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Best Wearable Devices to make you healthy and fit

Posted on Sep 26, 2016 by in Android, Smartphones, smartwatches, Tech, Virtual Reality, Wearables | 0 comments

best wearable devices

Wearable Devices is the best advancement in tech this decade which had seen tremendous growth. In the past ten years, everyone is concentrated more on the development of Smart Phones, Music devices, Mobile OS, Internet and web technology. Now with the tinier and efficient silicone chips, processors and Nanotechnology there came more developments in Smartphones, computers and also new concepts “Wearable Devices.”

Over the year’s people are observing more about the developments in wearable technology. More start-ups and Kickstarter campaigns are created every year and investments are rolling out as people started buying them. Smart Watches, fitness, heart rate monitors, and activity trackers, wireless earphones, VR Headsets have shown high potential. In less than half a decade people started buying more wearable devices and start-ups created with new and advanced concepts.

Best Wearable Devices:

In this article, we have divided wearable devices into two categories based on their usage. Here is the list of best Smart Watches, and Fitness Trackers.

best wearable devices

Best Smartwatches:

Gone are the days where Smart Watches perform primitive functions like calculating, game playing and translations. Now smart watches can receive calls, SMS, Notifications, track your heart rate, sleep and activity in a day, and much more than anyone imagined a decade ago. With more and more research we can gain more advantages from a smart watch. These are some of the best smartwatches in the market.

Apple Watch 2:



Apple Watch Series 2 had some significant changes from the Watch series 1. Unlike the Watch Series 1 of Apple Watch, Series 2 is more concentrated on health and fitness. In this edition, it had built in GPS which lets you take a run in the morning without the need to carry your mobile. Once you reached your iPhone, all the data from the Watch will sync with your iPhone. Watch Series 2 had more advanced Hear Rate sensor, 50-meter water resistance, activity tracker and third party fitness apps connectivity. These come along with all the features of the Watch Series 1 like messages, calls, notifications, Apple Pay Maps and all. One best thing to buy Apple Watch is Apple had more quality developers who create more apps than anyone. This increases the frontiers of your smartwatch.

Pebble Time Steel:


The major feature of the device is battery life Pebble Time Steel had ten days of battery life on a single charge. As the name indicates this smartwatch made of steel which is an important feature for officials and people in business. Even though it had fitness tracking, it is not as accurate as the other leading smartwatches. Users can send voice replies, get messages, notifications,

Samsung Gear S2:


How can we not include Samsung when we talk about Electronics? Samsung released Galaxy Gear in 2013 when there is much talk about wearables. In 2014 Samsung came with new smartwatch Gear S2 which had many advancements from the first edition. Gear S2 runs on Tizen OS which is developed by Samsung, and now it had more than 10,000 Apps. There is heart rate monitor, activity tracker, workouts, and more to keep notified of your health. It can answer calls, send replies, listen to music, and pay with NFC. Samsung also took much care about personalization, style, design and released three different models with a classic touch.

Huawei Watch:


Huawei Watch powered by Android Wear is a beautifully carved Smart Watch with most of the features available. What the best part of I like to Huawei Watch is its Design similar to high-end Swiss watches. They had unique models for men and women. Coming to the specs it had a battery life of 1.5 day which is good enough. It had a 1.4-inch display with multi-touch and made of Sapphire Crystal for scratch resistance and it is also water resistance up to 1 meter or 30 minutes. Huawei watch had heart rate monitors, activity tracking and all the other typical stuff like calls, messages, notifications and music.

Moto 360:


Moto 360 2 had more customization options than any other smart watch. Motorola had a unique customization feature called Moto Maker where you can choose the design. Like most of the smartwatches, Moto 360 too had 1.5-day battery life and heart rate monitor and activity functions. If you are looking for Watch to track your health, then Moto 360 is not the best choice. Android wear the OS of the watch is easier to use with every update. Moto 360 2 is compatible with both Android and iPhone devices. Moto 360 2 is more like Huawei Watch with most of the features alike.

