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Best Android Games for Adult Zombies

Posted on Dec 2, 2016 by in Android, Gaming | 0 comments

So if you think video games are designed to tickle gaming buds of kids only, then you are completely wrong. More and more gaming giants are dishing out best android games to keep adults on their toes of entertainment. There are loads of surprises in store in all genres for you. All you got to do is just make your mind and choose the one can satisfy your hunger for gaming wonders.

In this hustle-bustle of life, adults need some time to rejuvenate their lives. And what could be the better way than playing some of the best android games especially designed for them. We bring you some of the world’s most exciting android games all designed to tickle adult gaming buds. Here we go:

Living in Yesterday


Touted as one of the most thrilling games of all times for adults, Yesterday is spiced up tequila shot that no kid should try at home. The very first introduction chapter takes you down the memory lane of the Da Vinci Codes mysteries and bloodshed. There are gory pentagrams with shrill screams of unknown people in the background and references to Vatican secrets. But as you spend some more time into the game, you realize that there is no Langdon to crack the codes.

The story revolves around a few volunteers who arrive on an isolated railway station to help homeless people. The plot of the story is out-of-the-box and leaves you spellbound with its gameplay. The characters are interesting. Their relationships show some promise. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best android games for adults till date.

The Army of Dark Legends


Dark Legends gives you some thought for The Dark Knight movie franchise, which in a way is good for the game. But what actually did the trick here is that the game steps out of repetitive spacecraft, aliens, and Star Wars zone. Its gameplay is refreshing with loads of adventures in store for a lot of you. The story revolves around you as a vampire in the game on a revenge spree for his master. Those who don’t mind shedding some blood here and there will feel exciting at every moment.

Graphics of the game are to die for. Characters are finely detailed. Although there is not too much of customization for vampires, you can find a host of options for weapons. If you are waging a war against zombies then you got to have the best weaponry. You can customize your vampire with their signature fangs, deadly bones, and many other things. The game world is pretty dark yet cohesive. The problem with the graphics is that it gets a tad boring after sometime. 3 levels into the game and you don’t have almost everything in the same color. If you are huge action fan then this is arguably one of the best android games for you.

My Forged Wedding Party in the Pink World


So the very word ‘Wedding’ in the title makes it a product for adults. Kids stay away as it would not make sense to them. However, the game is roller coaster ride for those who love Indiana Jones like adventure on the block. The game is a blockbuster with an interesting gameplay. Yamato Kougami (the protagonist) is already an ideal husband for many. He is envied by many men though.

The title of the game is surprising. It leaves you with loads of questions in your mind. The curiosity thus generated is what does wonders here. The game comes also comes in paid version. The story of how you arrive in your own fake makes more sense in the paid version.

As the game starts, there are these guys hitting on the main character without giving her a chance to think. The best part of the game is its gameplay. It is simple, fast, and surprising. All you got to do is just read the story and make the selections as per your wisdom. Another interesting thing is that you compete in cooking battles to earn wife points.

Dark Arcana: The Carnival; Welcome to Dark Rituals


Not a long time ago, haunted carnivals in the town were the rage amongst fans. Some years down the line, every Tom, Dick, and Harry has experimented with the concept so brutally that there is no expectation left from it. However, Dark Arcana: The Carnival has given a sort of new life to the genre. It looks refreshing, spooky, and adventurous. The story though starts slow but grips you in its plot quickly. You do not wish to come out of anytime.

There is a missing person in the beginning. The story quickly changes its track and you turn into a lost lover. There are life-like dark rituals and brutal evil forces all set to destroy the world. Recurring twists are the key features of the game. The story of the game is pretty exciting. It makes you feel like you are a part of a Hitchcock thriller.

There is a detective on a mission to search for a woman who has gone missing in the carnival’s dark house. As the story unfolds, it is clear that supernatural forces are the reason behind the woman’s disappearance. The manager of the carnival is the main suspect. He is trying to resurrect his dead lover and an evil force is wreaking havoc from the Mirror World.

Graphics are cool. The sound effects are thrilling. The plot of the game wins all the accolades. It is easy to play but high on content and adventure. There is a map to help you though I don’t you will require it.

The Bard’s Tale with a Difference


All right! So the title of the game is inspired by one of the most popular games from 80s and has been designed by one of the creators of the same. However, there is no way you are going to feel the old plots in the game. It is as new as it could have ever been. Old chapters have been included in the game but that’s to just give you a flavor of the old pickles.

The Bard’s Tale is an interesting game with a host of graphic extravaganza. The plot of the game is really exciting and leaves you enthralled throughout. However, it is not as good as Monty Python and The Quest for The Holy Grail. But if you are not really looking for something like that then it is a great game for you.

The story revolves around the protagonist The Bard who is a musician. His life changes when he tries to con a free meal by using his lute to conjure up a rat in a pub. He lures more than just vermin when he is tasked to do the same job in a cellar. Then unfolds a series of adventure, wizardry, and rescue operation for a fairy princess. The game reminds you of a number of fairy tales you have read in your childhood. But that does not mean it is something not for an adult. I mean Van Helsing does attract kids but only adults can make the most of it. The adventure can be best described as the one in Hugh Jackman starrer Van Helsing.

Final Fantasy VI


For those who have played all the previous parts of the game know why this game stands out. Released way back in the year 1994 by the name of Final Fantasy III, this has now become an unprecedented game with loads of adventures and fun. It is a masterpiece of an art. From graphics to characters to sound, everything about this game is undisputed. There are a very few games in the world right now with such a flawlessness.

The plot of the game does sound a bit familiar. However, you don’t feel that at any point. The makers of the game have worked extensively well to deliver it fresh. A few moments into the game and you want to relish just every moment of the game like never before.

The story of the game revolves around a world that has been destroyed some 1000 years ago in a war of magic. The magic is lost after the war and the world then resorts to the power of technology. They build technology to facilitate a good life and they all succeed like never before. In the game, you are the protagonist who joins a group of rebels called The Returners.

The plot of the game is the best part of the game. Despite it being there for so many years, it does not look boring even for a second. After spending some time into the game, you feel you are playing it for the first time ever. There are so many wars in the game that you will be spoiled for choices. It is the best opportunity for those who love to explore action genre from their heart out. There is a lot of variety in the game and may that’s why the game is so popular even today.


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