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How to buy the gaming speakers?

Posted on Sep 13, 2016 by in How to | 0 comments

All right! The gaming industry is flourishing like population of Zombies in a number of gory Hollywood flicks. Now games are not just about Marios smashing their heads in the bricks to make some money. They have stories more intriguing than Christopher Nolan’s movies. Most games like Max Payne have been adapted into Hollywood movies in which some Hollywood A-listers have performed unabashedly. They have gone on to make a hell lot of money out of it.

The real excitement of playing a game on your lean mean machine is when their graphics are crystal clear and out of the world. The main priority of gamers when buying a gaming device is mostly graphics. But I have seen a lot of gamers getting pissed of bad sound quality. All right! If it is so important then why not make it one of the most important things to do when buying gaming device?

I personally just can’t feel the game without good gaming speakers. There is just no fun when you can’t listen to the dialogues, explosion, the sound of bullets, crying people, and the sound of the blood oozing out of the dead target. I mean it is like watching Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol with a mute button turned on.
A lot of people know the secret of having good speakers but they invest in the wrong ones. This guide is for those who want to know a few tips before buying good gaming speakers. Here we go:

Baby loves the bass

gaming speakers

All right! You must understand the importance of having woofers at your desk. It is a device that pumps out bass sound that fills you with the real thrill of gaming. The sound of gun, background score, explosion, and other sound effects all look way too mind boggling with woofers at your desk. But to have one, you must be prepared for extra space in your room. They are like any other ordinary speakers. They cover exactly the same amount of space.

Playing a gaming on your PC with a high-quality woofer can shatter the roofs of your apartment. So play it safe men!

The size of the port to connect speakers


So when you have zeroed in on whether you want woofers or not, you must now consider thinking about the level of surround sound you want in your room while playing any modern game. There are two types of system for surround sound. One, a 5.1 system and the other is a 2.1 stereo system. There is no doubt that a 5.1 system is way more powerful than a 2.1 stereo system. However, it is more complex to stall than a 2.1 stereo system. You will have to find a few more space, probably on wall, to mound those extra speakers and wire them to your PC.

For a lot of die-hard gamers, taking on this headache is not a problem at all. They can go to any extent to play a game on a 5.1 system. But on the other hand, there are people who are pretty much fine with just a 2.1 stereo system for gaming. In fact, a 2.1 stereo system is equally good in performance. You can’t just find the difference at all.

If you are going buy a 5.1 audio system, then you must ensure whether your computer supports the audio system or not. Actually, some old laptops and desktops just do not support the 5.1 audio systems but yes some old players do. I would rather advise you to check your PC manual or if you have one then check the manual of the GPU and motherboard.

There are 7.1 audio systems in the market as well. However, they are big hits amongst gamers. The main reason is that most PCs are just compatible to run this giant. Even games are not optimized to utilize the power of 7.1 systems.

What the hell could be extra features for speakers, huh?

gaming speakers

A good audio quality is just what we expect from speakers. Nothing else! So when somebody like me asks you to pay attention to extra features of gaming speakers, you invariably blurt out the sub-heading above. Yes. You are right if you got good audio quality. You require nothing except a few things that I will mention right away.
Audio controls! Wow. Choose gaming speakers for your PC that are really easy to operate. You know some audio control panels of gaming speakers make us feel like we are going to fly an airplane in the sky. They are so complicated and can leave you gasping for breaths sometimes especially when you are really in a mood to play a game. You want to play it good but the sound that just does not buzz. So choose the one that is less complicated and you can operate well.

Don’t forget to check its remote control. It also has to be simple and a hell of a performer. I mean you can’t walk up to speakers again and again to adjust volume.

What brands are the best for gaming speakers?


Well, I have seen a lot of people trusting on some local Chinese brands that can shake the ceiling of your home. They are really effective but in the long run that are not good. I mean they pump out so much noise that they explode simply after a regular use over a period of time. I have seen some emanating smoke after long hours of operation.

I am not a brand lover honestly. However, I appreciate quality offered to me irrespective of any brand. My experience with local Chinese products has been really bad. I would not recommend them for you. But remember, experience vary from people to people, machine to machine.

The best gaming speaker brands are:



Audioengine is what it is called. It pumps out a really good sound without subwoofers. That said, it does not come with subwoofers. Best value for a 249.99 USD price.



Logitech has been making computer products for a long time now. This brand is into the industry for a long time now. Its speakers are a notch-above than other in the market. It comes with subwoofers. Its speakers range from 39.9 USD (Logitech Z313) to 320 USD (Logitech Z906).



This is another gem of gaming speakers in the market today. Creative is the first choice for people looking for great sound at good price.

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