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How to clean your CPU? A step-by-step guide for modern world terminators

Posted on Aug 23, 2016 by in How to | 0 comments


Are You bored thinking the same thing over and over again “How to Clean my PC CPU” ? However, with almost eight out of ten people glued to either a mobile or computer screen all the time, it feels like the day is not far when there will be terminators tossing friend eggs in the kitchen with us. From sending emails to tweeting to sharing posts on FB to running a business online, we are all so dependent on the mean machine today that we cannot think of our existence without it.



But do you know that using a computer daily makes the machine vulnerable to go through hundreds of issues? One of the most common issues that every system faces irrespective of control measures taken by its user is dust. It envelopes your system and its hardware completely, triggering a variety of problems in its proper functioning. Your system might just slow down and its major components may fail after without any indication whatsoever. Hence, cleaning your CPU regularly is important. But just cleaning regularly is not enough; you must know how to clean your CPU properly from inside out. This article deals with some of the best tips to clean your CPU. So here we go:


No fight is won without weapons


To win a war, you need sophisticated weapons. Cleaning your CPU in itself is a war if you don’t deal it with right tools. So the first step to clean your CPU perfectly is to arrange all the required tools. Compressed air, screwdriver to open computer case, small vacuum cleaner, and dust mask are some of the most important tools you should wage your war with.

Make sure that you do not use the vacuum cleaner insider the CPU. A dust mask prevents you from inhaling the dust you are cleaning.


Shut down and unplug the computer


A lot of people have had bad experiences in the past while cleaning a CPU still connected to the main power supply. You can get electrocuted if the power supply is not disconnected properly. In fact, one can damage the hardware of the CPU as well. While power is still on, the CPU fan keeps on working. If you by mistake touch the working fan, its blade will come off like hairs of a dog. So never try to clean your CPU or any hardware device without disconnecting the power supply properly. Double check if required.




Disconnect all the hardware and cable connections



It is always better to disconnect and unplug all the cable and hardware connections from your CPU. This way these hardware devices may not get damaged. In fact, you might also damage the slots and pins of these devices while cleaning them when plugged. Hence, avoid cleaning your CPU with cables and other hardware devices such as mouse, keyboard, printer, UPS etc. plugged.




Find the perfect battle ground



A lot of people tend to clean their CPUs and computers where these devices normally sit in their homes. However, this is not an ideal way to do the cleaning. While some may find it quite easy to clean where their computers are sitting, it is highly advisable to look for a place where you can handle the task of cleaning properly. You should find a place where you can be flexible and at the same time have proper space for ventilation of dust.



Open the mean machine



Now, the time has come to open the mean machine properly. Opening a CPU is not a rocket science. However, some people tend to damage the machine due to the belief that they know it all. So it is better to take the lid of step by step. Remember every machine has a different body and structure. Thus, opening them may vary from one machine to another. First of all look for a user’s manual; it will have important instruction on how to open the machine.

Most CPUs have their side panels held by screws. Remove them first and then gently slip the side off the machine.



Get set to go



Once you have opened the machine, you must consider using the compressed air now. Make sure that you are using the dust mask while using the compressed air. Otherwise, the dust will eventually settle in your lungs after leaving your CPU. It is advisable that you do not touch any hardware, their connection, and their cables. You might unknowingly disconnect a static shock to an important component such as RAM, motherboard, CD player etc.

You must take precautions before touching inside of the computer. By tapping on the metal case of the computer, you can discharge any static without any problem.


Time to perform a blow job


Now the time has come to use the compressed air to blow the dust out from the machine. You should first start blowing out the dust from the upper region followed by blowing the dust from the lower region. This way the dust settled on the lower region after blowing the upper region will be cleaned properly.

There is no point of worrying if you happen to spin the blades of the fan in the process. It is normal and an indication that the compressed air is working absolutely fine. Make sure that your compressed air maintains good distance so as not to damage any cable and static shock to vital components of the computer. Hold the compressed air container upright to avoid spilling of liquid out of it. This can inflict an irreparable damage to your machine.

Cleaning the Heatsink fan



The main responsibility of Heatsink fan is to keep processor cool. With metal ridge, tt sits over the processor sticking away from the motherboard. Clean it properly with the compressed air because if dust settles on it for a long time then it might damage the heatskink fan. It will result in poor performance and damage to your processor. Processor is the brain of the computer. You may never want this to happen. So just clean the heatsink fan properly.




Check the dust you may have missed

CPU Fan - dusty


Like we are always advised to check the paper before submitting in schools and colleges, we should not forget to check for that missing dust settling on a corner where your corner cannot see. Once you are sure that there is no dust. You can replace the panels. Do not try to force them into their place.




Cleaning up your own field


So now you have finally cleaned the machine on your own without any help. It is time to realize that in the process you have actually messed up the world outside. Clean your desk, plug the cables, and other hardware devices back to your computer.


Cleaning up your CPU or your computer is way easier than one can really imagine. However, it is this easiness of doing the task that first leads to the problem. So the idea is to regularly clean your PC even if it is easy.

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