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The Best Cheap Gaming Experiences You Must Not Avoid On Your PC in 2016-Part II

Posted on Sep 22, 2016 by in Gaming | 0 comments

Even if the Godfather of Science Einstein himself pushes his brain behind in creating a rig to control a Hulk, it will never be able to match the popularity of the best cheap gaming experiences around the globe this season. And the cheap gaming experiences designed especially for PCs in 2016 are a hell of mean machines set to blow all hot-shots of this violent gaming industry. As there are countless cheap gaming experiences on the block right not, we too could cover a few in our previous article. But in this section, we try to hit the zombie even harder here we go:

The Fear Gets a New Place Inside


There are very few games in the gaming industry like Inside today that can scare the shit out of you with their cheap gaming extravaganza. The game is spectacularly out of the world and tends to keep you guessing every moment into it. The scariest cheap gaming experience has been developed by none other than Playlead, the brain behind the marvelous Limbo. So now we know where this fear is coming from.

What I personally loved about the game is its whole plot. This is quite amazingly different and spooky. The entire ambiance fills you with an unknown enigma around, which in the later episodes gets to your head. The combination of kids and horror is quirky as in those Korean horror movie series like Ring. The makers of the game have tried to create the same mystery.

Inside has a young kid as the one we have seen in Limbo. A few shadowy men are after him. The dark substance of the plot has been kept to minimal as to that of we have seen in Limbo—the reason is unknown. There are colors to keep you a little bit optimistic through the plot of the game.

The makers of the game have not spilled beans around its storyline. That means you are on your own to find out it. The idea is to keep the gamers guessing and on their toes till its release. It is a marketing strategy.

Dining Out with Ori and The Blind Forest


This one of my favorites adventure fantasy cheap gaming experiences of all time. Not just the story and the characters but also the graphics of the game are out of the world. If I have to describe my experience of this game on my gaming PC then I would rather term it as alive and breathing. Every shred of the visual is a masterpiece created by the Leonardo Da Vincis of the gaming industry. My special mention is for those who have done the art part of the game. This man who is the brain behind the art of the game deserves an Oscar for the best work without a doubt.

Art is the soul of an adventure gaming. If makers can’t get these basics right, then they are doomed to hell. However, the makers of Ori and The Blind Forest did not slip even in a single place.

The best part about this cheap gaming extravaganza is that most of its gaming mechanics are derived from the old school 2D cheap gaming experiences. However, there is no dearth of the modern time spices in the plot that is why it so different from the crowd of others. John Riccitiello, the chairman of Unity Engine, have called this game an achingly beautiful cheap gaming experiences of all times. But in my words, it is achingly intelligent cheap gaming that forces you to think faster than Einstein himself. One more second up you are down from the deeper-than-sea trenches. It is not a walk on the cake if you don’t attain new abilities along the way guys.

Apart from its plot, what kept me on my toes is its exotic locations. I wish I could holiday in there but sans all those difficulties obviously.

A New Dimension of Gaming with Grow Home


All right! Grow Home is one of the most experimental cheap gaming experiences on the block so far that throws you back in your childhood full of special memories. The game in the first appearance looks a little oldie but in reality it is the latest zombie out on prowl for some real blood. The game has been developed by none other than Ubisoft who is a well established behind so many hit cheap gaming experiences in the industry today.

So there was a lot of curiosity building around this game when Ubisoft announced its launch few months back its release. The game is more of a cartoon art all the way but does not your entertainment buds go on crash diet whatsoever. Ubisoft has ensured to give this game its own distinct style in 3D despite it having an oldie retro feel.

The plot of the game is interesting. The robotic protagonist BUD is tasked to harvest seeds, grow them to big star plants, and connect branches to nearby islands floating in the sky. The plot of the game will be a hell lot of fun considering the fall after climbing all up to the top. The storyline, however, I personally believe would appeal to kids. The cartoon theme is actually for them. Adults who want to go back to their childhood with a twist of fate may try playing it. It is not boring at all.

The protagonist of the game is also different from those you see around normally. He is a robot but not like the terminators we have seen in James Cameron movies. A cute stupid box on his shoulders draws you into the game.

