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Breaking the Da Techie Code: Does Razer Game Download to Boost PC Performance Really Work?

Posted on Dec 29, 2016 by in Tech, Technology | 0 comments

From the day when the internet was first launched in the 90s to this day when even zombies are using Tinder to find soulmates, things have changed drastically. Gone are the days when the internet was primarily meant to flirt with opposite sex in other countries. It is used for a hell lot of daily things now. The virtual world has taken over the real world that too without a room to escape. From fancy startups to multi-cuisine restaurants, they are all on the internet. You are accessing to their services through your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. All This on your computer makes it a little bulky like Hulk on a prowl. So can Razer game download for boosting PC performance prove a boon for users reeling under computer-phobia?

We are trying to find out how useful is razer game download in today’s times. Let’s find out it right here:

Overview of the Application

For those who do not about this product even yet, it is a software application designed to improve the performance of your PC remarkably for a gaming experience. It boosts the life of your system and gives you an out-of-the-world visual experience while playing. The frame per second of any improves resulting in an unmatched gaming time.

This razer game download application to boost gaming performance has been made by Razer company, which is associated with some of the most popular PC gaming mouses and headphones. With this application in the market, the company is vying to establish its foothold in the industry as a pioneering gaming accessory company. Razer Cortex game booster seems to have hit the bull’s eye.

However, the fate of this application will be decided by the die-hard gaming fans.

How does It work?

First of all, if you are planning for a razer game download, then you should know that this is not the only application in this category. There are loads of others that do the same job. So what makes it stand out of the crowd?

The application uses the same technology. It simply deactivates all other programs running in the background automatically while you are playing a game. The load on your CPU is taken off and you play uninterrupted whatsoever. These applications and other programs resume to their activities once you are done playing. So there is nothing manual. You are relieved and you got to focus only on your gaming tactics.

What Do We Really Mean By a Game Booster Application Like This?

Game booster applications are designed to help your games work better just fine. There is an abundance of high-end heavy Hulk-like games that not every PC can tackle with. You got to have really hardware accessories to play these games. This is not always possible because not all Gerard Butlers around the world are Steve Jobs. Most of them have just basic knowledge about computers. All they know is the controls of a game and that is it. They are good to go there. Game boosters are made for people like these. Once you have applications like razer game downloaded onto your PCs, the war is almost won. You have to sit behind and relax. Razer game download will take from there.

It works with just one click. Click on the Game Mode. The application will then start working. It will optimize the performance of your PC according to the game you are playing. So whether you play Empire III, Assasin Creed or just anything under the sky, you will play it like you are playing on a machine configured by the God himself.

You do not even know but a lot of programs on your computer are garbage. Most of them have not been used by you for a long time. These programs do some background activities without your knowledge as soon as your turn on your system. These unwarranted activities in the background slow down your system. And you do not even realize the root of the problem. This gaming booster shuts down these applications down automatically leaving your CPU free for a while. Your computer concentrates only on your gaming.

The Test

You do not really issue a verdict on an application without testing its performance yourself. To understand the product even better, I decided to test it myself on my PC. After a successful Razer game download, I launched the application immediately. After selecting one of the games from the menu, I clicked on the Launch button at the bottom of the application. I was then directed to the game and other activities on my PC were automatically shut as I was assuming.

And that is not it. Razer game download also allowed me to have a look at the programs that would stop running as soon as this gaming booster is launched. It was a great feature something not seen in other applications of the same genre. Once you have closed your game, then all the background activities that were running before will automatically resume to their work. Amazing, isn’t it?

Gaming Tests

It is a great application on the block no doubt. However, coming to any conclusion without testing it on any game would not be fair. Let us test its performance on a few popular games.

I enabled this application while playing Metro 2033. The results before I enabled this application were the maximum frame per second 73.52, followed by average 17.67 frames per second, and minimum 4.55 frame per second.

When I turned on the application there was hardly any difference in the results. The maximum frame per second now was 73.59 followed by average 17.67 frames per second, and minimum 4.55 frame per second. It seemed like the application was not working at all. Giving a verdict after working out on just one game is not fair either. So I decided to try this application on one more now.

I tried it on Empire III. The maximum frame per second without having razer game download was 62 followed by average 54 frames per second and minimumĀ  31 frames per second.

My experience of this gaming booster application was not quite different while playing with this application on. The maximum frame per second was 61, which is quite less than frames per second of Metro 2033. However, its average frame per second was quite outstanding at 54 and minimum at 30 frames per second.

The gaming performance did not really improve even this time. This suggests that Razer game download does not really work that good. Or maybe my system was plagued by a bunch of evil spirits. I do not know. But for me, the application is not really a good take. It is not worth all the hype created around it.

The product comes from the stalwarts like Razer that has been in this industry for a long time now. They have given some of the best computer accessories. Their headsets were really cool and gave a tough a competition on other brands. However, its gaming booster application is the damp squib. It shuts down background activities automatically. But if that is the only criteria to run your games fast then it should probably have worked. But it fell on its face flat on my tests.

Is It of Any Use?

If you are looking to razer game download for some Ninja moves on your games, then you are likely to be disappointed. It did not work for me at all. But a thing that has not worked for me does not mean will not work for you. The application works like just your common sense. You close all your programs manually before setting out-out to play a game. And that is what Razer does to your computer automatically. You are relaxed and have all your brains on your game with all the resources obviously.

Is Windows Task Manager Feature Better than This Booster?

In all rights, yes! Windows task manager is an alternative to this application. I would recommend you to use this feature over razer game download application. This is easy, genuine, and does not occupy your ram unnecessarily. I believe that you should not go outside if you have something ideal right at your home.

Click on empty space on the taskbar and then start Task Manager. This is where you can see the CPU usage yourself. You can choose the programs yourself that you do not want and improve the performance.

The Verdict

Razer Cortex-the gaming booster failed to work for me. It does not improve any gaming experience though it does shut down background activities of other programs. I would rather recommend you using Windows Task Manager feature instead of it. That inbuilt Windows program works better than Razer Cortex.

You can even check some other ways to improve PC performance while gaming. There are hundreds of them online. But remember downloading just any application without knowledge is not good. You put your computer’s security and safety at risk by doing so.

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