guy will be out on parole in the year 2020.

World of Warcraft was Once Responsible for Murder of a Child


I don’t seriously understand why but yes some of the best massive multiplayer online role playing games or MMORPG as they are generally known, have this tendency to create psychopaths out of normal humans. But not all people fall prey to the world of fantasy of these cheap gaming industries. Only a few vulnerable people fall prey to it and God knows what is it that makes them blind in both eyes?

Packed with some out of the world actions scenes, lifelike sparkling graphics, and a plot to die for, World of Warcraft spoiled many people with its extravaganza. The game went on to become so popular in its heydays that people had to literally be thrown into rehabilitation centers to be back on their normal lives. At the time when the public was demanding rehabilitation from substance abuse, there was a particular group yelling their guts for rehabilitation centers for people addicted to World of Warcraft. What helps this game stand out from the crowd is its meaningful quests. The action scenes of the game deserve a special mention here. They are just spectacular and keep you hooked throughout the gaming plot that lasts for a couple of weeks.

So if the game is so engaging, then a few vulnerable people in the world are likely to get their lives affected by it understandably. It happens everywhere. I mean every good thing has an adverse effect on something or another. This is what happened to this case that I am going to narrate you right here.

This is the story of Rebecca Colleen Christie who was so obsessed with World of Warcraft that she spent all her days and night playing it. The world around just did not exist. She literally forgot that she had a family and someone very innocent to look after—her three-year-old daughter. We have heard of stories many time when people just do not buzz their asses around to answer even nature’s call but this story of Rebecca Colleen Christie took the deadly frenzy to a horrific level without a doubt.

Rebecca got so addictive to playing World of Warcraft on her PC that she did not feed her three year old daughter for a hell lot of long hours. According to the Police who arrested on the charges of a murder, she was deep into the game for more than 15 hours non-stop. Finally, she got up to check on her daughter who was just not responding. She called up 911 urgently and by time helped arrived. Her three year old innocent daughter had succumbed to the killer cheap gaming whims of her mother. Rebecca has been sentenced to 25 years in prison by the law.

In a bid to entertain people, the gaming industry is dishing out the best in class cheap gaming whims regularly. It is up to gamers to not breach the thin line between virtual and reality.

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