Horror in the Sunless Sea


Every time there is a plot around the dark and drowning of the Sun, there is loads of horror to happen in the town guaranteed. That is what happening with the Sunless Sea here. The absence of the Sun in the title suggests some spooky zombie horror nights in action. But is it possible to weave that strong horror storyline on 2 dimension platform? And the answer is it possible like hell. I am in awe of the makers of the Sunless Sea cheap gaming experience of 2016 who have made it possible with a countless turn of events in it. Sunless Sea is the game you must not miss it boasts inside it.

The critics of the world around have called it better than many horror flicks in the recent time. The 2D thing has not let the cheap gaming experience slip even for a single moment. In fact, it is even better without too many efforts by the makers. A variety of life-threatening situations is thrown on to your right into the ocean of death. The journey is full of mystery, deaths, fear, drama, and cannibalism among others.

The plot of the movie is spine-chilling. It stands out from a version of the games we have seen and played over a period of time. But yes, I felt that the plot is slightly related to that of Mad Max: Fury Road, starring Charlize Theron and Thomas Hardy.

In the game, you are sailing through a number of ports in the fictitious London underworld, battling sea beasts and managing fuel supplies at the same time. Graphics of this cheap gaming experience of 2016 is out of the world. The detailing is awesome. Actions scenes keep you grooving throughout the gameplay. You are required to more than your capabilities to stay afloat in the sea. Do not take this lightly for any reason you have got.

Dialogues are catchy and the way makers have spent time into is commendable. You are reminded of the stories of Sindbad the Sailor and his other adventures in the sea.

The Champions of the Rocket League


So the Rocket League is trying to oomph up the gaming fun of soccer with a dash of new flavors. It is based on the game that is probably the world’s most loved game on the planet today—yeah I am talking about age-old game soccer and all the hot men with their chiseled jaws on the ground.

Rocket League is an instant hit as per predictions brewing around it—after all, it is all around soccer boys. However, the game has been given a complete makeover by the makers to let it stand out of all the cheap gaming extravaganzas based on outdoor games.

So let us just spill the beans for its plot. All right! As the name suggests, it is a rocket league in reality. I mean a match between two groups of fictitious rockets playing soccer on the ground. Oh my God! This is too much to take in—as if Messi was not enough out in the world that the makers of this game have oomphed it up with rockets in the gaming PC s. I personally loved it. There are just a variety of rockets in the green field bending the helpless football hard to the opponent’s goal. Does that sound simple? Assume this. What if there will be 3 players for every one player in the opponent’s team trying knock the ball to the goal. This will be a hell of a game. While we can’t have it in reality, we let our imaginations do the trick and here the makers are with the Rocket League.

In the game, there are three cars to steal your football while on your way to the opponent’s goal. So kicking it around to win is not as easy as you might think. In fact, they can even crush you down if you don’t pay attention to their speed. Graphics are amazing of this cheap gaming experience with loads of action and fine detailing. It is an exotic feast to your eyes. The game has been a remarkable hit of 2015. We don’t doubt how whatsoever.

The Storm Benders and Heroes of The Storm


The champion league of heroes continues in this cheap gaming saga of 2016 as well. The world of Heroes of The Storm is full of adventure and action better than I have seen in all B-grade mutant movies. The game has been developed by Blizzard in MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) with loads of inspiration from several Hollywood combat movies. MOBA sounds like a software specification of this game but it is something different.

Heroes of The Storm is an epic in all respects. The game started garnering rave since its trailer was first launched before the game’s release. Action games are huge rage amongst youngsters and when it was coming from the action giant like Blizzard the expectations were also very high.

One of the best things about the game is that it has heroes from popular games pitted against each other to combating for their dominance in a particular area of function. So it was like an Avenger moment for me where superheroes of the different worlds have been brought together to fight one evil Loki.

Heroes of The Storm strikes the right chord with its audience. The graphics of the gaming are perfect. You feel like you are into the game yourself. The world is transformed from money to pixels so suddenly that you can’t even imagine. The plot of the game is divine. It starts detoxifying your blood filled with so much toxins of impure game lately.

