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Fastest Android Launchers 2017

Posted on Feb 16, 2017 by in Android, App, Tech, Technology, Tips and Tricks | 0 comments

Fastest Android Launchers 2017

A good android launcher will save you a lot of time than any actual time saving apps. Launchers are the most used app on an Android device, we use the launcher for every action on the smartphone. So we need a really simple and easy to use the launcher to move fast through your smartphone apps and screens. So here we have listed 8 of the fastest Android Launcher we have found on the Play Store. Check all the launchers and find the most suitable one for your needs.

Nova Launcher:

Designed by Teslacoil Nova Launcher is one of the fastest and easiest android launchers to use and operate. The app had a simple user interface without any complex features, and anyone with basic android knowledge can use the app. With less than 6 MB in size, it had many common features in an Android launcher and a good number of latest and unique features. To date Nova launcher had almost 50 million installed devices and had an average rating of 4.6 on the play store.

Users can customize their home screen with widgets from the apps, and Nova also comes with some useful widgets too. You can use and provide gesture commands for more shortcuts. You can also hide apps, add scroll effects, create folders and much more. Nova launcher is the simplest, fastest and easy to use Android launcher you can find on Play Store. Nova launcher had both free and paid options choose the useful one for you.

Apex Launcher:

Apex Launcher is similar to Nova Launcher in many ways and provides you with more or less same features. There are two options available for Apex Launcher free and paid options. On the free app you get most of the basic features like customizable home screen, scrollable dock, transition effects, folders, icon packs, backup and restore. There are many advanced features in the free version like hiding apps, gestures on home screen, and locking home screen to prevent accidental changes. In the premium app, you will have more complex transition effects, two point gestures, flexibility to use other launcher themes, improved folder and widget options. Even with all these features, Apex launcher will respond fast and quick without any lag.

Nano Launcher:

As the name indicates, Nano Launcher is just 2 MB in size yet faster, quick and easy to use. Nano launcher doesn’t have any of the complex features which no one uses most or doesn’t care about features. In the process, they compressed the app and fulfilling all the necessary features. Some of the main features in the launcher are its smart sorting of apps according to usage, categories like social, news, games, etc. and make it easy for you to find the app when required. The smart lock feature is a basic gesture feature which will allow users to lock by tapping on the screen. The app also provides with many good looking wallpapers and option to use icon packs. Nano Launcher is used by almost 5 million people and had a rating of 4.4 from 40k+ reviews.

Google Now Launcher:

Google Now Launcher is developed directly from the Google and had 50 million actives users. This one of the simple and fastest Android Launcher and had features even lesser than the Nano launcher. The size of the app is around 15 MB which is not so small and is supported on Android 4.1 and above. The main features of the app are when you swipe to the right you will be shown with Google cards. Google cards will have many useful cards which reminds you of your movies, flights, alarms, regular bus routes, traffic, news from your searches and much more useful content. Other Google cards all the other features are pure simple and easy to use.

Holo Launcher:

Holo Launcher is more similar to Nova and Apex launchers with simple customizations and material design. Users can create folders to separate apps according to their usage and gestures help you to move easily across your launcher. Use can also hide apps, customize home screen, add widgets to the home screen and perform many other actions. Holo Launcher is also having a Paid option called Holo Plus. With Holo Plus you can customize notification bar, more gestures, widget overlapping, unlock more transitions and more. Overall Holo is a simple to use launcher which is fast and quick for everyday usage.

Smart Launcher 3:

Smart Launcher with 20 million plus active devices installed is considered as one of the simple, fast, and light Android launchers. According to the developers, the app uses less RAM and battery than regular launchers in the play store. There are two versions in Smart Launcher 3 one free and the other paid version. The app had plenty of exciting features with integrated lock screen, plenty of icon packs, themes, lock screens, and automatic sorting of apps according to the category. Users can hide their apps with a lock for privacy and works on any Android device. The pro version didn’t offer many necessary features but had many personalisation features like icon picker, color picker, font changing, animated gestures and other customizable features.

APUS Launcher:

APUS Launcher is not just a fast and easy to use launcher but also a stylish one. It is used by more than 250+ million users around the world with plenty of useful and attractive features. APUS Launcher had 30000+ themes, icon packs, wallpapers to choose to personalize your home screen. With APUS Boost and Saver users can reduce RAM usage and Battery draining. It can automatically sort the apps into folders according to categories. APUS is a must try app if you are interested in making your mobile not just fast but also beautiful and stylish.

Cheetah Launcher:

The best feature in Cheetah launcher is it uses less than 50% RAM compared to the default launcher on your Android device. It had an intelligent algorithm which identifies your most used apps and arranges them on the home screen accordingly. You can create folders, add widgets, use multiple gestures, hide apps, and more importantly it had no in-app purchases or any ads. Overall it is a simple, fast and lights Android launcher to use on your device and test for yourself.

These eight fastest Android launchers are very useful and some of the highest rated launchers in the Play Store. Try all the launchers and let us know which one you like the most in the comment section below.


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