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How to Install same app twice on Android?

Posted on Aug 26, 2016 by in Android, App, Gaming, How to, Smartphones, Tech, Tips and Tricks | 0 comments

How to install same app twice on android

Many people like to install same app twice like a dual sim mobile. Users like to use two Facebook, WhatsApp and Gmail accounts and other similar apps to maintain dual identities or to separate work life from personal life. How irritating it is to receive emails, phone calls on Sundays or festival days. You have no option but to take the call when everyone around you is enjoying, and you are discussing work . At the same time, you cannot disconnect your emails or mobile since you don’t know when you get urgent calls from your loved ones. Now you cannot disconnect even you want to.

For this reason, many people had more than two accounts one for work and other for personal. They log into app with an account they need the most and login to other account in their browser. Everyone knows how difficult to use a browser on the smartphone especially if the sites are not mobile friendly. I used this method for all the possible sites like Gmail, Facebook, Twitter and others to use in my mobile. Except for WhatsApp because we cannot use it on a mobile browser and need to rely on the third-party apps. These third-pary apps are not as secure as WhatsApp and may steal our private data.

Under such circumstances, I found a new app that relieves all the pain in logging to the favorite websites in Chrome browser which is such a pain in the arse especially to use Facebook. This app is a privacy saver for WhatsApp who know what the third party developers had installed in the app. Parallel Space is the app that I am talking about which barely uses 8 MB to install but can clone any app on your Android mobile.

Parallel Space to Install same app twice:

How to install same app twice on android

What is Parallel Space?

Parallel Space is an Android app that is available in play store which the Market Place for Android Device. It is a used to install same app twice on Android devices to run the same app twice on your device. It is a free Android app that uses 8 MB to install but takes memory as a normal app when you install. For example, if Facebook consumes 100 MB in your Android device then when you install Facebook in Parallel Space it also consumes 100 MB more or less. It is easy to use stable Android cloning App.

With Parallel space users can not only install social networking apps, but also gaming apps like Clash of Clans, Pokemon Go etc.

How to use Parallel Space?

Parallel space is a simple app, if you know how to use an Android device then you can use it with ease. Here are the steps on how to install and use Parallel space.

Step 1: Go to the Play Store, search for Parallel Space and once you find the app check the developer’s name “LBE Tech” or click here.

Step 2: Once you install the app it may ask you to provide necessary Permission. Check them and provide access to them.

Step 3: Now it will show you major social networking on your mobile to install on Parallel Space.

Step 4: That’s it when you click on an app you need it will Install. Now you have installed same app twice on Android. Now you need to set all the settings of the app and use it as if a regular app.

User Interface of Parallel Space:

The interface of Parallel Space is very simple one; it will provide a 9×9 box where apps installed in each block that you accepted. There will also be adds in the boxes which you need to be careful, you may tap them unwillingly.

On the bottom of the app, there are two options one with access to see the apps on your mobile that can clone to Parallel Space. The other is an incognito mode with which users can install and use the app with more privacy.

On the top right of the App, there are again two options one to clean the parallel space app which works like any other cleaner app in Android, but this one cleans the Parallel Space. In the other option you will be provided with features like Notifications to view notifications of Parallel Space, Password to lock the clone apps in it, Task Manager provides you with the apps in it and space they are occupying in your device, Storage is similar to Task Manager but with in-depth analysis of apps.

There are many other similar cloning apps like 2Accounts, Multi-Accounts, App Cloner, and CM Cloner. However, they are not as good as Parallel Space in the interface, usage or crashes. Parallel Space with installations of more than 40 Million+ is the best app to install same app twice in Android.

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