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How to buy gaming consoles cheap and things you should never forget

Posted on Sep 9, 2016 by in How to | 0 comments

Video gaming is the new obsession in the town for the people way too tired of watching zombies falling in love with humans and potters turning into magicians of underworlds. But gaming consoles more expensive than Daniel Craig’s fat pay check offer for next two James Bond movies. Why always an interesting hobby has to burn a hole in your pocket, huh?

Well not anymore. If you too are a true die-hard gamer and want to spend less on your obsession, then you can actually do it with a handful of some really cool information. You can buy hundreds of games at a price of two or three. That means the average cost of a recent game for you could be around USD 2. Bingo! Let’s find out how. Here we go:

Keep an eye on SALES!!

How to buy gaming consoles cheap and things you should never forget

Okay. Games are increasingly becoming daily household commodities of our life now. Considering this they are all under the latest SALES signboards online. You are just required to keep a tab on these SALES sites literally. Bookmark all such sites in one go without giving them a thought whatsoever. However, they are so many out there that you might find breaking a good deal here more difficult than breaking Da Vinci Codes.

So just because you want to buy something cheap does not necessarily mean that they have to be a bunch of crap. Research well before relying on just anything affordable. All those sites you have bookmarked will have millions of cheap zombies out there. You must go through specifications to crack a deal.

What’s wrong with the used one if they are as good as new?


There are loads of websites that they are cashing in on the whims of gamers around the world. The gaming industry dishes out a new gaming recipe every week, the old consoles either go obsolete or just look incompatible to the new stalwarts on the block. So the crazy gamers buy new weapons and auction the old ones.

That means there are loads of used but good quality consoles out there for you at a relatively lower price than you can imagine. Surf for search sites and you might get a deal you had always dreamt of. I remember buying a console at just 3 USD—compare it with its original price of 60 USD in the market right now. The best part it was working just awesome—like it was new but in reality it was not.
I keep hunting for such items on auctions on websites. You must also keep a tab on those from now. Gamers will really do. I know.

But that said, buying cheap should never be buying crap. Hence, a few things you should always take care of before buying a used or new gaming console.

The real age of the zombies


It is important to know the real age of the zombie you are going to own. It does matter. If you have the one from the times of Pamela Anderson, then you should double check before buying it. It may or may not have the ability to perform as per your gaming needs. So just don’t know the age but also compare it with the gaming device you have. Will it be compatible or not? Find it out.

What have you got in the machine?


It is understandable that you are buying consoles from some sales or an auction site for used gaming devices. They are cheap like you can own them all on the list. But then what’s the point of buying cheap when you are making a bad investment? In the long run, that’s going to be a lot more expensive than you think.

Buy only those that are compatible with the games you are going to play. All right! That’s true you might have some more games in the future and the ones you are buying in bulk might be used later. But that’s now how the theory investment goes. Think about your games and think about the items you require. Now buy them.

Don’t forget to research

How to buy gaming consoles cheap and things you should never forget

Most of the positive reviews about a product on a particular website are fake. They are generally written by the manufacturers to spread a good word about the product around and boost sales, which I don’t think is wrong. The company is doing their job. The point here is that you should also do your job responsibly.

Before buying any gaming console online, research thoroughly inside out. If you still want to buy after going through genuine customer reviews, then choose sites that don’t shy away from bringing out the real picture of a brand. And to be honest, there are loads of sites where you can find genuine reviews of a gaming console. I personally rely on TechCrunch’s reviews honestly. They are very interesting and genuine. I have made a few purchases in the past on the basis of my understanding of their product reviews. My experience was great.

Research does not mean only online reviews: Step out Potters

How to buy gaming consoles cheap and things you should never forget

Do not just depend on online reviews. Step out of your chamber Potter and get to know the world yourself. If you are a real gamer then you must have a group of other die-hard Gerard Butlers. Just meet them and talk about the whims swirling in your mind like a hurricane. Chances are that one of your friends will actually be able to tell you the right way to go. He or she must have you used it and can give you a really a piece of advice.

I remember how confused I was for buying a really good gaming mouse for my Alienware 13. Not just good actually but something that can support my Alien in its performance. This is when I found a real piece of advice from my friend and I just bought this Steel Series Rival 700 gaming mouse. Wow! It was worth investing.

So, research as much as you can because gaming is not a child’s game. It is a hell of a manly job. At least I think so.

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