There are two teams trying to destroy the opponent’s area of dominance. The best part is that you are not always finding like those Street Fighters games of early 90s. You get a chance to take some rest and do something intelligent. You are finding skulls and unlocking special abilities to help your team win against the opponent.

The mechanics of the games are gamer friendly. The battles are not stretched unnecessarily like Zombie movies. Thus, they are exciting and keep your heart beat racing throughout the game.

The Final Destination of The Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain


The Metal Gear V: The Phantom Pain is one of my favorites on the list today. I just don’t like it for just action but for a whole variety of other unmatched things. We will cover all these things one by one. So let us just start by its title first. The title is intriguing and keeps you guessing about what it has in store for your gaming buds.

The Metal Gear V: The Phantom Pain is rumored to be the last game of Hideo Kojima. Thus, it is one of the most ambitious cheap gaming experiences of 2016 as well. The plot has been set in a large open world where the protagonist is required to handle the entire mission through stealth. You can even resort to shooting whenever you feel so. And trust me there will be a lot more chances of shooting than you can ever imagine. After all shooting is all the fun. The graphics of the gaming are incredible. You can even spot the pores of the character during zoom-ins. The detailing of the environment, costume, and the entire artwork is just magnificent. You feel like you are watching an action movie on your gaming PC. One of the best parts of this cheap gaming extravaganza is its out of the world actions scenes that keep you motivating into the game.

It looks like most of the best cheap gaming experiences coming up in 2016 are all not promoting the violence throughout. There are some moments of using your brain in the game as well. You will have to don the hat of Dan Brown and break the Da Vinci Codes of military babble. This is pretty much annoying but you got to take it lightly as there is loads of other frenzy waiting for you in the game.

Sweating It Out in SOMA


All right! First of all the title of this cheap gaming experience of 2016. SOMA sounds like Koma, a Korean psychological thriller movie that scared the shit out of me. Some of the scenes were so violent and disturbing that I could not take them off my imagination for a few coming weeks. So when I first heard of the title I had the Koma effect initially. I took time to over the same thoughts again.

But to my horror, SOMA is in the veins of the plot created by the makers of Koma. While Koma was a psychological thriller, SOMA on the other hand is a philosophical horror movie trying hard to break the mould of traditional horror games on the block. It won’t be wrong to say that the makers have done a great job to come out of their niche this season. SOMA deserves a standing ovation for its out of the world plot and art. The makers of the game are not scaring the shit out of you the old traditional way.

The plot of this cheap gaming extravaganza deserves a special mention here. This is the main reason why the entire gameplay does not look going the same old way. As you keep going through the game, you keep unraveling mysteries that are more magical than the Chamber of Secrets of Harry Potters. What swept me off was the story. There are robots in the gameplay who are decaying. They think are human. This is hell lot of strange, undoubtedly but that is what makes it interesting all the way. That is not it. There are loads of scary moments in the game. You are not out there getting scared for any reason whatsoever. There are a variety of things you are doing apart getting scared to death. You are fighting with deadly creatures that are more like monsters on prowl. If you love solving puzzles then this is the right time to show your skills. You will get loads of moments for it. Just don’t worry.

The Shawshank Redemption Moment with The Prison Architect


The brains of the cheap gaming stalwarts of the industry can pick even the rarest of the gems from the heart of the creative ocean. So if you are planning to play the Prison Architect anytime after reading about it on here, then you will swear by the each world I am going to write about right here. I have always been a huge fan of heist and prison break movies but I had not thought a cheap gaming extravaganza for world gaming PC s will beat all the experiences I have accumulated while growing up.

So if you too think no prison break plot could be better than The Shawshank Redemption and The Seven Suspects, then you are completely mistaken just like me. The Prison Architect is a hell lot of a cheap gaming experience for you that will give your brains a Christopher Nolan-like twist. The best part about the gaming is its incredible plot. You as a warden of the prison are required to take care of the prison. You are responsible for anything good or bad going in there. A fight amongst group of prisoners may start wherein you may have to intervene to break up the fight. It may turn even more violent than you can imagine. So your job is tough in the prison as a warden or as the warden the hero.

