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How to setup customized caller tunes in Indian Networks

Posted on Aug 8, 2016 by in How to, Smartphones, Tips and Tricks | 0 comments

caller tunes for indian networks

Tring tring Hello! I am Bhanu, how boring is it to listen every time to the same sound ever since the inception of the telephone by Graham Bell in 1876 when your great grandfather was a boy. Why not have a caller tune to entertain your caller?

Caller tunes are a great way to make your call more fun and enjoyable. You can select a broad range of tunes to your caller tune from Old classic songs to the latest rock songs in many languages, devotional songs, status, humor tunes and name tunes. Every mobile network had their caller tune setting and operations. You do not need to own a high-end mobile to set a caller tune all you will need a good mobile network.

caller tunes for indian networks

Setting a caller tune had never been so accessible with the advent of Internet everything is available at your fingertips. Previously users need to know a code to set a particular song or when someone you call had an interesting caller tune, and you can choose to set the same for your mobile. If not both you need to go through the hassle of customer care for a long time to get your favorite song as your caller tune.

No more you need to waste your time, now users can directly search in Google for the network and their caller tunes codes to set to your mobile.

Many networks provide you with the option to set the caller tune directly from the website by verifying your mobile number. You can also select for specific numbers to set a caller tune like particular caller tune for your family, friend.

In this article, I am going to deliver you with major telecoms sites where you can find your desired caller tunes.

How to setup custom caller tunes in Indian Networks


Idea is a major telecom network in India, and it had a good range of caller tunes with Bollywood and devotional songs, humor tunes, status tunes and Name tunes.

To go to the website where you can find all the caller tunes related information Click Here.

You can find a variety of categories to search for caller tunes, on the right sidebar you can search for a particular song, album or artist to find your favorite song. You can also search for your name to get different options of dialer tunes with your name.


Vodafone is also having different types of caller tunes with latest Bollywood songs, International hits, devotional, Name and profile tunes with different languages and categories.

To go to the Vodafone caller tune website, Click Here.

Vodafone provides caller tune code and also option to set it directly from the website without any trouble by just verifying your number with an OTP.


Airtel is India’s largest telecom company with 300+ million subscribers. It also had a wide category of caller tunes with many regional and international tunes.

To go to the Airtel caller tune site, Click Here.

You can search for your preferred song or name songs on the right sidebar. Users can share the songs with friends over Facebook and gift to you loved ones which are a unique.

Tata DoCoMo:

Tata DoCoMo had fewer categories to select a caller tune of your like but it had a good enough collection with latest, devotional, regional and International songs. Users can listen to them and select their favorite.

To go to Tata DoCoMo caller tune site, Click Here.

DoCoMo also had the option to share to Facebook and gift it to someone you like.


Aircel is the 5th largest telecom network in India with a significant user base in Tamil Nadu. It had an excellent collection of caller tunes maintaining along with major players.

To go to the Aircel caller tune site, Click Here.


Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited for short BSNL, the government owned telecom company. BSNL is also upgrading its services and websites to maintain the competition with private players. BSNL had good enough collection for its users to set their chosen caller tunes.

To go to the website of BSNL for caller tunes, Click Here.

Caller tunes are a great way to make your callers a bit free when they are in a hurry, a smile when they hear your funny caller tunes. These are the best Indian networks that maintain an excellent collection and options of their caller tune services on their websites.

What network do use in your mobile? Do they have good options to choose a caller tune? Please use our comment section to reply.

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