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How to improve gaming performance of Spartans on your laptop?

Posted on Aug 26, 2016 by in Gaming, How to, Technology | 0 comments

All right! For the Spartans of gaming world, desktops have always been the most preferred battlegrounds when it comes to just some mean hardcore performance. Laptops are popular for their portability as no gaming monster loves to get tied down to a particular place for a long time. Desktops are not ideal for nomad gamers who keep seeking for a multiplayer thrill. So if you want to enjoy a game with your friends as everyone loves to then without any single doubt a gaming laptop is the magic wand of Harry Potter.

Upgrading a gaming laptop is not a cake walk though. It might feel like working with Iron Man in his tech lab to enhance software you’ve got in your laptop to boost its performance. However, relying on some software enhancements is a sort of restriction for those looking for some affordable alternatives. So to help you out in a fight with these so called gaming zombies, we have got you a range of affordable tools and tips that can boost performance of your gaming laptop. Here we go:

Installing the latest monsters called drivers

How to improve gaming performance of Spartans on your laptop?

The old debate around installing new drivers to boost gaming performance is still alive like creatures from Living Deads. And the truth is that installing just any driver does not help. To give the real boost to the performance of your gaming laptop, you should try installing a driver that can actually help. For example, installing a brand new driver for Ethernet controller is not going to do anything to the performance of your gaming laptop.

You should rather try installing video card drivers for better gaming performance on your laptop. And the leading graphic manufacturers Nvidia and ATI are in constant competition for dominance in the industry. To claim supremacy over one another, they keep releasing driver updates for better gaming performance. Keep a tab on these new driver updates to actually improve the performance of your gaming laptop.

The idea is to load your quiver with the latest weapons to win a war against the poor performance of a laptop for gaming. If you have the latest drivers installed, you can easily boost the performance by up to 20% without any effort whatsoever.

Over-clocking the GPU time machine

How to improve gaming performance of Spartans on your laptop?

Desktops are better than laptops when it comes to over-clocking. You can’t over-clock a CPU as this is not defined in the BIOS system. GPU over-clocking is, however, possible in some laptop models.

The leading gaming card manufacturers Nvidia and ATI now offer utilities in their in-built software compartment for over-clocking. You are required to take into consideration its two important settings—core clock and memory clock. Core clock is essentially the speed of the processing cores on GPU and, on the other hand, memory clock is the speed of the memory to buffer video data. Both of these have their own strength to handle over-clocking. So you got to find out the one that is more suitable and stable. Be patient and just don’t try to jump to over-clocking by 20% from the beginning.

Over-clocking by 5% is ideal for beginners

How to improve gaming performance of Spartans on your laptop?

You can even change the speed of the fan if it complements the GPU. There is no harm in increasing the speed of the fan if you have the setting controls in your hands. There is no doubt that extra speed in the functioning of the fan will cause noise. However, extra cooling at the same time will allow higher over-clocking.

The power supply mystery

How to improve gaming performance of Spartans on your laptop?

Laptops are designed to work without a direct power supply. That is quite opposite to desktops that are always connected to the power source or supply. Hence, both the machines have different power settings and power management is one of the most important deals here. In desktops, you are only required to just set the Windows power management to high performance and you are done. However, things are totally different in laptops because presets keep dwindling back and forth in them.

It means that a laptop may sometime switch automatically to power conservation mode and does not switch back when it is required to do so. There are times when you have changed the settings yourself and have forgotten to turn them back on. Whatever the case be, you must ensure that your laptop is using high performance while you are playing games on it.

The best thing is that some latest laptops have features of switchable graphics. This means that your laptop will automatically switch to high performance through discrete laptop GPU when required and will turn off high performance mode when not in use. If you are laptop is not performing the way it should then you must check your GPU settings. Turn on the switchable graphics.

Shut down the demons in the background

How to improve gaming performance of Spartans on your laptop?

It happens a lot. We do a lot of things on our laptop and forget to shut down the applications we had opened recently. It simply slows down the performance of your gaming laptop. Remember that laptops are weaker than desktops and hence playing while your applications are opened on them will only slow down your games. Ideally, you should not have any applications opened in the background even if you are playing on desktops.

Desktops are powerful but what is the point in running applications that have no use. Applications that are just slowing down your system. You can manually shut down the applications in the background on your laptop or you can use Game Booster 2 program. The program has a gaming mode button that allows you to shut all the applications and programs that can slow down your performance.

There is no way you can think of changing CPU and GPU of your laptops. So to improve the gaming performance of your laptop, you are required to rely on the tips shared above. These tips if applied correctly can increase the speed of your gaming laptop immediately. We advise you to follow the instruction carefully

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