The prison break has been an inspiration for many movies in the past and several of them will be dished out to us in the coming years. The Prison Break too cashes in on the same nail-biting plot. It feels like you are finally the part of the Fast and Furious movie series opposite the drop dead gorgeous Vin Diesel. If that is not enough then you can send the perpetrators of mankind to electric chairs. Eerie? Yes. It is. The plot is lifelike and keeps you hooked without giving you much time to distract. There are loads of blink-and-you-miss moments in the game. So just keep your eyes and brain open.



Not all the best cheap gaming experiences can get rid of the blood, gore, and zombies. Skavens are the latest rage riding high on the success of zombies on all media platforms. Like any other survival of the modern times, Warhammer: End Times: Vermintide is all about violence and battle to breath a few more seconds into the game. For those who are huge action gaming fans will be on the top of the world with the new addiction in the market.

The plot revolves around five heroes and a bunch of countless deadly Skavens everywhere. The critics have given positive reviews to the game. However, they have found it to be on the veins of Left 4 Dead series developed by Valve. One of the best things about the game is its humanoid rats who look deadlier than zombies of Resident Evil series. Other good things about this cheap gaming experiences is that it is not just about chopping off giant rats in pieces but several details done to keep the plot interesting and refreshing. Random loots and out of the world combat techniques that you get to apply against the annoying rats and zombies. You can even shoot them all up one by one. Obviously, you can do it all but it is not as easy as you think it might be.

You can even discuss your game with other online gamers from around the globe to have an edge in this cheap gaming experience. Though it gets too messy at times. There are times when you can’t just try out other things than just chopping off rats for your gaming recipes.

There are variations to keep you moving into the game. if you are bored or something like that, then there are so many things to take on in this game.

Living Expectations with Fall Out 4


All right! The cheap gaming industry was abuzz with the rumors of the new installment on the block this season soon. This created a lot hype around the corner and the makers started taking it as a bad omen. But despite all the fuss around the Fall Out 4, the game has gone on to become one of the best sellers in the gaming industry today.

The critics have also given positive reviews to the game despite the fact the latest version resembles a lot like its last version Fall Out 3. However, I found it better than that of its last version completely on many aspects. The graphics of the game are way higher than what we have seen in all the previous versions of the gaming. The actions scenes are lifelike and you feel like you are totally into it. There are times in the game when you feel like you have been and you shrug your body in reaction. It is unbelievably gorgeous on the block without a doubt.

What works in the favor of Fall Out 4 is unique storyline. After the success of its last version, the makers of the game spent a lot of time to come up with a story that can be the strongest pillar of the entire storyline. This is probably the most exciting game of the year, which is equally attractive in all rights.

The story of the game has been set in the post-apocalyptic era in Boston. You as the protagonist of the game will wage a war against Syths, Bloodbugs, Feral Ghouls, and Raiders. The action games are incomplete without advanced sets of weaponry. Have loads of fun with the guns and other weapons designed to beat the shit out of your enemies without too much fuss about it.

Fighting it Hot with The Rise of the Tomb Raider


This game is as exciting and hot as its big screen counterpart starring none other the hottest woman on the planet Angelina Jolie. Such was the popularity of the game that a movie was planned around the plot of the game. The movie smashed all the box office record and Angelina Jolie became the household name after the movie.

The Rise of the Tomb Raider is one of the most iconic games in the industry today. The game set the standards for gaming and gave a new direction to gamers who were mostly thinking in a particular way.

According to experts, The Rise of The Tomb Raider is one of the best cheap gaming experiences for your PC s. The console ports are back in vogue with the evolution of the game. The graphics of the game are out of the world. You feel like you are watching the movie once again. I mean the quality of the visual effects is so good. It feels like real are performing in front of the camera.

The Rise of The Tomb Raider movie was not just an adventure journey of Lara Croft but also packed with some of the best actions in the industry that time. Its cheap gaming version for your gaming PC has also been loaded with some out of the world combat techniques. It leaves you dumbfound by which they are executed by the Lara Croft in the game. Crystal dynamics take the entertainment of the gaming to the next level. The mechanism of the games is unmatched. The soul of the game is its weaponry such as pistols. The makers of the game have tried really hard to bring originality to the game. The details are mind blowing. The costumes and the body language of the characters are simply out of the world.