Sony SmartWatch 3:


Sony SmartWatch 3 is the best smart watch you can find with more features and released in 2014. It had GPS, NFC, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0. Sony is the one of the earliest to provide GPS and Wi-Fi for a smartwatch. Inbuilt GPS helps to go for a run without your mobile phone and can sync the data later. Wi-Fi saves much battery in your Smartphone and NFC can be used to pay directly from the Watch. All these features are available since 2014 and still in 2016 many smartwatches lack these features. Battery life is splendid when compared to other smart watches with two days of normal usage.

Vector Watch:


The best part in Vector Watch is its big 30 Days battery life, but it had sacrificed some features to achieve this. The Display made of very old tech which consumes very less battery thereby lasting longer. However, it does all the functions of a standard smartwatch like texts, notifications, calls, and news. It also has features to take care of your health like heart rate monitor, activity tracking and sleep monitoring. Having the Vector Watch on your hand will give you more formal, and formal look due to is metal and leather straps.

LG Watch Urbane 2:


LG Watch Urbane 2nd edition is the smart watch with Sim Slot and that of LTE support. As of now LG is partnered with AT&T network who provide sim cards for the watch in its network. With the sim active in the watch, it is entirely independent of the smartphone to receive calls, text, and SMS. It had a 1.38-inch display with 348 ppi and came with 768 MB Ram and 4 GB internal storage. Bluetooth 4.1 and Wi-Fi connectivity helps to connect to your smartphone, and it had the best battery life with 2.5 days on normal usage.

Best Fitness Trackers:

Humans are only after two things happiness and health, all the work we do every day meant for these two things. We need happiness by doing what we believe in and to be happy we need to healthy. Fitness trackers help you to maintain your body; it tracks your heart rate and activity. We can estimate the number of calories we take and no of calories we burn. It helps to track our sleep and contribute to determine how deep we are in our sleep and more. Fitness trackers count no of steps, floors climbing, no of kilometres you walked and some calories you burn by workouts and sports. Here are nine best fitness trackers that help you to make your body healthy.

Fitbit Surge:


Fitbit is one of the earliest company to develop fitness devices and had contributed a lot to the new device development. The surge which released in 2014 had all the features of a fitness device and also had many smartwatch functions. Using Fitbit Surge users can track precise heart rate, track all day activity, set Auto Sleep and alarms, sync with smartphones and PCs. Users also get the notifications of calls, SMS and app notifications to the fitness band. You can think that most of the smartwatches have all the fitness features but what they lack are precision and accuracy. Fitbit is a pioneer in giving detailed information about your health and not just estimations, and it can last up to & days without GPS.

To keep users motivated and achieve their goals they provide options to share and compete with your friends. Tracking your food is an important part of maintaining your health and Fitbit had a massive database of foods and their calories. Users can view the progress of their workouts, walking and sleep.

Misfit Ray:


Misfit founded in 2011, and the name honours Steve Jobs, and John Sculley is one of the founders. He is also a former Apple CEO. Misfit Ray is a fitness and sleep tracker which tracks data from all the steps, distance, calories, and sleep. There are a good number of straps and Necklace straps available to suit your clothing. It syncs the data with your smartphone and also provides vibration alerts for call and text notifications and alarms. Users can swim with Misfit Ray as it is swim proof and it is having a battery life of 6 months. The battery is a Non-charging and replaced every six months.

Garmin Forerunner 630:


Garmin Forerunner 530 is a must have watch for exercise, with its training mode you can track the calories burned more accurately. It had GPS to track your running, walking, riding a bike and climbing floors more accurately. Activity Tracker tracks your steps, sleep, pulse rate. Move bar will notify you to take a walk for inactivity for a particular time. It had a battery life of almost four weeks on Watch and active tracker mode. On training mode, it will last only for 16 hours. It is one of the few companies which give accurate details on your heart rate, calories, steps, and activity.

