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Hitman Episode 4: Bangkok Review

Posted on Aug 23, 2016 by in Gaming, Reviews | 0 comments


Do you know the reason why most hotels are the backdrop of spine-chilling action-packed games? Because they are brimming with countless props in there that not even Hollywood Godzillas can think of destroying in one go. There are living spaces larger than those designed to accommodate King Kongs and basements darker than the plots of a Christopher Nolan movie. They are all squeezed into an interesting gameplay magic spells that nobody can come out of instantly.

Hitman Episode 4 is trying to take the thrill quotient of the game a bit further by pitching it entirely on the hotel phenomenon. But as no American action thriller is complete without a dash of Chinese Ajinomoto, Hitman Episode 4 is also unnecessarily set in Bangkok. It reminded me of Wolverine who headed out to try luck in kung fu and Chinese women.

The Plot


This time, Hitman is in Bangkok to slaughter his two targets who have attacked a luxury resort called the Himmapan. Sounds like a Chinese version of pancakes. Doesn’t it? However, the installment in the Hitman series comes as a disappointment to those who love to gorge themselves on real bloody stuff. Traditional dramatic action games are passé now. The generation growing up watching Dead Pool is demanding stuff with real meat and gore, which Hitman lacks completely. In fact, I personally think that gamers would have enjoyed it more with some real Chinese hotel ambiance. You know those low ceilings and packed narrow halls, something that gives a cramped and seductive feel of a hotel.

The problem

The story of Hitman Episode 4: Bangkok should have been set in some traditional luxury Chinese hotel or may be in some Hungarian hotel like those featured earlier in unforgettable Hitman:Codename 47/ Hitman Contracts mission ‘Traditions of the Trade. Honestly speaking, the Himmapan does not really look like a huge hotel that can accommodate bars, lounges, and lobbies. As you go further into the game, you slowly start realizing that there are more gunmen than suites in the hotel.

The Best Part


Despite a few roadblocks in the Himmapan, Hitman Episode 4: Bangkok is still a better stew than previous installment—Episode 3. Episode 3’s Sapienza was huge and kept the nerves racing. On the other hand, the Himmapan is an interesting cage to explore from all aspects. There is a thrilling experience everywhere, from the lobby to the penthouse. One of the most interesting parts of the plot is its targets who by far are the most respected criminals in the Hitman series. A singer with a hidden talent of killing and evading the law, then there is a lawyer who helps him do that.

There is no doubt that Code 47 knows more ways to break a bone and kill than Vinci knows ways to break codes. So without any surprise whatsoever, we all know that Hitman can kill them easily in some an innovative way anytime. But these innovative ways are increasingly becoming very repetitive now. There is no excitement at all to see this all in Episode 4: Bangkok again. It is like we are watching the same scene all over again. You do not really feel for a goat when it is being slaughtered at a butcher house. Why? Because you have seen it many times in your life. The same theory applies to the Hitman Episode 4: Bangkok. You do not really feel for those most rewarding targets.

Yeah. But still, there is a huge scope for loads of twists and turns in this gory tale of a bald stone-like hero trained only to kill. One of the most memorable moments in this series is the celebration of singer Jordan Cross’    birthday party. The drop-dead gorgeous singer is celebrating his 27th birthday, which is undoubtedly the wildest age for a popular rock star anywhere.

Bugs in Sound


There are more bugs in the sound of the game than in all the creature movies Steven Spielberg has ever made. Seriously, there are more than glitches in sound than the previous installment. A few words that you can’t even figure out what they are. Some dialogues are repeating without any purpose whatsoever. A small conversation between the Hitman and concierge employee starts repeating itself all of a sudden.

The Accent

The accent is out of place all the time, which needless to say comes as a big disappointment. There are moments where one might feel like talking to the king of the kingdom of apes. However, most of the crowd in the Hitman Episode 4: Bangkok include either tourists or people in a US rock band entourage, recording team, or private security. There is no point of explaining the prevalence of American and British English accent by giving a small context. The context does not prove a point at all. It is just unnecessary to the plot of the game.

 The verdict


Despite a number of roadblocks in the Hitman Episode 4: Bangkok, the game is still worth giving a try due to some exciting plots that keep you glued to the screen every moment. The story gets back on to a fast and thrilling track after a somewhat tasteless Marrakesh stupidity in the previous install of the Hit man game series.  There is no doubt that the Himmapan is not as spacious and palatial as Sapienza of Episode 3 but it is still a mysterious chamber of secrets that exudes mayhem in every level. Its mystery keeps you on toes all the while. There is hardly any moment in the game where you will like to pause for a while for yawns and pee.

I was not really happy with the Himmapan because I was curious to see a classic Hitman hotel as in its previous installments. Or maybe something like a traditional luxury Chinese hotel would have pulled the strings of my curiosity a bit. But the Himmapan did not disappoint me with its intrigue in any level.


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