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Ghostbusters PC Game Review

Posted on Aug 12, 2016 by in Gaming, Reviews | 0 comments



Paul Feig, who directed the Ghostbusters film, himself admitted that the negativity that they got on the launch might have gave them a plus point in the long run. He also spoke that there is no such thing like bad publicity, at least for the multi million dollar movie franchisees, it isn’t !

The game has been developed by Fireforge, activision is its publisher. The game is available on PS4, Xbox one and computer, and we tried it only pc.. and isn’t this just a little sad !

The game has a sort of tie in the game which proves to be lucky and provokes some kind of strong feelings. The game is merely competent to avoid being called totally unplayable, although it lacks any sort of substance or you can say originality ( that might have made it a worth playing game ). You can also imagine through their lack of promotion, that this is worst as compared to its counterpart.

The game is light stuff, is inoffensive, has no soul, and also has no respect for the source. Before reading this review, you might have guessed that the games that have ties with the movies rarely get diligence from the huge franchises. The game has been produced very cheaply and is quite ineffective in capturing the magic and feel of the source. The game is obviously cheap but somewhere inside me I wish I could hate it more as to write something even spicier about it.

It may be due to their financial or licensing issues that rather than anything subtle, you can’t play as the actual 4 heroines of film that got released in 2016. Instead of that, all you are allowed to play with are four total newbies who aren’t named actually. If like me, you are playing alone all by yourself, you would see that the other characters are quite loosely controlled from the AI, they also shout lazy puns and also banter in each other’s way and that too in regular intervals. If you go through the tutorial, the first thing you would like to do is to turn off the dialogues completely. Also, the game has one very irritating habit. Every time you catch a ghost, the game would shout you four instructions. They tell how you can stop them from getting away, trap them, slam them along with their irritating and tenacious buttons on the screen.

Every of their main character has a different sort of primary weapon. Twink carries a rifle, Sassy has got dual pistols, Bear carries a big gatling gun and the fourth one has a shotgun. But you know, all of these have a very slight difference in their rate of fire. Apart from this, each character has also one bonus unique grenade that comes with an AOE effect. It is basically a slime that you can use to slow down your enemies.

To demonstrate what it does, here is an example. The flashing grenade makes your enemies temporarily go blind and stuns them. But at last these are capable of doing very little change and don’t matter much unless you use them carefully.

Apart from shooting ghosts and catching them, you also have with yourself a scanner that would reveal you the hidden XP or the health. But if you use this, it will reduce your walking pace even further. This means that you won’t be able to go far out of your way to discover any secrets from the first level itself. The game is very very easy and there is nothing like you will ever wipe, and even if you do, there are tons of checkpoints which are more than enough to help you get back up. Maps are way long and there muddles of frequently repeating assets.

Conclusion – Overall, the game plays fine and has got all the settings that one can expect. The game has got all sorts of proton packs, cars and the undead which looks cartoonish. Apart from this, it is all empty. The whole busting thing won’t make you feel good neither bad, to be true, it won’t make you feel anything.

Have you tried this game ? Let me know how you felt in the comments below.

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