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Deadly Cheap Gaming Gallows for Virtual Heroes

Posted on Oct 8, 2016 by in Gaming | 0 comments

All right! So from the time we start getting to know about the brutal world of entertainment in this cheap gaming industry, there is this constant teaching that comes following unsolicited and shapes our being as we grow old with each passing day.

One such unsolicited theory that is stuffed in our minds by all these gaming entertainments is that heroes are immortal and not even the Gods of Death can bring them to their prescribed gallows. Bouts of failures in the life of a hero are common. They do not kill them but instead give them strength to fight against their villains. Bruce Wayne aka Batman the savior of the Gotham City too had a tough situation dealing with Joker and Bane. But with his determination to fight back, he emerges a winner. The same thing happened with our Man of Steel who has undergone a great makeover recently.

The truth is some heroes die in this cheap gaming industry no matter how good you as a player are. I mean yes if you make a mistake in the game you die but I am talking those games where you die invariably. We have grown up watching our heroes saving the planet earth from monsters but not all of them last to see the happy ending. We bring you the deadly cheap gaming gallows for our virtual heroes. Here we go:

Slashing the Demons with the Heavenly Sword


Released in the year 2007, Heavenly Sword has been in the news for all types of weird reasons. Critics gave it a thumbs-up for its intriguing plot and story while other compared it with God of War game series that needless to say was a legend of its time. The comparisons did not do much harm to the popularity of the game. It went on to become one of the biggest games of all times.

Out of the world combat actions scenes, interesting characters, and storyline all worked in favor of the game. The cheap gaming zombies of our time could not have asked for more than this. However, there was just one thing that did not go down too well with gamers—its length. Apparently, it was shorter than the length of Tom Cruise from head to toe. From start to finish, Heavenly Sword is just six and half hours. I mean we have got games that span over a few months and look at this which is just a few hours of gaming. It was severely panned for this while some other frantic gamers went gaga about this.

However, the one thing that the game drew huge attention for was the death of its protagonist in the very first scene. The story runs in the flashback and it’s a great story. The protagonist Nariko can be seen wielding the super powerful heavenly sword to chop off her enemies. But at the end, she herself becomes its victim and dies. It proves that the heavenly sword demands blood even if it belongs to the protagonist.

The Walkers are Coming for the Protagonists: The Walking Dead Season 1


The Walking Dead Season 1 was way more spectacular than just its title. And one of the main reasons why it was such a big hit is the fact that it was driven by its amazing storyline. Another interesting thing is that the game lags behind on a number of key features such as graphics, sound, and a few more on the line. But it is still the best cheap gaming experiences of all times. Why? Simply because the game excels on content.

Every time you time play the game you are drifted into a dark world. The players are required to make their minds and take decision on their own to move onwards in the game. The world of the walkers is bleak and terrible and yet you have to save the world with your intelligence.

Talking about the hard choices made by the characters in the game, there is this protagonist Lee who invariably had to die in the game. Lee Everett has taken it on his shoulders to protect Clementine, a young girl who has been deserted in the game during the apocalyptic events. Lee and Clementine survive all the events but at the end Lee is bitten by a walker. Now, Clementine has to make a choice. Either she leaves him to let him turn into another add in the walking dead group or shoot him in the head. Clementine must have made the latter choice. I mean this will at least spare him from undergoing the horrid transformation. If she does not shoot him, he will turn another walker or mayhem to the human kind. She will eventually have to kill him anyway. So why not now?

The Spartans of the Halo Reach


Halo Reach is a hell lot of like any other Spartan movie. It keeps your pulse racing throughout the gameplay. But what is most interesting about the game is its storyline, graphics, sound, and combat scenes among others. The design of the game will transform you into a world of your dreams and its online integration is just undisputed—leaves you speechless at times. All you can you is that the all the integral pillars that define the success any cheap gaming experiences have been tied to together perfectly by the makers of the game.

Menu system of this out of the world prequel series of all Halo: Reach series is spectacularly done. You just do not see the gameplay modes on the menu but also read the status and past performances of other players. You can even invite them to the game. From switching modes to starting up a new match, this is as good as a cakewalk. This cheap gaming interface is quite easy. You can easily explore the different types of the game, tools, and other user-created content like the back of your hand.

