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How to Quickly Unlock Tracfone Mobile Phones ?

Posted on Aug 23, 2016 by in Technology | 0 comments

how to unlock tracfone

Stuck with a Tracfone and can’t figure out how to unlock it ?

Well, a lot of phones come locked, meaning that they can only work with a specified operator. On one hand, it might be profitable for the smartphone maker and the operator brands, but for the end user, this can be a big problem.

Because there are some smartphones which are really good in features and specifications but are locked to be used with a single operator only – one such smartphone is Tracfone. In this post, I’ll show how you can unlock your smartphone by just following some simple steps.

Easy steps to unlock your tracfone

how to unlock tracfone

Motorola Moto E Android Prepaid Phone with Triple Minutes (Tracfone)

#1. The first thing that you need to do is to obtain your unlock code from TracFone. This can be done by contacting their service department @ 1800-867-7183. The ideal time is anytime between 8 AM to 12 Mn ( days are not specified, but it would be ideal to pick up weekdays ).

#2. Once you connect to the service representative, you require them to give you an unlock code. Ask the representative that you need unlock code for your smartphone. When it comes down to TracFone, they are a prepaid service provider, hence it won’t be hard task to request a code, and also they will ask for your prepaid account to be active before issuing an unlock code.

#3. The representative would tell you a piece of code. These codes can be around 10-15 digit combinations making them hard to remember, so it is advisable that you write them down.

#4. Now, after doing this, get one sim card from some other network. Any sim card can work, no matter if it is international or local, it only needs to be read by your smartphone

 #5. This step requires taking off the sim card for which you would have to switch the phone off and then remove the sim card from it this can be done by taking it out from where it sits in its slot. Make sure you remove the back cover properly so that it doesn’t gets broken.

#6. Now remove the SIM of TracFone and replace it with the card that you’ve got from the other network. You would also need to switch off your cellphone and switch it on again ance you are done.

#7. Once your phone has finished loading, you would be facing a different screen as compared to the usual home screen. You would be seeing to a message that displays that your phone first needs to be unlocked in order to use it.

#8. You must have noted down that code from the steps above, it is in this step that you have to use it. Enter down that code from your phone’s keypad and press the okay button to unlock.

 #9. One confirmation message would then appear on your phone that would notify that your combination has been accepted ( if it was right ) and you can the use the phone with other networks as well.
Conclusion – So, this is how you unlock your TracFone and use it with other networks as well.

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