Architecture and ambience of the game is exotic. What I personally loved about the architecture shown in The Rise of The Tomb Raider is that they are intriguing. They are done so beautifully in the game that you feel like mesmerized by their execution by the art director. There are zombie animals starving since they were. They just want to eat you no matter. The plot just keeps you going. You are on your toes all the time.

Shooting’em Up with Gears of War: Ultimate Edition


My first reaction after watching the trailer of the game was that it is going to be different from others. And the good news is that Gears of War: Unlimited Edition has lived up to its hype no matter what. The game is dished out in different flavors this time with a host visual extravaganza for more fun and gore.

This another shooting game on our list of the best cheap gaming experiences of 2016. There is no way any shooting is going to be pushed to extinction anytime soon. They are all good and loved different section of the global population. But still keeping your audience entertained all the time is not an easy task with shooting. You got to have different variations in taste and fragrance. The same theory has been applied by the makers of the game who with this venture seemed to have been proving their valor to the world in the gaming genre.

You can imagine the popularity of this game by the fact the previous of the game was acquired by none other than the Lord of the Windows Microsoft in 2014. When the Microsoft made the move, there were rumors that the next installment of the game will be out on the Xbox platform. However, the software giant took the unexpected U-turn in advance and came up with a new version of the gaming for its Windows 10 and Microsoft Console.

There is no doubt that graphics of the gaming are unmatched but the one thing that needs special mention here is the detailing. From the protagonist’s armor to the architecture, they all look lifelike. It is a third-person cover shooter game with more than 3,000 art assets and refined control scheme. So if you too want to play the game but not sure where to start from, then we will encourage you to start with this Gears of War: Ultimate Edition.

Saving the Mankind with the Deus Ex: Mankind Divided


The first question that crops up in your mind after reading the title of the game is whether the game will be able to live up to its franchise or not. Those who have been able to play and wrap up the game will be able to answer the question more deeply. The latest is probably the best game of the series but there are a few things that stop it from being on the top.

One of the downsides of the games is its gameplay, which seems to be going in a different direction after a few moments of the game. And talking about its good features the list is unending. There are few drawbacks of the game for sure but you would like to give them a pass as you get no time to concentrate on them. There is so much to explore and experience in the game that you get up only when you are done either way.

The plot of the game is packed with a variety of out of the world characters. There are props you can interact with and emails you can read to proceed further into the game. One of the best parts is that you can even rob a store in the game. I mean there are plenty of things to do that keep you intriguing and on your toes all the time.

Exploring is probably the best part of the game. You stumble upon a lot of mysterious things in the world. The graphics of the game has been improved big time to give an out of the world cheap gaming experiences to its fans. The background score and sound of the gaming are equally memorizing. Visual effects seem like they have derived from Shoot’em Up movie.

Making it Out with The Superhot


All right! The Superhot is not just super hot on the block right now but also one of the most creative games in the last decade. This cheap gaming experiences in 2016 pack a tight punch with a variety of attractions in its magic bag.

The action scenes are modern and way more advanced I have seen. The weaponry is decent and fills you with a sense of empowerment every time you earn a new set of a weapon in the game. Just like the plot of the game, the launch of the game was also quite out of the box. According to reports, the makers of Superhot have highly inspired a game in some FPS challenge. They took the idea and created the Superhot with advanced features. The game is in the veins of Max Payne. If you are too fast then you are too fast for the game as well. A single mistake and you will lie dead in a pool of blood. Superhot is all about blood spewing bodies. With patience and some amount of puzzle solving skills, you will go far in this is cheap gaming extravaganza of 2016.

The plot of Superhot is similar to that of Max Payne. The protagonist of the game is required to shoot enemies and save himself from their brutal attacks. Playing this cheap gaming extravaganza on your gaming PC is delight come true because of its crystal clear graphics. The action scenes seem like they have been derived from some action packed Ninja movie. The makers of this cheap gaming experience of 2016 have worked hard on detailing. From ambience to costume of characters to it architecture, everything just looks out of the world. The game is available for you for free in Flash version.

Waging a War with X-Com 2


For all the die-hard gamers around the world, gaming is like substance addiction more intense and power than Meth. And to foster the addiction is coming X-Com 2 this year whose trap you can never escape from. If you have not played the game yet, then you must try it once for the sake of its addiction. It is a hell lot of a game.

