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Best Superhero Cheap Gaming Frenzies of All Time for Online Gerard Butlers

Posted on Oct 7, 2016 by in Gaming | 0 comments

All right! The world of Hollywood cinema has long been relying on their out of the box exotic superhero adventures to rake in millions of dollars from across the world. Following the footprints of the superhero genre, the gaming industry has also dabbled into these cheap gaming frenzies to keep the modern world Gerard Butlers hooked to their screens at home. However, the formula does not seem to have struck the right chord as superheroes are struggling to earn popularity in the city of Gotham.

At this time when video gaming industry is dishing out entertainment spicier than a string of Hollywood movies, we wonder why the hit formula of the tinsel town is not working in the cheap gaming industry. I guess this is due to the fact that horror, shooting, and other action cheap gaming whims have been revolutionized by their makers, keeping in mind the taste of the contemporary generation. Most superhero games are still reeling under the same apathy. The superhero cheap gaming frenzies now a Christopher Nolan who can give a Dark Knight like makeover to the superhero series on this loving platform.

But yes, there are a few superhero games in the industry that despite all the odds have been able to make a mark. This article is dedicated to cool superheroes who have saved many lives and the planet earth with their undisputed powers. Here is the guide to some of the best superhero cheap gaming frenzies of all time for online Gerard Butlers. Here we go:

The League of Extraordinary Patriots in Freedom Force


Launched way backed in 2002, Freedom Force is no doubts an oldie that some might have even shelved in their forgotten memories. But the aging cheap gaming experience is packed some of the most innovative gameplays that other counterparts of its time could not even think of. One of the best parts of the game is that it can be played even today, at a time when the crowd of contemporary lifelike cheap gaming frenzies has taken on the fans of the industry.

Freedom Force is a real-time tactical game of its time that went on to become an overnight success. The plot of the game is equally intriguing. The citizens of the Patriot City are on the super power gaining spree and have to save the world from fire spewing ugly monsters and other villains. Freedom Force is trying to give Marvel’s zombies a new twist in their character, which might come as an air of refreshment for those who are tired of watching their favorite superheroes performing the same action scenes all the time. What I personally loved about this game is that it has its own set of new superhero characters. I mean it is always good to see new superheroes with new traits and capabilities on the block. Except a few I don’t think there has not been many contemporary superheroes who may survive a few more years to come. New superheroes such as Deadpool and Green Lantern are cool and connect with the youth but don’t have that zing to continue their legacies for some more time to come.

Back in 2002, the game earned so much popularity that it inspired its own comic after the game. And just like its cheap gaming version, the comic book went on to taste success overnight. Freedom Force is visual delight packed with an out and out dramatic plot.

To spice up the flavor of the game, there is this narration done in a brooding overbearing voice. Another interesting thing about this game is that it just does not stress more on storytelling. I mean it does not go deep into telling unnecessary details. It is quite straightforward unlike other superhero games of our time.

Modern superhero games are more like Hollywood flick now. A story takes its own time develop, which in gaming version tends to take a toll on the patience of gamers. But the gamers have now subconsciously adopted the entire scenario. They are frequently buying the idea of over the board storytelling now. But when you the play Freedom Force, you will start feeling the difference. The game is quick and there is just no time for your superheroes to brood over a particular thing. They are there to fight and get the thing done right as fast as possible.

This squad-based tactical game allows you to make your own squad of four superheroes. This makes you feel like you are making a new Avenger team of the most undisputed personalities in the world. In the game you are entering a map, waging a war against enemies, and sometimes fighting the boss of the game intensely, and return to your own base. You keep repeating it in the game. The entire combat scenes of the gaming appear like that of Baldur’s Gate.

Superheroes of the game are packed with a wide variety of attack and defense systems. Projectile attacks, area-effect attacks, and melee are some of the interesting attack systems that will sweep you off your feet.

Interestingly, the environment of the game is not just the backdrop for the gaming plot. Streets and other objects in the game are there to play a significant role in the gameplay. I mean there are cars that your heroes can lift to throw at enemies. They can be used as weapons. You can climb up the buildings and rain energy beams down on your enemies and monsters. You can turn all the buildings into rubble anytime you want. But you have to be very careful about wreaking so much havoc in the city to take on your enemies as you might end up paying for anything done for no reason. It is still a perfect game and, thus, evergreen forever. Freedom Force was arguably the first milestone in the superhero cheap gaming frenzy that swarmed the whole world in future.

