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Best Android Games Ported From PCs and Consoles

Posted on Nov 2, 2016 by in Technology | 0 comments

Chances of having best android games on your smartphone are always high even when you are not a gaming cannibal. The gaming frenzy is now being redefined by smartphones as they play stepping stones to it. So you are not just crashing candies but also blowing heads off of zombies with your sophisticated guns.

The gaming industry is dishing out millions of games especially designed for both iOS and android devices. No other platform in the world sees so much game releases through a year. If that was not enough some high-end games are also being released on smartphone devices from other major platforms.

So there is a string of games that release simultaneously on PCs, consoles, and mobile devices. Improved power of smartphones has made it possible to run games designed for high-end platforms such as consoles and PCs. Some powerhouse gaming experiences do require your smartphones to sacrifice a few features in gameplay though.

In fact, I have played a number of games in the past that were actually not designed for my smartphone. And despite the fact they were really better on my little portable zombie than their original platforms. There are a thousand of games to play on your device that have been ported from other platforms. You can play other versions of those games as well.

So the era of playing a few best android games on your android device has come to an end. It is time to explore some out-of-the-world PC and console games on your device now. We have compiled a list of 10 best android games ported from PCs and consoles. Here we go:

Walking Away Like the Fast and Furious: Grand Theft Auto Vice City


When you talk about a game like Grand Theft Auto Vice City you tend to run short of words. This is arguably the best theft auto game doing the rounds that syncs like magic on both android and iOS devices. The execution of the gameplay on your smartphone is smooth like you are playing it on your PC. External controllers are supported and work just great.

Critics from around the globe had once termed this game the next big thing in the industry. With so much love it has received from its crazy fans, they were absolutely right. If you are still not able to break the best android games spell, you must check this out classic now.

Fighting the Enemy Inside: XCOM Enemy Within


If you have played XCOM Enemy Unknown, then you won’t have to invest too much time in mastering this version. XCOM Enemy Within is an expanded version of the original. This game is popular for being the first biggest console game franchise ever that worked so well on mobile devices. It is a turn based tactical role playing game wherein you are chopping off aliens with your sophisticated weapons. You got to wage a war against aliens with your special unit team in turn based combats. There are several modes in the story.

The Sword and Transistor


Touted as one of the best android games, Transistor comes from the makers of Bastion called Supergiant Games. And just like its predecessor Transistor too went on to become a blockbuster game on all the platforms. It was originally released on PS4 and PC and later ported to iOS and android devices.

In the game, you as the protagonist Red are chopping off your enemies with your sword. Critics from around the globe have called it a masterpiece for its out-of-the-world visuals and audio effects. It is a turn based combat gaming experience that supports multiple control schemes.

Breaking the Da Vinci Codes in The World of Goo


Like some best android games that just don’t get old, others on different platforms too continue to rule the industry. One such interesting game is none other than The World of Goo. It is a pretty old game but still popular amongst masses for its out-of-the-world gameplay. Created by 2D Boy, it is regarded as one of the most powerful puzzle games of all time.

In the game, you are tasked to take goo balls to exit by dragging them to form structures to build paths. The game was released on multiple platforms. However, the kind of popularity it has received on mobile is unprecedented. Its multitouch support is incredible. Fast track creation of structures is even more exciting on mobile.

My Final Destination is Final Fantasy VII


Before Final Fantasy VII happened, western people were not fond of Japanese games. So the credit to taking Japanese games mainstream actually goes to Final Fantasy VII. The game was originally launched on Playstation some 20 years back. It was first ported on PC and then on to android and iOS devices. It became one of the best android games in no time. Its makers introduced a few changes in the game due to which it became one of the best games on iOS. There is support for controllers and gameplay cheats.

The War Begins Now with Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft


Created by Blizzard and released on multiple platforms, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft boasts new features every month. It is touted to be one of the best ports on mobile devices. In fact, the game does not really work on PCs. You got to play it on your smartphone to really feel how good it is no that. The credit actually goes to the 4:3 aspect ratio.

Inspired by Blizzard’s Warcraft games, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is one of the most popular card based games. If you have not played it yet you are missing on one of the best android games ever. It is free and better than any card game you have ever played on your smartphone.

Faster than Light—FTL


The very first day I played this amazing game on my laptop I knew it was made for touch screen. The mobile version of the game is incredibly beautiful. You stay hooked throughout the game without any sacrifices whatsoever. Most of the ports come with a few downsides. However, Faster than Light is flawless.

In the game, you are required to micromanage your resources across your ship while navigating your waypoint in different sectors. The game is roguelike that gives you a new experience every time you play it. Your combat is to divert resources. You can play the game only with the help of touchscreen.

Papers, Please


One of the best parts about this one of the best android games is its uniqueness. I mean when for the first time I got to know about this I thought it was some funny app. But as it turned out it was a game that too designed for a variety of platforms.

In the game, you are an officer posted at borders and patrolling throughout. The game highlights the plight of an officer’s work life that starts taking toll on his health, family, and friends. Your main responsibility in the game is to allow only legal people into the country. During the gameplay, you meet a lot of different people, mysterious organizations and also get bribed to pass documents.

This is one of the most unique games I have ever played on any platform. The story and gameplay make you feel like you are watching a sensitive Hollywood drama on big screen. The gameplay is incredible. The visuals are a treat to your senses. Audio effects are cool too. The game is also good for iOS devices. I played it on iPad also. The gaming experience was simply the best. The moment you start playing it on your device you start feeling that it was actually conceived for a      touchscreen.

Chrono Tiger


Chrono Tiger was created by the makers of Final Fantasy VII. And just like Final Fantasy VII, Chrono Tiger too had swept the world off its feet like never before. Chrono Tiger came into existence even before Final Fantasy VII. When for the first time I heard its name I thought it was Chinese because it sounds like Crouching Tiger. But as it turned out it is a Japanese game.

Chrono Tiger earns its reputation for being a 16 bit Japanese role playing game that involves robots, time travel, frogs, and more.  The makers of the game too added touch controls for shooting enemies during combats. I would recommend Chrono Tiger to all those who love a great gameplay with some good storylines.

The Wolf Among Us


That’s got the best title ever for any gaming experience. So the game comes from the makers of The Walking Dead—Telltale Games. This is probably the reason why it is such a mind boggling experience to be in that. Released on multiple platforms initially, The Wolf Among Us created history after its launch on both android and iOS devices.

This has become one of the best android games for fans who love twists in a package of surprises.


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