So if you have been playing the game for a while now then you know how the events of the games will unfold. It is somehow understandable that in which direction the game will turn. The Covenant has waged a war against the human kind. They are on a brutal killing spree like starving zombies on a prowl. So then comes the Noble 6 who is not ready to sit there and watch the death coming to kill them. They would rather get into the fight with the ferocious and deadly Covenant forces and die rather than be just a spectator. They are like Spartans taking on the massive Persian army of Xerxes.

The final Goodbye by the Protagonist in La Noire


Playing La Noire is like watching a dark Christopher Nolan movie with loads of plots combined together to spice up your thirst for entertainment and fun. Not even in a single moment, you feel like you are being dragged deep into a storyline of a cheap gaming. It is so real that even a string of Noir themed movies will fall flat on their faces after going through its plot.

The credit actually goes to its makers for coming up with such an interesting storyline. It feels like they have roped in professional Hollywood scriptwriters to work on the game. But whatever it is the game lives up to its names and emerges as one of the best noir games of all times.

Cole Phelps, the protagonist of the game, is there dealing with all the stuff thrown at him in the plot. As the story unfolds a little bit more, you tend to fall into more traps laid by the villains in the game. There are psychos on streets overdosed on morphine and other substance and a beautiful whose naked body is rotting in park. The situations depicted in the game keep you intriguing and hooked on the screen until you are done. The best part of the game is that it combines the style of the 40s with the modern noir theme. The combination takes the fun of the game to a new level. There is a bitter mélange of glamour and corruption in the air of the game. Many scenes in the game make you think you are watching The Great Gatsby part 2.

What I personally loved about this game is its leading hero Cole Phelps who keeps the safety of above his own. There is the scene is the game where he with other are trapped in a water-filled tunnel. He boosts them all out of the tunnel before a torrent of water sweeps him away into the trench of death. There was just not time for Cole to even say goodbye to those who mattered the most in his lives.

Cole dies in the game but the game lives on for its unique storyline and gameplay. Killing heroes at the end of the game is a new strategy i guess by the makers of any game. It is being loved by the fans world over and these makers are cashing on their cheap gaming whims.

Killing the Retired Outlaw in the Red Dead Redemption


Just like many other games of the contemporary, Red Dead Redemption also tries to take your thirst for entertainment to the new level by spicing it up some movie-like plots. The story of the game is outstanding and development over a period of time is something that helps it stand out of the world of other ordinary gaming.

What I personally loved about this game is that it just does not pop your protagonist in the clichéd manner at you. John Marston is out there in the game like a small fish in the pond and nobody gives a damn about this guy in Armadillo. In the first instance, it looks seriously very strange to see the man who is going to save them from the upcoming aftermath is roaming like just any other unimportant character.

The makers of the game have not gone the traditional way while creating the character of John Marston. He is flawed and yet attractive and thus spends less time to make some really good friends in the town. Another great thing about the game is that it tells you stories of the protagonist during its missions. It is a great way to know your hero and his role while not compromising on the adventure of the game. You know when there are stories about the key characters, they are stretched too much beyond the length that even the best stories start looking terrifying. The makers of the game have given attention to this fact and have dished out something that is extraordinary and refreshing. Graphics, actions, designs, and voiceovers are excellent in the game.

John Marston is out searching for Bill Williamson. He finds and guns him down to death one fine day. John is now living a happy life with his family on a farm but that is something not accepted by the suites of the government. They are not happy to see him living a free life of a happy man. So they search him out and gun him down one fateful night.

The Hero Loses His Battle against the Chimera Virus in Resistance 2


Resistance 2 was a hell lot of a game for those who were in awe of Resistance: Fall of Man. The sequel dropped a nuclear bomb in the industry with its fast paced storyline, actions, design, and performances. The credit actually goes to its makers who could actually execute their thoughts on the screen.

You know there are loads of people who can imagine a lot of out of the world things but when it comes to their execution they just can’t do it. This happens with a lot of creative people as well. But the real genius is the one who can equally perform better on the execution part.