The Dark Night Rises Again with Batman: Arkham Night


One of the most popular superheroes of all time Batman got the requisite makeover with his Dark Night series. And the credit to infuse life in the superhero character with a dark twists and turns goes to Christopher Nolan who is currently busy giving a few shades dark tone to the Man of Steel—Superman.

After breaking all the box-office records, Batman has swept into the video/PC cheap gaming platform lately. The adaptation in the gaming industry has been received well by the superhero fans who for long been waiting to meet the superhero personally on their stupid boxes. Batman: Arkham Night just like its movie series is the top superhero game of all times. Critics believe that Batman: Arkham Night is the best version of the Dark Night on any given till date. The pace of the plot and action scenes are not just the best but also in tandem with the plot of story. There are not many games that can justify their movie adaptations in all respects.

According to a number of gaming experts, a lot of cheap gaming versions of superhero movies tend to spice up the entertainment quotient by adding their own sets of creativity, which in many cases does not go that well as expected. They capture the details exactly the way they are but they fail to understand the theme of the game. For example, the theme of the Dark Night series will go odd with Kung Fu action scenes being performed by Batman himself. However, there have been many games out there in the industry that fail to understand this and spoil the entire gameplay in the game of creativity.

The case is slightly different Batman: Arkham Night. The makers of the game caught the pulse of the movie series and have dished out a game that is undisputed in all rights so far. Graphics of the game are out of the world and help you stay in the excitement throughout the game. Voice performances are spectacular in all rights.

One of the most interesting things about Arkham Knight is that the game has not shied away from showing the dark side of the superhero. I have been watching Batman since I was a kid and know his trouble side of the story. The plot of the game is filled with those flaws of the superhero, which I seriously feel is the best part of the game. A perfect sorry is about a protagonist failing to overcome his flaws and then something inspirational happens and the hero wins the battle. There has to be a challenge to help you understand the gravity of the situation. When you win it makes you think the kind of struggle you have through to be where you are right now. Arkham Knight has interestingly worked on the same parameters of a successful story.

Another best thing about the game is its iconic Batmobile. This is the first in the series that you as the protagonist are allowed to ride the bike. I have always loved the bike for its design speed and just everything. The bike manufacturers should have taken a cue from the designers of the batman series and have creating something on the lines of this bike. The design of the bike has not gone too many makeovers since I started watching Batman series. It is still so contemporary and epic. The credit goes to the original makers of the Batman who are behind the character’s epic legacy. The good thing is that you can now ride the bike on your own. Not just one roads but wherever you can imagine. The batmobile battle scenes in the game are spectacular and make you want to be in the game forever. What I really felt while playing is that the kind of cheap gaming frenzy I was going through can never be felt while watching a movie. The thrill of watching is way more different than playing. When you a play a game you feel like you are into it. You have all the controls and you are the one taking all the decision to settle things down. And that is exactly what the fun of the gaming is.

The game becomes even more exciting when you have all the freedom to move around.

The superhero is a delight for players. He has been animated beautifully and it feels like a privilege to control the man of his caliber. Some of the best moments of the game are when you are required to soar towards Man-Bat, tackle the shrieking beast, and zip through high vantage points. After some time into the game, you will realize that the game has been seasoned perfectly to execute every move like never before. The superhero looks super confident in the game. You will see him riding his bike on the streets of Gotham like he knows the hideouts of his prey. He can take his bike on the rooftops of some of the building without any difficulty and when he comes on to the surface he sticks to his aura on his face. The voiceover performances of the gaming are out of the world and add to the thrill of the plot. Batman comments on an off at various scenes, which is a delight to watch and play.

Interestingly, Batman is not just killing any enemy of the Gotham city. Yes. You heard it right. The gameplay becomes even more interesting when you realize that Batman is not killing anyone out there. He is enjoying breaking bones and tearing fleshes apart of the villains in the game. The Batmobile is also not on killing spree. Every Bruce Wayne runs over his enemies they get electrical jolts. That is it. They are not crushed under the tires. Slightly strange that Batman in Arkham Knights is living under his non-killing code. This code thing has been introduced in the game to work a little on emotional quotients.

