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Free Slot for Android Phone —The Real Blood for Gaming Zombies

Posted on Oct 23, 2016 by in Gaming | 0 comments

The frenzy around free slot for android phone seems to have taken a very interesting wrong turn recently. This does not mean that it too has been infested with zombie-like-cannibals gorging innovatively on human organs. The makers have decided to tread on the modern path. Just like any other gaming app, there is an outbreak of some of the best free slots on android phone.

That gives us the signal to the new beginning. All the young brewing blood soaked in the flurry of vampire games can now heave a sigh of relief. There is another revolution on the block to tickle your gaming taste buds. It does not only enthrall you with its morphine-like-addiction but also turns you into coin vending zombie. So do not just play but also make some extra booty. Free slot for android phone is not entirely a gaming experience. For some smart Einsteins, it is there bread, butter, pizza, cheese, and tofu, and so on. These free online slot s for android phone s give you a chance to become a millionaire overnight. Some slot maniacs have even given up on their full-time IT jobs to just do slotting around.

So who wants to be a millionaire? We have compiled a list of some of the best free slot for android phone right here.

Riding High on Super Big Win Buffalo Gold


All right! So you are a big die-hard fan of slots, then I am sure you know the saga of Buffalo incarnations. It has entertained us in many forms but the one that hangs still in our memories is the Gold Slot. It comes in iconic wild multipliers, a giant, and classic version. All the versions of the Gold Slot have scatters on reels.

So what really are the scatters here, huh? Okay. Scatters in slots are referred to gold coins. They help you earn free spins if you have 2 or 3 of them with you. The classic version is outdated and lets you win free spins round while the Gold Edition is slightly more lucrative. You get extra bonuses. Collecting Gold Buffalo helps you win the jackpot. The collections turn out to be symbols that lead you to the jackpot symbol in exchange of remaining free spins.

On this free slot for android phone, wagers are pretty low while the jackpot amount is mind boggling. There are a variety of symbols in the slot game. Most of these symbols are connected natural wildlife of rural America. I mean it is so fun. You feel like Dr. Langdon on the prowl of Leonardo’s descendants and breaking the Da Vinci codes. Besides, this slot is very cheap to play.

For those who are new to the slot may find a few games repetitive. However, there is a surprise element in every game. In a way, they are all unique and offer an out-of-the-world gaming experience to its fans.

Big Money Cheese Caper


Those who love slots know that there are not many games in the world that cater to our funny bones. Yes. That is true but not completely. Big Money Cheese Caper is a fun comedy online slot gaming experience that allows you to relax and bet. It combines both fun and betting altogether. The combination is slightly rare. The protagonist of this free slot for android phone is a mouse that just revolutionizes your world of gaming.

One of the best features of this slot is that it brings a smile on your face whenever you play it. The credit seriously goes to its out-of-the-box sound effects that leave you crying with joy. There are plenty of reel symbol animations and stalking options for you in the game. Bringing a smile on the players’ faces is the biggest achievements for the makers. It does not really happen all the time when you are playing slots. You are always tensed and going through a tough time making strategies to beat the booty.

Another best feature of playing this free online slot for android is that it gives a variety of bonuses. These bonuses help you have an edge over the slots. They keep your money bags always full. The secret is that you really do not know in the game as to how much bonus you can win. You got to play the bonus to know it. It is a great trick to keep you hooked into the game for long.

Having a Roller Coaster Ride with Big Bang Theory


So this free slot for android phone is as hit as Big Bang Theory TV series. The game seems to have done total justice to its name. Big Bang Theory is regarded as one of the most popular slots in the world today. Slightly expensive for slotting fans, the fun though is all worth it. Not just that, the maximum limit of betting is around $6,000. This means you can win a big fortune if your luck has it in store for you.

Considering the fact that you can play four slots at one time, this is not really that expensive. For me, only the name is enough to to get me drawn to it. I am a big fan of the TV series and the makers hit the bull’s eye with that title. When for the first time, I tried playing Big Bang Theory. It looked somewhat very expensive and confusing. Over a period of time, I realized the importance of 4 slots. Talking about confusion, the gameplay tends to unfold as you spend or gain some experience in the game. Once you are over the dizzy clouds of the game, you are in it and ready to win the jackpot.

