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Best GoPro Alternatives

Posted on Oct 5, 2016 by in Tech, Technology | 0 comments

best and cheap gopro alternatives

Action Cameras which are first pitched by GoPro in 2005 and since then Action Cameras had become a revolution in adventure and sports. Best features of action cameras are they are tough, HD video, lightweight, slim and waterproof. Many start-ups and large enterprises have started creating new action cameras for different purposes. Here are Best GoPro alternatives you can purchase based on your requirements.

Best GoPro Alternatives:

best and cheap gopro alternatives

Garmin Virb X:


Garmin Virb X is also having a price tag similar to the GoPro Hero 5 Session but had many different specifications. Virb X comes with a 12MP camera, HD video recording, waterproof for up to 50meters and when connected to mobile it provides acceleration, heart rate, speed and more. It had inbuilt GPS, G-force, and sensors to provide more detailed information. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth help to connect with your mobile and laptops to transfer data. The basic model of Garmin Virb X comes with necessary accessories like standard mount adapter, long screw, flat and curved adhesive mounts and wrench. Virb X comes with a small screen and buttons at the bottom that provides essential details of the camera like resolution, GPS, Bluetooth and more.



HTC Re expressly designed for one hand usage and different from GoPro-style cameras. It comes with a 16MP camera to take photos with an optical zoom of 16x and 1080p resolution for videos. Its 146° wide angle allows capturing more area than any traditional camera. HTC Re is easy to operate using its single button and connects to your smartphone and laptop. It comes with both Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi to connect and stream your data on your mobile or upload to the cloud. Re is water resistant for up to 1m which is not okay for an action camera but can allow using in a swimming pool. There are a good number of accessories available for HTC Re to record your vacations, or take pictures and videos.

DBPower EX5000:


If you are on tight budget but still require a good quality action camera, then DBPower EX5000 is the best option. It is more similar to GOPro Hero3+ Silver but at 1/3rd the price. EX5000 comes with a 14MP camera and 1080p recording with 170° wide angle. It connects with Wi-Fi and supports SD Card up to 32 GB which enables to record for 5 hours in 1080p. DBPower comes with two batteries, and each battery provides 88 minutes of recording which means 178 minutes of recording with both the batteries. It can withstand extreme conditions like heat, cold, dust, sand, dirt, and rain.

EX5000 2-inch LCD allows viewing the recording and image captures. It also provides information on Wi-Fi, battery life and more. The case that comes with the camera makes it waterproof for up to 30m. Many accessories like mounts, belts, and case come along with the action camera. DBPower EX5000 is the cheapest GoPro alternative you can find with quality.

Tomtom Bandit:


If you are not satisfied with a battery life of GoPro, then you need to check out TomTom Bandit. TomTom Bandit comes with 3hours battery life from its 1900mAh battery when recording at 1080p. It supports 4K, 2.7K, 1080p at 30fps and 60 fps and 720p at 60 and 120 fps. On normal conditions, it can be waterproof up to 40M which is way more than 10M of GoPro highest edition. Bandit does not require any cables to operate it comes with a USB which can be used to charge, transfer data and saves much time. Built in sensors allows tracking G-Force, Speed, acceleration, rotation and more. Overall it dominating features from GoPro are longer battery life and 40M water resistance.

Drift Stealth 2:


Drift Stealth 2 is another best alternative to GoPro if you need longer battery life and lightweight. It had a battery life of up to 3 hours and weighed 97 grams which are lesser than GoPro Hero 5 session. It can capture images at 12Mp and record videos at 1080p with 130° of view. The camera inside Stealth 2 can rotate up to 300° which is a good feature. With Wi-Fi, users can connect to mobiles and laptops to transfer data and control the camera. One major disadvantage is it is not waterproof which can be a major drawback to many. The cost of the Drift Stealth 2 is about half that of GoPro’s Hero 4 session.

Xiaomi Yi:


Xiaomi Yi is another action camera with many useful features and at half the price of GoPro Hero 4. Yi comes with a 16 MP camera that shoots video with HD resolution and had 155° ultra wide angle lens. It can also connecte via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to transfer data and control the camera options. Yi had built in gravity sensors that can detect rotations, accelerations, and more. The weight of the camera is just 72 grams which are almost same for many action cameras. Battery life of Yi action camera is 95 minutes which is excellent for the price and waterproof for up to 40M. Even the highest edition of GoPro is just 10M.

Veho VCC-006-K2NPNG:


Are you a diver or sea adventure or not satisfied with the 10M waterproof provided by GoPro? Then Veho K2NPNG with 100M waterproof with the case on is a great action camera to choose. Another major feature to check is battery life; it had 4+ hours battery life on a single charge. Veho K2NPNG can shoot videos with 1080p resolution with its 16MP camera. It can connect using Wi-Fi and had a range of up to 40M. Veho K2NPNG comes with an LCD screen which can be used with buttons and provides all the details about the camera on the screen. Veho K2NPNG had an 8GB memory internally and can also connect an SD card.

These are the best and cheap alternatives to GoPro action cameras you can buy. If you think any other action camera should add to the list, comment below.

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