The Rock Star Superheroes Come to the Rescue of the World: Marvel Heroes 2016


After back to back hits, the series of Marvel superheroes is soon going to enter the Guinness Book of World Records anytime soon for raking in an undisputed amount of moola. The craze of its superheroes is out of the world and people are just dying to catch a glimpse of their next on the block. What I personally love about Marvel heroes is that all of them have a very distinct character. They all have a dark side and have their separate stories that have before been made into some full-fledged blockbuster movies.

The superhero cheap gaming experiences are not too much on the block but chances of the marvel version not making it to the scene were very slim from the beginning. The success of movie series starring all the greatest Marvel’s superheroes inspired its superhero cheap gaming version that went on to become a rage over a period of time. Initially, when the Marvel’s Superhero was launched it could not take off as expected by critics. There was a buzz about the launch around the game but the gaming industry just could not accept the game for a number of reasons. But the game has improved incredibly for the time it was first launched and now has become on the top superhero cheap gaming frenzies in the world.

One of the best things about this game is that it allows its players to upgrade their special abilities and traits in the game. This ability to upgrade their superpowers allows you to customize your hero your way. So it is not the same Hulk on a prowl for you. You can customize him your way like you have always wanted to see on screen. Talking about its superhero customization part, you know there are times when a particular idea strikes our mind that we want to see our superhero in a particular way. But we can hardly do work on those whims. Marvel’s Superhero 2016 lets you live those dreams without having to compromise on your entertainment quotient. Another best thing about this game is that it has got more than 100 superheroes. Yes. You heard it right there are more than 100 superheroes spewing the powers like you have never seen before. All these Marvel’s superheroes are showcasing a variety of different superpower and along with that colorful costumes.

The action scenes of the game are mind blowing. The makers have made it a point to keep in line with the movies series by the same name. The audience tends to draw comparisons in gaming with their movie adaptations invariably. And if any cheap gaming experience fails on just any aspect, then the game starts receiving flak from its fans. That is what has been taken care of by the makers of this game. The action scenes are in theme with movies and do give you goose bumps on and off.

Graphics of the game are equally magnificent. You feel like you are into the game playing it all on your own. There is no way you can point out just anything. The story keeps you hooked throughout the gameplay. The plot is intriguing and leaves you dumbfounded at times.

It is Personal Between The Man of Steel and Bruce Wayne of Gotham City: Injustice—Gods Among Us


All right! This is like a dream come true for all Superman and Batman fans, who could not get enough of Batman v/s Superman released a few months back. Injustice: Gods Among Us is a hell lot of game packed with some spectacular action scenes and out of the world storyline. For me what worked is the way it has been structured by the makers. It gives you goose bumps on and off and I was like just more than shocked to play it frame by frame.

The story revolves around Superman who has created his new world after Joker has tricked him into destroying metropolis. And to stop the man of incredible powers, Batman makes his own squad of other superheroes. This is more than intriguing for Batman fan like me. If you too are bored of the same clichéd superhero cheap gaming experiences, then playing Injustice: Gods Among Us will prove refreshing for you.

What I personally loved about this game is that I got to make my own version of Batman v/s Superman movie. You are there into the game and trying to correct everything that you thought was correct but you cannot do it because it was a movie. But in the game, you are playing it all with your mind, making all your decisions your way.

There are several mechanics in the game. One of the most interesting of them all is the clashes mechanics. Once you get this clash mechanism activated then tend to interrupt a combo right away followed by the superheroes releasing an ample amount of their super meters. So it goes this way. If the fighter who has initiated the clash spends more, he regains health proportional to the amount spent; otherwise he receives the amount of damage spent by his opponent. These mechanisms can be used only once per round by the initiator who is second down on his health bar.

One of the best parts of the game is that background is not there for the heck of it. Everything and every object in the game is there for a reason and sums up to your entertainment. You can just anything and throw on your enemies. Graphics of the game are spectacular. You feel you are into the game yourself doing all the stuff on your own.

One of my favorite parts of the game is that it allows you to practice in the game. So you just do not have to be a professional gamer to play this game. There are several options in the game that allow you to practice in the game perfectly. You can even practices online players on an off.

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