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How to Fix a Computer Crash in 10 Easy Step: A Computer Zombie Guide

Posted on Dec 28, 2016 by in How to | 0 comments

All right! How to fix a computer crash is a question that hounds many immature computer users in the world. The problem persists and eventually turns so ugly that people contract computerphobia for life.

Honestly speaking, computers are electronic machines with a shelf life. They are bound to experience a host of problems after some time. I mean no machine in the world comes with a lifetime working guarantee without any problem. A computer is not unique either. In fact, with so many software and hardware, the chances of it crashing down in some time are higher. We are all not software experts.

Thus, a lot of small things are ignored by us on and off that led to such difficult times. Like all machines, computers also require maintenance. Therefore, software should be updated or upgraded with time. Hardware should be checked for any possible virus attack regularly.

Anyone who browses the web a lot needs to be extra cautious as most virus attacks are virtual. We download without ensuring the safety measures. There is no anti-virus in our system.

A computer crash is unarguably the worst situation a user can encounter. If not treated well it can lead to persistent problems leading to unwanted data destruction. Besides taking your computer to a repair shop is a costly affair. You can’t even bargain for an ideal price because your software knowledge does not match Gates’. Your confidential data is at risk too. So why not fix a computer crash yourself with a few cool tips. This is easy, fast, and amazing. We bring you a couple of tips on how to fix a computer crash for you right here. It will make your life a hell lot of simple. So here we go:
First of all, you will require a few things to fix your computer. These things include:

A system or laptop
Web browser
Operating System Installation Disc
Registry Cleaner Utility

Your First Step Should Be to Reboot

With all the things handy, you first need to reboot your computer. Remember, a computer crash is a very complex situation and mishandling any step can only worsen the situation. You may loose all your data. So rebooting your computer should be done wisely. Apply your intelligence while doing so.

Start with a soft reboot. How? Well go to Start Button, click on the Shut Down button, and then choose Restart option from the menu. If your computer is hung then simply do it manually. Hard long press the restart button on your CPU or long press the power button. Your computer will reboot.

Check Whether You have Installed a New Software or Not

One of the most common reasons for your system crashing down like a house of cards is a recent installation of a new software. We are curious computer users in the free world of internet. Our requirements are growing with each passing day and to make our lives simple we tend to download just anything we see in the virtual world. Most of these downloads are illegitimate. They can destroy your system in no time.

So if your computer shows any signs of a crash, then try to track your activities before the situation took place. If you have successfully rebooted your computer as in Step 1 above then uninstall a program that you think might be the reason. We have covered this subject in our Step 7. Jump to that below.

Get Help of The Internet Browser

Registry cleaning is way more complex than reading Dan Brown’s mystery novels. It involves a lot of software programs including the big bang theory of operating systems. So it is impossible to tackle it on your own manually. You can’t figure out errors of the system just like that. Hence, take help of registry cleaning procedure. You can do that by simply connecting to the internet and opening a browser.

Download the Registry Cleaner

So the idea of connecting to the internet browser is to download a registry cleaner fast. This will help you clean your system of any possible problems. Once you download it to your system, install it, and then launch the program. It will scan all the errors one by one thoroughly.

Let the Cleaner Do its Work

Once you have launched the registry cleaner program, it will work on to clean the system of any possible problem. If it encounters any problem, then you will be prompted to an action required to resolved the problem. It may take several minutes. You got to be the real patient man when the process takes place. Let it take its own time. It will scan and fix the problems or else ask you for a preferred action in case it does not. Then Reboot your demon once the cleaning and fixing of errors are completed.

Clean Your Machine Regularly

After the required clean-up, your machine will now be free of all the possible problems. Try to keep your drives and registries clean by following the same method regularly. It will only strengthen your demon. This process is like detoxification. You stay healthy as toxins from your body are flushed out. The same thing happens with your demon too. It too requires getting rid of all the toxins stored in it, which causes all the problems.

If Crash has been Caused by any newly installed Program Then You got to Try a New Strategy

Get Into Safe Mode

You got to get into Safe Mode properly. Press f8 key when your computer restarts. You will have a screen with an option to go into Safe Mode. Select the Safe Mode Option and hit Enter Key. Safe Mode is a good option to check your computer of any problem. It works fine and helps you gauge the issue.

Why Safe Mode?

When you get into Safe Mode. The computer only loads basic and essential items to help you function. This way you are able to understand the problems that your demon is suffering from. When your computer starts showing signs of a possible crash, it will not allow your computer to function properly. You may not be able to start your computer. In this case, you got to Safe Mode. The computer will start without any problem. It gives you ample time to examine the problem.

Check for the Problem

Now since you have entered the Safe Mode, it is time to work on errors that are causing all the problems. The screen will be like just any other normal screen. There will be no difference at all. You will feel like using the same screen. From here on going to the Start Button. Click it and select Control Panel on the Start Menu.

You will be directed to the Control Panel Menu. Click on Programs button here. You will also spot an ‘Uninstall a Program’ button right underneath Programs button under Control Panel menu. Click on this. You will now be directed to the list of all the programs in your system.

Uninstall the Program

So if you are sure about it I mean that your computer is facing all the problems because of installing a new software or program, then this is the best way to get rid of it. Go through the list of the programs in your computer one by one on the Programs menu under Control Panel. Select the recent program you have installed that you think might have caused the problem.

As soon as you will select the program, Uninstall button will appear in the box above. Click it and the program will be removed from your system. You will also be notified by the system about this. Uninstalling might take some time. Once the uninstalling is done, reboot your computer.


Your demon should work fine now. How to fix a computer crash is not a big mystery you should be scared of now. You have got all the information on the web that you can use to your own benefit. So just sit back and do not let yourself be scared of such issues ever. In most cases, registry cleaning does the wonders. Your system will start working without any problem later.

However, make sure that you regularly clean your system. Even if you have anti-virus on your system, we tend to attract loads of malware and other harmful-to-computer things unintentionally from the web. So make it a habit of cleaning it regularly. It will increase the life of your computer. When your body is free from all the toxins, you will healthy and live more. The same thing happens to your system as well.

Do not install any program from the web without ensuring its safety measures. Most of the virus attacks happen from there only. You should also avoid visiting suspicious sites. There is a host of sites on the web that can affect your system completely. So be extra careful while browsing the web. In many cases, your computer will notify you of any possible effects of visiting a particular site. Do not ignore them. Try to visit other similar sites.

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