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Cheap and best i5 laptops in the United States

Posted on Aug 31, 2016 by in Tech | 0 comments

All right! The psychology of layman Zombies called consumers is shaped by their daily experiences both good and sour. For a lot of them cheap is bad and good they can’t afford. So they opt for a road in-between. The same Einstein theory applies to alligators planning to buy laptops. And honestly, finding the road in-between in the case of laptops is like kicking off a journey to the Kingdom of Akator for the Crystull Skulls.

Ideally, an individual wants to invest in a machine that gives them the best value for their hard-earned money. A laptop with i3 Intel Processor is quite weak to handle loads of modern tasks while others those studded with i7 Intel Processors best suit Iron Men trying to save the mother planet from the clinches of Loki. The i5 processor is thus quite suitable for those looking for performance at a no-hole-in-the-pocket price. It can perform tasks like i7 and comes at price of i3 processor—almost! The i7 machines are sharks of the sea especially powered to handle whales. For daily casual and professional tasks, i5 is the way to go.

We have got you a list of some of best i5 laptops of 2016 below. Here we go:

1. Apple falls to rise again

Cheap and best i5 laptops in the United States

Do you ever wonder why most students and entrepreneurs across the globe carry Apple laptops? Well, it is not always about style statements. Apple laptops are synonymous to mobility and agility something that the whole world often relies on for smooth functioning across all industry segments.

The latest version Apple i5 McBook Air MJVE2LLA with a 13.3 inch screen is the best machine studded with an i5 Processor. It is slimmer than the waist of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. This machine is not cool for the heck of it but for a very potent reason here. It does not get heated easily even if its fan is not working. Bingo! This Apple must fall on you.

2. The Taiwanese monster ASUS serves all

Cheap and best i5 laptops in the United States

This Taiwanes Ninja ASUS F555LA-EH51 Intel Core i5 Notebook has got some real high-end Shaolin skills as per contemporary standards. The machine comes in iconic black-textured finishing and 3.0 USB slots that make fast data transfer a reality. This ASUS model user-friendly to the extent it ensures its users don’t get pangs of its heat whatsoever. Cool, isn’t it?

3. The Toshiba Sushi from the Town Japanese

Cheap and best i5 laptops in the United States

This Toshiba Satellite C55-C5241 i5 model is hot favorite amongst students from across the globe. The main reason is that it comes preinstalled with Windows 10. And, hang on; this Windows 10 is not a freebie version to please a few. It is an operating system with its own unit. Its 15.6 inch screen is a cherry on the cake.

4. The Dell rules it all the way

Cheap and best i5 laptops in the United States

There is no surprise when Dell makes it to just any list dedicated to laptops. Dell XPS 13 XPS9350-4007SLV Core touch-screen i5 is the devil of the town with a 13.3 inch QHD+ display. It supports high resolution and Turbo Boost technology. So you don’t really have to vie for i7 processors for gaming now. Dell XPS gives you an enthralling gaming experience.

5. The Chinese Godzilla Lenovo on the list

Cheap and best i5 laptops in the United States

The competition to turn laptops into slim beauties is more intense than those rampant amongst Milan models. The Chinese Godzilla Lenovo G50-80 80E501U3US is another lean machine that joins the bandwagon. Cherry on the cake is its 16 inch LED screen and optical drive. Ideal for those who wish to store their data through DVDs.

6. The MSI Leopard on the prowl

Cheap and best i5 laptops in the United States

If you think that games should be played only on i7 processors, then you got to think once again because MSI GP 62 Leopard Pro (15.6 inch display) is as powerful as i7 itself. If you are a true Gerarad Butler I mean a true gamer and can’t afford a full keyboard, then consider taking along this Leopard with you. It is a true gem for games at around just USD 680.

7. Acer is the best racer

Cheap and best i5 laptops in the United States

What would you really look for a laptop supported by i5 processor that you would also look for in an i7 one? I believe smooth functioning of the system. I called Aspire E 15 E5-574G-52QU a racer for it performs like one. So if it is about launching any application, you don’t have to bother too much on this. Just shoot. Obviously, it is its RAM that makes it a demon that it is. However, the best part is it space. An ideal for everyone.

8. Yoga Guru Lenovo bags the position

Cheap and best i5 laptops in the United States

So why am I calling Lenovo Flex 3 80R30014US Core a yoga guru? Well, because it flexes better than those self-proclaimed Gurus from all over the world. This convertible machine has a touch screen designed to complement its engineering and serve the right meaning for its purpose. The yoga guru turns into a tablet when you feel like not working on the laptop.

9. The Star Wars finally on the list

Cheap and best i5 laptops in the United States

HP made it in the nick of the time. Its Stars Wars 15-an050nr i5 laptop is gaining popularity for its 1 TB hard drive at the price of peanuts—should I say that? Yes. I guess so. Other products on the list are not as spacious as this alien waging a war against other mean machines.

It is a great value product that also has great optical drive. You must own it not just because it inexpensive but for its performance on i5 processor. Great space means it can handle completed graphics as well. It is an ideal i5 device for people looking for a machine for daily use and demanding applications.

The i7 Processor laptops are hell of machines but they are not suitable for all types of tasks. They are designed to perform really heavy tasks and thus cost more than other Intel processors. On the other hand, i5 processors are strong, fast, and affordable designed mainly for people looking for an above standard laptop. You rely on it truly.

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