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Best Playstation Console for Gaming Zombies in 2016

Posted on Oct 26, 2016 by in Gaming | 0 comments

With so many feature-rich games around, you got to have an ideal playstation console to end zombie mayhem. But in the fast-paced gaming industry choosing an ideal playstation console is like breaking the Da Vinci Codes. Their over-the-board costs also add fuel to an already gone wild fire. So to make your battle easy, we bring you some trusted playstation consoles of 2016. Here we go, guys:

Sony PS4 Pro is the New Bond


If your friends call you a gaming zombie, then Sony PS4 Pro is the best playstation console for you. Just spice up your virtual gaming world with this cool machine and double the fun. Nicknamed Neo, this playstation works smoothly just like Bond on a mission. This machine is compatible with both 4Ks and HDR videos. The compatibility credit goes to upgraded GPU in this high-end playstation console.

Its 4K resolution isn’t just about video playback as we have seen before in Xbox One S. The electronics giant Sony has already vowed to upscale its wide range of gaming experiences. The absence of Blu-Ray drive may disappoint a few gamers. However, 1TB drive does try to fill the gap a bit.

This playstation console costs around £ 349 inclusive of VAT. It packs a punch with a variety of features and is a must-have for new age gaming zombies.

Sony PS4 Slim Woos Gamers across the Globe


It seems like Sony is on the prowl with its range of playstation console as another stalwart from the giant debuts. Sony PS4 Slim has swept off the gamers with its sleek design and features. The product swears by what the makers have written about it on the tin. As probably the name suggests, this is undoubtedly the smaller version of PS4. So those who are fond of slim ladies should try their luck with Sony PS4 Slim. It takes your gaming experience to a different level altogether.

What comes as the respite here for PS4 owners is that you are not required to upgrade anything here. All the features are quite just identical. This slim lady packs a punch with HDR supports. But you can’t really call it an exclusive feature here. Sony has already announced it to take it to PS4 with just a software upgrade. Talking about its cost, it is quite cheaper than Sony PS4 Pro at £259. Light on the pocket, slim on the body, and wild on performance, this playstation console makes for a cool combo for your gaming buds. Delicious!

Spicing it Up with Sony PS4


All right! Another Spartan on the list is from the electronic giant called Sony again. And we are not really surprised by this because that’s exactly what you expect from a numero-uno brand like that. So after Sony PS4 Pro and Slim, PS4 is like most of us has expected while discussing the other machines.

First of all, if you still think it as a new-age revolution, you got to splash water on your face. Sony PS4 is behind its contemporaries and does not really deserve to be called a gen-next thing now. However, that does not mean it is not a hell lot of a machine. Despite its two versions are ruling the industry, this is still the best bet for playstation console gamers even now.

One of the biggest downsides of this playstation console is its design. Some referred to it as the wedge shaped. However, the makers made it up by infusing it with a powerful performance. So nobody really focused that much on its shape. There is a variety of games. In fact, not just variety but they are all a hell lot of exciting. However, the one thing that hooks its gamers even today is its wireless DualShock controller. It is still the best of all despite a hell lot of versions.

The cost of this playstation console is £349 inclusive of VAT.

On a Date with Nintendo Wii U


If any playstation console seems to have coincided with Old is Gold adage, then it is obviously Nintendo Wii U. It has spent more than 4 years in the industry and yet rules like Achilles. You know how fickle the gaming industry is and surviving in the industry with that valor is like a miracle. Nintendo Wii U is the best choice playstation console for all gaming zombies and their families.

The best part is that you can use its remote and at the same time play its games. You can’t have a bonus better than on gaming consoles. Wii U packs a punch with its Gamepad that you can use it as its handle console. However, Nintendo NX console is on the verge of release next year in March. That means the price of Nintendo Wii U is likely to drop further. So if you are in love with the machine and looking for a better bargain, you should wait for some time. You might land a big deal.

Nintendo Wii U costs around £249 inclusive of VAT. Considering the price, it is a still best deal as it is the classic original playstation console of all time.

Nvidia Shield TV Emerges as the Thor of the Console World


At £149.99 for 16 GB variant, some gaming zombie might find it a little more expensive than usual. There is no dearth of cheaper consoles in the market today with 16 GB variation. However, what you should rather look here for are the games that are fairly cheaper than other consoles. The android games on this playstation console cost £0.79. If you want to play advanced games then you will have to shell out around £10.

Nvidia Shield has everything that any standard media streamer would have on its platter to offer. But you will also enjoy playing some Nvidia exclusive games. These are all powerful games.

There is a game streaming service that will cost you £7.49 monthly. It is good to invest in that because it provides you with a huge library of games. I believe that is an investment worth making because at that cost you won’t get even peanuts.

Apart from that, you can enjoy some of the most iconic games such as The Witcher 3 and Mad Max. Trust me if you are going to get all that in just £7.49 then you should go for it. Nvidia Shield TV is a hell lot of a device at a good price. There are a variety of games with twists and turns. All you got to do is sit back and enjoy games.

New 3DS and 3DS XL


3DS has a variety of classic Nintendo games including Mario and Luigi and Zelda in 3D version. It is cheaper than Nintendo Wii U. There is 3DS XL version, which is slightly more expensive than 3DS. But it is worth investing in it as the gaming platform provides a hell lot of features.

3DS costs £149.99 while 3DS XL costs £179.99 . If you are not that big 3D fan, then you can also opt for the old 3DS version. It is going go to cost less besides there is this old 2DS version. It will cost you less.

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