There are scatter symbols on reels 2, 3, and 4. These are used to trigger your wheel bonuses. Once you have the wheel bonus triggered, then you can opt for one special feature out of 4. You can also opt for bonus credits.

Another best feature of this free slot for android phone is that it dual linked. This suggests that you can play this slot with your android. You can even chat while still playing the game. This is an out-of-the-world experience for all the slot gaming fans across the world.

The Dark Knight Rises Again with Batman Slot


Batman is my hot favorite and anything that revolves around him is my poison. So when I first heard about Batman Slot I was over the moon. Coincidently, I happen to be one of the greatest fans of an online free slot for android phone as well. It was like a cocktail of sorts while playing Batman Slot in full frenzy.

Batman Slot was out of gaming platform for a while. However, the makers decided to bring him back on the screen with a dash of surprise. The new version of the slot gaming is full of new features. Critics have gone on to call it one of the funniest gaming slots on the block right now. Did you just say funny?


Yes. This is one of the funniest gaming slots around with the Gotham crusader. However, this is not funny in a bad way. There are a few clips from the 70s with horrifying acting skills. The acting skills in the game are poorer than the acting skills of zombies in Resident Evil series. Apart from that, this free slot for android phone is highly immersive. The audio effects are out-of-the-world. You enjoy every bit of the game without having to worry about your strategies. In fact, players can play this game with their friends. A slot gaming experience can never get better than that.

You earn a bonus wheel while spinning 3 scatter symbols. This leads you to have either bonus credits or one of the 4 bonus games. These four bonus games include free spins, a random climbing game, picking games, and joker free spins. That is just not it. There are several hidden features in the game, prompting you to slip into the boots of Sherlock Holmes. You have to keep an eye of an eagle to not miss any opportunity.

The best thing about Batman Slot is that it allows you have adjustable wagers. The more you wager, chances of winning big booty are higher.

Making Money with Avatar Slot


Avatar is the highest grosser movie of all time in the world. And James Cameron does not seem to have got enough of the movie even after that. The man behind the blockbusters like Terminator series and Titanic went on to release the online slot versions of his movies. After Titanic Slot, the stalwart has given rights of Avatar Slot. It seems like Cameron is also addicted to slot games. With that said, you can imagine the popularity around slot games. Even some of the biggest names from the Hollywood industries are not spared by the frenzy.

So talking about the mind-blowing Avatar Slot, it has 5 pay lines besides more than 5 reels. Just like Titanic Slot, this gaming slot also has a variety of features. However, it is a high variance slot. Titanic was slightly different from that. The mechanism of Avatar Slot is quite similar to that of Titanic. It comes with loads of free spins, playability, and adjustable wagers.

One of the best features about Avatar Slot is that it comes with a host of new features. There is one feature that helps you analyze your progress in the game while you unlock other features. At the time of cashing out, Avatar Slot prints 2 tickets for you. One for your cash amount and another for telling where you are next time you insert a coin in cash slot.

Arrow Boost Multiplier is the best bet for all the slot-gaming zombies on the block. The move helps you multiply your winning combinations. Despite the fact that it is a high variance slot, it allows you to win big even at low wagers.

Exciting features with a dash of surprises will keep you hooked through the game.

Flying in the Air with Airplane Slot


This free slot for android phone is probably the weirdest of all. But just like its counterpart Batman, Airplane Slot too seems to have done it all in a good way. Airplane Slot has tried to walk on a path of other makers by adopting the plot from a hyped movie. However, Airplane was not really a big success in its time. In fact, the movie was also weird. This is why I think that the weirdness of the slot is actually intentional. It has been done to retain the feel of the movie. But I wonder why on earth would somebody try to retain something like that? As I said, the movie had not fared well on the box back then also.


Just like other popular slot games on the block, Airplane Slot too comes with a variety of features. The gameplay is spread across more than 5 reels besides 30-way lines. The bonus round can be triggered by just 2 scatter spins. The reason why it is loved by people around the world is that it has special features for everyone. There are loads of fun elements in the game. These keep you hooked throughout the game. Special features bring a smile on your face. There are bonuses for you to make extra money. Clips from original flick keep you entertained throughout the gameplay.

However, the best thing about the game is its adjustable wagering options. The maximum bet is just $15 per spin. There are chances for you to win five mini bonuses within those bonuses.

