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Best Cheap Smart Watch Faces for Android Users

Posted on Nov 30, 2016 by in Android | 0 comments

The biggest news after Kim Kardashian’s robbery episode in Paris is the postponement of Android Wear 2.0. The news has surely disappointed the fans who waited eagerly for the big day but has not deterred creative Spartans. All the third-party zombies are set to try new warm blood in the name of the best cheap smart watch faces for android users. As a result, there are a variety of options to give a personalized touch to your watch with an interactive twist.

So irrespective of the type of watch you wear now, you can spice up the oomph factor of the cool device with loads of creativity. You can fill up the faces with endless life whether you wear a round-faced Huawei or Sony SmartWatch 3 with a rectangular shaped dial. We bring you the best cheap smart watch faces for android users in both the categories. If you are trying to get the right face, this is the guide you cannot afford to miss. Here we go:

Spiral Watch from Imgur the Giant


Already one of the biggest rock stars of the big dirty industry, Imgur is set to enter the dragons of best cheap smart watch faces with a difference. The new face of the image sharing giant has already become the talk of the town.

Imgur Sprial Watch is a hit amongst fans. It shows time in a series of expanding rings. You can also watch the time digitally if you wish after changing the settings. The watch is free of cost.

The Chronicles of Chronus


Chronus is the best bet for those looking for a classic style without compromising on the so-called smart quotient. Its round dial is sleek and does spice up the overall look in a fraction of a second. One of the best parts of this best cheap smart watch face is that it has got a unique lock screen widget. This allows you to have accurate fitness and weather information on your display in organized interfaces.

Weareal is the Real Glitter


One of the best cheap smart watch faces in the industry is this 3D animated real glitter with loads of swag in store for its beholders. But what did the makers really have in their minds while giving it a 3D heart? According to reports, the makers wanted to give it an authentic metallic glow which is why they opted for this 3D animated glitter. The experiment seems to have become a success as people have loved it. There are four best cheap smart watch faces available for free in the upmarket.

Chrono the Best Way to Go


If you are the one who loves to have style without compromising on your intelligence, then this is the right beast designed for you. The best part of the machine is that it allows you to save all your important data on the screen in an organized way. So whether it is an important file or your fitness data, you have got all of it on your display like never before.

All the essential data on your dial at just $0.99 from Google Play.

Watch Face Minimal and Elegant


If you are looking for the best smartwatch face that suits all your preferences, then you must try this zombie who can don just any face. Priced at $1.59, some might find it a little expensive as far as watch faces are concerned. However, Watch Face is like a mine of diamonds that can get you a number of other faces without costing you a single dime.

The best part is that they all can be customized like never before. You can buy it from Google play.

World Timer: The World on My Wrist


So the name of the watch gives it all away and we don’t really feel bad about it. In this busy modern world, some people especially entrepreneurs are required to know the timings of different countries. And this World Time smartwatch face comes in handy during such scenarios. The World Timer can show you the timings of more than 24 countries in an organized way. So just a few taps and you have got the time on your wrist like never before.

You can buy it at $0.99 from Google Play.

Wear Mini for Toggling App


If you are the one who can’t stick to just one application on your device, then this is arguably the best cheap smart watch faces for you on the block. The Wear Mini face allows you to have access to a variety of applications and also toggle them like never before. You can also switch to your widgets with a few taps on the screen. What I personally loved about Wear Mini is that it comes with a set of personal customizations. There are 12 fancy backgrounds you must check out with 5 interesting dial styles and two borders. It comes with an option for an analog hand.

Wear Mini allows you to toggle Wi-Fi and take your call through the smartwatch face. It is free and you can download it from Google Play.

Star Wars: The Gadget of the Gods


Before I personally had my head into the device to review what I found most interesting about this face is its name. If anything under the blue sky has its name one such a big brand then it is bound to get popular overnight.

Just like the movie, Star Wars smartwatch face is also an incredibly beautiful asset you can own. Most of its wonders are stored in the app but if you are a big fan of Star Wars Movie series then chances are that you can’t let it go just like that. You can choose your dark or light side with Star Wars smartwatch face. The best part is that it contains all the basic features. You can see the time, weather, and every other thing you like.

Star Wars is free. You can download it from Google Play.

Ustwo: The Multiple App Monster


Ustwo is one of the best cheap smart watch faces for people who love to juggle between several applications at a time. The power of this device increases manifold as it works like having four applications at a time. It comes loaded with four modes: Albumen, Next, Episode, and Runway. They are all packed with several faces designed to give you a host of colorful features. So you don’t have to worry about weather information and other fitness details, you will have it all in style with out of the box reminders and updates.

The makers have also tried to work around to give it an artistic touch. The looks are phenomenal. It is free. You can download it from Google Play.

A Slice of Heaven for Bikers with Specialized Bikes


This cheap smart watch face has been designed especially for bikers who need to have information before heading for an Indiana Jones like adventure. Specialized Bikes is loaded with special features that will help bikers in a number of ways. Strap it on your wrist and get to know all the weather information on the road ahead. You can also get all the details of sunrise and sunsets with just a few quick taps. The face displays precipitation graphic which looks absolutely cool. It is also available on rectangular shaped dial. However, it looks better on round shaped devices, especially on LG G Watch R.

It is free. You can download it from Google Play.

Asics Watchface for Activity


This face is quite new on the block and has compiled some really interesting features. However, there are some already big stalwarts in the industry with out of the box features for every occasion. Considering that this face might not be an apt choice for those who live their lives always on the edge.

According to experts, the fitness features of the face are elementary. Other players in the industry have come with some creative thoughts while Asics sticks to the basic. We have included this on our list for it being quite new on the job. Despite being a fresher, the face is still great and can satisfy the new fitness freaks.

It is free. You can download it from Google Play.

Style it Right with Pujie Black


What I personally love about this smartwatch face is its simplicity at best. It looks elegant on your wrist with a variety of smart features to spice up your style. The best part of having this face is that it is customizable. It comes with a host of features to give you information on weather, calendar events, and much more.

It costs $0.99. You can download it from Google Play.

Instaweather for Android Wear


Its cool blue display is soothing to your eyes like no other thing in the world. As the name suggests, it keeps you updated on weather conditions with real-time information and satellite images. So if rain is expected then you can see it on the screen.

It is free. You can download it from Google Play.


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