Fitbit Charge 2:


Charge 2 is another advanced model from Fitbit with more features than ever. Multisports mode, GPS, large display, Cardio Fitness level are some significant improvements in Charge 2 from Charge HR. With multi-sports mode helps to set individual activities like running, yoga or weights and it will track accordingly. The Large display provides more information on the band without needing to reach the smartphone. Users can connect to their smartphone and get notifications, messages, and phone calls. With cardio fitness level users get more understanding on their fitness level and how to improve your fitness. Charge 2 also lasts five days of battery life and is water resistance to rain, splash, and sweat.

Jawbone UP 3:


Jawbone UP 3 is a stylish looking fitness band with high-quality features and advanced tech. It had heart rate monitor, respiratory tracking, and Galvanic skin response. Galvanic Skin Response tech is used in lie detectors to identify the change in skin response. However, the one in the band is designed to calculate your heart rate and sleep. It tracks your sleep and daily activity and syncs the data to the app in your smartphone. Jawbone UP 3 had a battery life of almost seven days for a charge time of one and half hour. Even though during the launch company said it a waterproof device later it changed to splashproof.

Gear Fit 2:


Gear Fit 2 is a fitness device from Samsung which runs on native Tizen OS and had many features of a smartwatch. It is more of a cross between fitness tracking devices and smartwatches. Fit 2 comes with an inbuilt GPS, heart rate monitor, storage, activity tracker and more. It tracks all your workouts, sports, running, climbing floors, steps taken, no of hours slept and shows it on display. Moreover gear fit 2 comes in two variants in sizes for people with smaller hands and bigger hands. Fit 2 is only compatible with Android devices with 1.5 GB of ram and Android 4.4+. Battery life of the device is 4 to 5 days which splendid when compared with the features of the band. Overall Gear Fit 2 is a good option to select with more features provided compared to the rivals.

Polar A360:


Polar A360 is best fitness tracker for swimmers as it is a waterproof device and tracks your activity during swimming. There are very few fitness trackers that are waterproof, and most of them do not have features as Polar A360. It had smart coaching where it will notify about your heart rate during workouts and provide details of exercises. It had a touch screen and provided notifications of calls, messages, and alarms at the same time tracks your activity. Polar flow analyses your all day activity and allows users to sync data with your smartphone and mobiles. Polar A360 had an enormous battery life of up to 2 weeks which is very high for the device.

TalkBand B2:


Talkband B2 is another good looking fitness tracker from Huawei and is a lot better than the previous edition. A unique feature in Talkband B2 is it can use as a Bluetooth device. It tracks your running, walking climbing and more and syncs with your smartphone. Talkband B2 uses UP software from Jawbone which tracks your activity and guides you to reach your goals. Phone finder feature will help you to find your mobile by sending a command to your smartphone to the ring. Talkband B2 had a battery efficiency of up to 5 days as a fitness tracker and 7 hours as well as for Bluetooth headset.

Mi Band 2:


Mi Band 2 is the best fitness tracker you can get if you are on a tight budget. A typical product similar to this costs at least 100$, but Mi Band 2 cost just 50$ or even less. It had heart rate monitor, pedometer, sleep and activity tracker and much more. It had a small display that shows time, notification and calls along with a single touch button. Android devices connect with Bluetooth 4.0 and will unlock when Mi Band 2 is near the device. Mi Band 2 had a battery life of 20 days which superb for the price, and it is water and dust resistant.

Wearable are changing the lifestyle in many ways by minimising our work, keeping us healthy and improving our style. There are still many wearables devices like wireless earphones, Virtual reality devices, smart shoes, and clothing. After a decade we may not have visualised any of them now, and the critical need for wearables is battery life. With already charging too many gadgets every day like smartphones, tablets, laptops adding any new device will be difficult to take. Companies are working hard to increase the battery life as much as possible, hope they do it fast.

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