Airplane Slot fills you with a new gaming slot experience. It is a brand new concept of the makers. They are currently trying to roll out the whole concept in all the major platforms. This is why you will experience it differently. You will have more than you can imagine choices in the game. The makers of the game are planning on to making it a multi-game cabinet. This means you can play other games without cashing out and changing the machines. This is a hell lot of exciting. No makers in the past have ever tried on such a concept. Let’s see if the concept goes on to become a hit.

Loving it with Koi Princess Slot


The world is brimming with hot favorites of NetEnt designed slot games that have swept the world with its feet literally. The slot players love to have a list of their own NetEnt favorite anyway. One of the most popular NetEnt designed game for slots is Koi Princess. It has been launched recently by the makers.

This Asian-oriented game allows you to make most of a number of features. One of the main reasons why it is loved by the players is the fact that it is affordable. The game comes with the coin value staking options. Experts of the industry call it one of the cheapest gaming slots for fans around the world.

The game comes with a host of bonuses. There are few bonuses schemes that you will require to activate to trigger the bonus. Bonuses give you the advantage over the game. They keep your kitty full in case of any untoward situation. The game has a 20 pay line slot feature. Thus, your bonus bet should go for the best gaming experience.

Koi Princess Slot is arguably a unique game ever by the makers. You are required to place the optional bonus as a bet to trigger the bonus in the game. Otherwise, you will not be able to activate any bonus feature in the game. Experts suggest that players should have their bonuses in place. There are around 4 different bonus games in Koi Princess Slot.

Its 5-hit bonus leaves you speechless. Random Wild Features is also mind blowing. It is a random spin. You can pick from 4 to 9 real positions. There is another Wild Reel feature that can enhance your gaming experience.

Driving the World Crazy with Multiplier Mayhem Slot


All those who love cars should indulge in the mayhem of Multiplier Mayhem slot. This is one of the most recent NetEnt gaming slots that has been dished out in the market. This means that the fans of the game can enjoy it on their phones without having to download it on their devices.

All the NetEnt gaming slots are web browser based games. This means you can play them instantly. There are loads of structures around the gaming slot, which makes it one of the most unusual in the industry. The bet of the game is easily adjustable. You can keep them low and high as per the betting amount. In fact, you can change your coin settings. You are required to play its 15 pay line per spins in the game.


You will get 10 free spins in the game. However, you can use these spins only when you have spun at least three scatter symbols. This will activate the bonus and you will be able to play with the same stake levels that you already have. That means you have good chances of winning big shots of the game.

There are more chances of winning the cash amount if you are playing free spins. There are additional sets of symbols attached with the reels during the free spins round. These symbols are called Nitro reel symbols.

You get a new set of free spins in the game with overlaying wild symbols on your remaining free spins. The more you play wild symbols the better chance you have to create winning combinations. This is because of the fact that you have 15 pay lines during the bonus game.

If you really have some good luck and strategies, then you will definitely be able to win whopping 750,000 coins out of that free spin round.

The Mummy Returns with Pyramid Quest Slot


So why is this game on the list? Well, honestly, there is no dearth of some really exciting gaming slots powered by NetEnt software. However, the one that hogs all the limelight is Pyramid Quest with some of the world gaming features.

This free slot for android phone has 720 ways to win per spin. If you are playing on Pyramid Quest then you are required to place just 10 coins. You can even place an increment of all those hundreds of different pay lines in life play. However, that is not it. If you want to play games then you can up the coin values yourself. In fact, you can even increase the number of coins you place your bet on spin up to 100 in total.


One of the best features of the game is its Avalanche Feature. After playing reels if all the symbols land on the reels, all winning combinations will be paid as they are. This Avalanche feature keeps on going until you have a new winning combination.

Once you have the winning combination back, you are then sent back to the basic game. From here on you start playing your game the way it is. You can also consider spinning wild symbols on reel position. Due to 720 ways to win and winning combinations, you will always have more chances of winning the game. This means that you got to have your eyes set for those wild symbols all the time.

Talking about the maximum amount you can win on Pyramid Quest, you can turn a millionaire in one free spin. The amount you can win is as big as hulk himself. With just one single spin, you can win 3,600,000 coins. Considering this, players are going to be here for the real money. This is due to the fact that players have a good opportunity to take home a large amount of money. All you got to do is ensure that you are playing the game with the right strategies.

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