Resistance 2 is a game for your mind, your eyes, and for all your senses. The graphics are spectacular and keep you hooked throughout the game. What I personally loved about the game is its environment that looks so real without any effort. They are vividly colored and spacious where you get to experience the urban, rural, and suburban lives of people. Details of just everything you can see with your eyes are out of the world whether they are plants under your feet or smoky blue sky above your head.

The Chimera invasion leaves you dumbfounded. You feel pity for the people who are falling prey of the virus. The action of the game is so real and themed that you enjoy every bit of it. Apart from the story, the action is the real star in the game.

Resistance 2 just does not revolve around a particular spot. The good thing about this game takes you through a variety of places. You are not just there at one place. The plot of the story has many shadows and secrets that the protagonist needs to find out through the game.

In the game, John Hale, the protagonist, has been infected by the deadly Chimera virus. This means that the hero has to die at the end of the game and, thus, has to sort the things out a little faster for the world out there. Somewhere in the end of the game, Hale starts getting overpowered by the virus. His fellow soldier and friend Capelli decides to kill Hale reluctantly to save the human kind. Hale dies at the end by the hands of his fellow soldier.

The Mysterious Slender The Eight Pages


All right! So the best thing about the Slender: The Eight Pages is its flavor of mystery and other elements of fear. Rest is just not up to the mark in the gaming. The makers have tried a lot to make this cheap gaming experience a little more exciting with a few experiments. However, not all of them have hit the bull’s eye. It is a bit boring in many portions despite the elements that have worked with games. What I think has not gone down well with the game is its gameplay. It is easy and predictable at times. The game looks surprisingly refreshing in a few scenes and at other times it just falls flat without any reason.

The game as the name suggests comes with eight new levels without anything interesting on offer for its fans. There is simply nothing new and the difficulty level keeps on increasing as you spend more time on the game. That’s the bad idea actually. The difficulty should be in tandem with the entertaining factor of the game. You should keep difficulty levels increasing only when you think the plot of the game is interesting enough to keep its fans glued to the screen. Increasing it unnecessarily will only spoil the fun. That is what has happened to the Slender The Eight Pages.

This part of the game is not intriguing as other parts of the game are. The stories of other versions are far way more terrifying than you can imagine. One more thing that looks very unconvincing to digest is the fact to stop the onslaught of the Slender Man you will have to look into his eyes but if you look too much into his eyes then you will die. That means you have to keep running away from him throughout the game.

In the game, the protagonist is being stalked by the Slender Man. This mysterious man just does not stop his onslaught even if you have completed all the pages successfully. At the end of the game you are in silence and wandering around before the Slender Man appears behind you and you are dead.

The Persona 3


Playing Persona 3 is like entering the dragon after a long time. And if you have not played other versions of the game before then you don’t have to feel sad about it. You can still be a great player smashing the heads of your enemies like never before. This is actually the best part about the game. You are into it for the first time and you are having it all like you know it from the day one. No previous introductions needed for this out of the world cheap gaming experience whatsoever.

I loved the dark sensibilities of the game. They have been used interesting by the makers to keep their fans hooked to the game. Critics too have given this spectacular game a thumbs-up. Those who have played might find the plot and a few characters repeating. However, that should not stop you from playing this game because it is also packed with some of the best experiences for you. Let it rolling all the way.

This role-playing gameplay is interesting and has several wow moments. There are a variety of nuclear explosions in the form of twists and turns. You are into the game guessing about the events unfolding around you.

The story of the game is equally enthralling. You are on the campus that is full of suspicious characters and there is this enigmatic disease strangely called apathy syndrome. The basic plot of the game revolves around saving humanity, which, needless to say, has been exploited way more than you can in this cheap gaming industry. But still, I would recommend that you should take this game in the same vein. It is a hell lot of game that has given a new twist to that same basic concept. Saving humans in this game is an entirely new adventure for you. You are on the campus. Everything is happening around the campus premises. There are new people you can befriend with. The whole idea of setting up this story is the campus is great.

The protagonist of Persona 3 starts draining out after his last battle with the villain of the game, Nyx. The protagonist falls into deep later and dies. There is then this epilog in which the protagonist is seen acting like seal for Nyx. This means that the protagonist will not return anytime soon.

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