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How to buy a perfect gaming laptop zombie?

Posted on Sep 9, 2016 by in How to | 0 comments

All right! With so many powerful games on the block, only a gaming laptop designed for Hulk can bust the heads of the targets, wreaking havoc in America. The notebooks you normally use to run applications to find soul mates in some kingdom of Akator are no match for the power hungry guzzlers strapped in those strong gaming devices.

The growing obsession of gaming has flagged off a revolutionary trend of deadlier-than-a-nuclear-bomb gaming devices. They are fast, brutal, and, more importantly, skilled at what they do best. But you need the one that matches with your obsession. Here is the guide to choose the best gaming rig for all those gaming Zombies. Bingo!

 Portability: Don’t pack weapons designed for Hulks


One of the most common mistakes that most gamers tend to commit is getting totally hooked to a machine’s key compositions. Well, that’s totally understandable considering how important performance of a rig is during a game. But that does not mean you will pack a Hulk in your school bag.

Weight is as important as the performance of your gaming laptop is. And let me spill the secret of the chambers. All high performing aliens are heavier than the green monster himself. However, you can choose something in-between high performers and the lightest of all rigs.

Medium portability rigs are generally 15-inch machines. They are not as light as a feather floating in the air like Razor Blades and Aorus X3 Plus V3. But you can still carry them around without any difficulty whatsoever. 17 inchers are like alligators with their mouths open for power all the time. They don’t buzz an inch even if you want to. Alienware 17 is something for those who admire weight with performance.

Graphics: It shouldn’t be slow as a zombie


If the processor of your rig is a brain, then the graphic card is the heart pumping out all the blood through the veins. It is responsible for delivering all the images on the display that enthrall you throughout. As a variety of powerful modern games are emerging daily on the shelves, it is important to choose GPU that comes with its video memory or VRAM.

The more the merrier theory applies when it comes to choosing an ideal GPU. A bigger GPU obviously performs better. However, a 4 K GPU is not bad either. It is a hell of a performer with no issues during the game whatsoever baby.

Opt for a 960 M GTX GeForce Nvidia GPU card for all the latest heavy games. For the rest 950 M GTX GeForce Nvidia GPU is perfect. 970 M and 980 M GTX GeForce Nvidia GPU cards are designed for control hulks. Interestingly, there are laptops that are loaded with a configuration to run two different GPU simultaneously. They run on laptops SLI configuration. So they are also called SLIs.

 Display: Look does matter

how to choose your gaming laptop

You know what a GPU strapped somewhere inside the deck of the rig works in tandem with its display. So, buddies, it is important to focus a little bit on the features of the display as well. Do not just depend on GPUs all the time. Choose a rig that has a standard 1920 X 1080 resolution. Anything less than that goes well only for chip and dales on trees.

It has been seen that most gamers choose touch screen displays for the heck of it. Guys! Analyze what you really want from a rig first—a gaming experience or a moonlight dinner in the desert of Arabia. Touch screens are unnecessarily for gamers. You can rather think of buying a rig with V-sync or G-sync technologies. These latest technologies don’t let the image tear into pieces. There is no difference between G-sync and v-sync. They are both the same.

Audio: The planet of the apes should know we are playing


A gaming device is nothing without a good audio quality. It is as important as visuals or can you just imagine killing those stupid targets without listening to their cries for help. I can’t. Seriously. There is just no fun in it whatsoever. You know what you must be thinking—we got headphones to take care of the sound thing.

But you can’t just wear it all the time. There must be times when your ears just stressed out of it and you want to on the laptop’s original sound. What do you do then?

Choose a rig that comes with the stalwart Nahimic audio software or Dell audio Software. Dolby Home Theater v4 is equally powerful.

Keyboard: Get a pair of hand of stones

Advising you on choosing a right keyboard for a laptop is slightly tricky considering people have their own choices and what works for me does not necessarily mean works for someone else. So I firmly believe that to choose a real mean keyboard, you should look beyond its looks and design and instead look for the real things like key travel, accuracy, the softness of the keys etc.

Try to find if your fingers are comfortable on the keyboard or not. These things will take you a long way into gaming. Trust me!

RAM: the real daddy of gaming


The speed of your monster actually depends on your RAM. With a number of powerful games foraying into the industry, it has become even more important to have RAM that can run faster than light. But that for only powerful games. A lot of people are often tricked into buying more RAM than they actually require.

Standard 8 GB is enough for all types of gaming. 16 is the daddy that comes with a few extra bucks.

Heat: Cool rigs are hot


Heat management should never be looked down. Powerful games turn your machines into burning furnace that can roast your crotch forever. Hence, invest in a machine that has some of the best compositions to keep the monster cool for long. Generally, large machines are better equipped to handle the heat.

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