Critics from the around the world have praised the game for a variety of features that it boasts. I personally loved the graphics of this cheap gaming experience. Being a die-hard shooting fan myself, I know what kind of a role does a quality graphic play in the game? The makers of the game have also understood the fact and dished out the best recipe on the menu to its audience around the world.

Those who have already played X-Com part one know exactly all the fuss around part 2 of the franchise. The first version of the game was released in the year 2012 under the title X-Com: Enemy Unknown. The first part of the game was based on UFO released in the year 1994. On the veins of its early version, X-Com 2 is packed with all the ingredients to make it hot shot in the coming few months.

This game is faster than its previous version. The gameplay is sharp and designed perfectly for its fans around the world.

The plot revolves around Avenger, which is an alien ship. You are in control of this huge spaceship and it soon becomes your hideout from you can control and manage the game. You can plan your fights from this place as well. This actually works as the monitor room for you. What I personally loved about this game is the fact that it is more intelligent than others games in the same category.

Exploring the World of Combat with the Battleborn


The first thing that struck my mind when I first saw its trailer was that it looks somewhat like Heroes of The Storm game. Their resemblance to the first appearance was striking. However, as you spend some time on the game; you tend to find it unique from others.

The plot of the game is also quite similar to that of Heroes of The Storm, where all the heroes of other popular games have been pitted against each to prove their dominance on a particular land. However, Battleborn is still refreshing as all other combat cheap gaming experiences are. The graphics are mind blowing and oomphs up your combat experience throughout without a mess. Background score and sound are two other great features of this game. You feel like you are watching in a theater. Visual effects will give you goosebumps.

The fun of watching your heroes fighting with other famous heroes is palpable. It is like you are watching the Avenger series with a slight twist of drama. When the heroes of the game start attacking each, the battlefield looks like a hell of mess and chaotic. But yes, you can’t always expect your action games to organized, neat, and clean. There has to have some gore and violence to keep the world of adventure brewing inside you going. Some of the heroes in the game include El Dragon who is just like the green giant Hulk from Avenger and Hulk series. He does not need any weapon to finish his targets. A push from him can swipe the entire horde of zombies in no time. This is just about him. Bring a bunch of them together and try to picture the mayhem on your gaming PC ‘s screen. There are snipers you will have to deal with. The game is a great balance of action and intelligence, which is rare today. It has three multiplayer modes.

Dwelling in the World of Warcraft: Legion


Legion! The movie Legion was a hell of a creepy experience for me without a doubt. So when I heard the title of the World of Warcraft: Legion. I thought there would be some resemblance to the movie as well. But fortunately, the World of Warcraft: Legion has nothing to do with the plot of that zombie movie.

The Legion series is already an established game of the gaming industry. So when the latest version was launched recently, there were a lot of speculations around. But I am happy that the game has successfully lived up to its hype without too much of wasting time. If you too have been a great of the series then you know how the game has evolved over the past many years. The Legion series is the world’s most popular and successful multiplayer online role-playing games of all time. The game has been developed by Blizzard that is behind so many successful games in the industry.

The game has, however, not gone too well the gaming critics from around the blog. One of the main reasons of flak from experts is the fact that it boasts the same old continent. No change has been whatsoever. The versions are often the best with new features and improvements. However, the dashes of flavors with these cheap gaming experiences have been kept minimal. The leveling system has not been done yet. Another downside of the game is that the zones of the game adapt dynamically as per the level of the character we have.

It means that you in the game are going to have a ball if you love challenges thrown at you after regular interval of time. That is true. Who would love to play a game without challenges?

The best part of the game is its sound that simply transforms you into one of the characters in this cheap gaming experience of 2016. Details of every shred that you can see through your naked eyes are just remarkable. Body languages have also adopted by the characters perfectly. However, the credit goes to art that takes the whole experience to the next level of innovation. You unlock sets of advanced weaponry to keep your cheap gaming experience going. All you need to do is stay active and have patience. Even the slightest mistake in the gaming can leave you dumbfounded. You can lose the game this way.

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