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Don’t Want to be tracked ? Use these 10 Private Search Engines

Posted on Jan 12, 2017 by in Technology | 0 comments

engines that dont track

If you are a frequent Google user, you must have found that once you view something on Amazon, and come back without buying, the ad for that particular item appears on other websites.

This is not a co-incidence, this is google tracking your search and browsing history to serve better advertisements !

Isn’t this a little heart breaking ?

For a lot of users like me, privacy matters a lot. Especially being a business, you have to take care of these things.  For maintaining privacy, search engines are a big issue to handle since we spend a lot of time on them.

Below are 10 alternative private search engines you can use to protect yourselves from getting tracked.

#1. DuckDuckGo

There is a reason why it tops the list of most secure search engines. It never tracks you search and at the same time provides you with an enhanced search experience. The search engine was indeed built for people who would love to be private. This engine delivers results almost instantly without any tailored advertisements on its search pages. On an average, this engine serves up to more than 10 million searches in a day.

#2. WolframAlpha

This is a search engine with a twist, it is a computable search engine that provides you with accurate answers and open knowledge. This private engine is packed with knowledge and whatever happens doesn’t track what are you searching for.

The search engine is known for performing dynamic calculations based upon its algorithms and then deliver knowledge about calculations, people, medicines, finance and much more.

WolframAlpha is a computable search engine that provides accurate answers and offers open knowledge. It’s a knowledge-packed private search engine which nonetheless does not track what you search for.

#3. StartPage

This search engine works in quite a powerful manner to provide search results and at the same time protecting your searches so that they don’t get tracked. It accomplishes this by letting you browse from a proxy server that can help you browse without disclosing your location or IP address.

This can extension can be added Mozilla Firefox, Google chrome, and its color scheme can also be changed.

#4. PrivateLee

This search engine provides secure searches and some strict filters if you want them. PrivateLee neither keeps your searches for displaying ads nor for surveillance or analysis. This engine offers a feature ‘PowerSearch’ through which you can configure the source of search and much more things.

This search engine is also known by an alternate name called

#5. Yippy

Through this search engine, you can sort out filters on a category wise basis and also flag inappropriate results. Unlike its counterparts, Yippy allows you to search for variety of content types of jobs, news, blogs, images, the web and even government data etc.

This search engine also lets you view the cached versions of web pages ( quite like Google ! ) and filter the results based upon tags, websites, and sources. Like the other search engines mentioned here, this one also doesn’t track your queries neither shows customized ads.

#6. Hulbee

This is a private search engine that delivers quick search results without tracking your location or search history. It also provides you quite intelligent information, yet never stores your information or analyses it.

In this engine, all your searches are highly encrypted against possible attacks by middleman & data leaks. Users are provided options such as choosing a region for relevant results. The search engine also asks you to “Clear activity” so that no trace is left behind what so ever.

#7. Giburu

This search engine is a full packed uncensored and encrypted way to search the internet without any data leaks to 3rd parties. In comparison to other search engines, Giburu works quite faster and it uses Google’s custom search to provide results but removes every sort of tracking method by Google.

To make things more convenient for end users, it also has a free firefox extension to make your searches anonymous right from your browser.

#8. Disconnect Search

Strange its name might sound but this is another search engine that uses assistance from major giants like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Despite getting assistance, it doesn’t track you, nor your IP address. This search engine also allows you to surf by location in order to get results specific to the location of your choice. While using this search engine, you will be clearly informed which tools are protected and which ones aren’t so that you can make a choice.

#9. Lukol

This is considered to be among the best private search engines that are capable of protecting you from online fraudsters and keeping spammers away and safeguard you from inappropriate and misleading websites as well. It uses a proxy server in order to get custom search results from Google. Like other search engines, Lukol also ensures 100% anonymity of searches.

#10. Gigablast

This mega search engine indexes around billions of web pages & provide real-time results without tracking down your searches or history. Gigablast is considered among the best private search engines if you want to keep yourself almost hidden from spammers and marketers.

This engine offers search result filtration by parameters such as by exact phrase, file types, languages and much more.

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