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Best Android Gambling Games You Must Play to Win Big

Posted on Dec 13, 2016 by in Technology | 0 comments

The craze around gambling games dates back to the times of dinosaurs. Spartans honed their skills in tweaking tricks to win a bet way before they started crafting their eight-pack abs. The risk factor that comes along with gambling gives an undisputed high to players. The win, on the other hand, rakes in a fortune that makes up all previous loss. The game of royalties has now been transformed into a zombie for modern world enthusiasts. Android gambling games are taking the real fun a notch-above with new features, rewards, and free bonuses.

We bring you the list of Best android gambling games in this roundup. Here we go:

The Shark of the Ocean is Big Fish Casino

So topping the list of our best android gambling games is Big Fish Casino. it is an ideal android gambling game with loads of exciting features and rewards for players. One of the best slot games in the industry, Big Fish Casino allows you to play it cool with your friends online. The makers of the game believe that players enjoy a game, even more, when they play it with their friends.

This slot game introduces social scatter platform wherein everyone can play it together. And not just that, it has got a slew of more games as well. Blackjack is the hot shot here. The best game for you if you love to have variety in the box. A game all decked up to make you more lively. With multiple gaming options, you must give it a try now.

Other games you can try your luck with to Win Big are Texas Hold’em Poker and Roulette. You have multiple chances to win big here. The graphics of the game are quite lively. You feel like playing at a real casino. And top of it, it is free!

Ranking in All the Luck with Big Win Slots

If you are looking for some real slot fun to win big rewards then you have come to the right place. Big Win Slot is just like its name. It gives you ample of opportunities to win big without too much effort. It is a game designed to tickle your gaming buds with those spinning wheels of fortune. Big Win Slots has more than 18 slots, to begin with. There is no way you can ever feel bored by any one of them. Just keep on playing without feeling tired. The best part of this slot is that you get to experience new themes after a regular interval.

There are bonus points for you. Welcome bonuses are even more lucrative. This means that you have money as soon as you enter the dragon. You have money even before you start playing. You can indulge in bonus games to win some coins. You can share your win on a worldwide leaderboard anytime. It comes for free with in-app purchases.

Showering the Luck with Bingo Blitz

The best thing about the latest android gambling games is that they are blending the fun of multiple games in one. The same plot has been adopted by Bingo Blitz which according to some is a two-game show rather than one. It has got a slot game along with Bingo game. The makers of the game have spiced it up with some extra features and promotions to ensure more chances for players to win big.

Bingo Blitz comes in an online multiplayer mode. This means you play in competition with other players. It makes playing on this platform even more exciting. You can play the games with your friends through social networking giant Facebook. It takes the thrill out-of-the-world. To ensure that you get into holiday feel, there are seasonal rooms as well. Another best part about this android gambling game is that it releases weekly updates.

You play in real-time with a host of free spins, daily coins, bonuses, daily slots, power-ups, and much more.  There are more than 100 levels to enjoy here. You can also hit the Bingo Jackpot. It is free.

Making Money at BlackJack 21 Pro

Blackjack 21 Pro is one of the most popular android gambling games. It takes the legacy of the Blackjack forward by introducing it online with a host of new features. The game allows you to compete with your house, strangers, and friends. But what truly makes it stand out of the crowd is its real-time gaming experience. The graphics are lifelike and you do feel like playing it in reality at a real casino. The sound of the game adds to the excitement. You might think like you are playing Daniel Craig of Casino Royale.

You can chat live with your friends during the game. It has also added a couple of features such as creating an outfit. Yes. That is right. You can now create your own outfit while playing the game.

There is no dearth of games in there. With more than hundred games in Blackjack 21 Pro, you are not going to get bored ever. You can choose from hundreds of tables and tournaments. The games also allows you to share wins around the world through Facebook. All you have to do is sign in with your Facebook account and that’s it. You are good to go. If you are a lover of Blackjack, then you must play it now. You can customize your game your way without a single doubt. It is so easy. You can choose your own favorite mode and wage a war against hundreds of zombies out there.

Go Daniel Craig with Game House Casino Plus

Another stalwart on our list of best android gambling games is Game House Casino Plus. This game too brings in the fun of multiple gaming experiences in one. There are hundreds of games in the game to ensure that nobody is disappointed. One of the best features of the game is its graphics that are life-like and take you to the real casino in no time. The background score is apt for a game like this. It adds to your excitement and encourages you to play along.

Some of the most popular android gambling games that it includes are blackjack, poker, and slots. You can enjoy all these games alone or share the fun with your friends across the world. However, the best part is that you can send gifts to friends and receive from them also. What makes Game House Casino Plus is its simplicity. The makers have brought the fun of a simple gambling game to the android platform. This has done the wonders. The gambling game players have so much on offer that they seek something basic now.

Game House Casino Plus is simple yet the most exciting even today.
The popularity of this game has grown in the past few years mainly because of lucrative promotions and free bonuses. You get loads of free spins and real-time money as soon as you sign up here. You make money even when you are not playing. Bingo!

GSN Casino: The Monster on Rampage

Next, on our list of best android gambling games are very popular GSN Casino. The game like its name is quite simple yet packs in some good fun for players for free. It is just like other casino based games on the list. This means it too has got a number of games with hundreds of exciting features. The best part of having so many in one game is that you don’t bored. If you don’t one you jump to the other on the list and so on. You choose your game, not the other way around.

Some of the most popular games you can play on GSN Casino are poker, slots, and blackjack among others. The best part is that they all come in different variants. So that means you can enjoy all of them with new twists now. The game releases a host of updates on weekly basis. If you have any query you can speak to their customer care executives at any hour. GSN Casino provides 24X7 customer service. So if you have a query regarding the money withdrawal, then you can contact them even at the dead of the night. They will try to resolve your problem in a timely manner.

Keep it Simple Yet Going with Slots Paradise

Last on our list is the simplest delight in the gambling world. Slots Paradise earns its reputation in the industry for its simplicity. There are so many complicated gambling games right now that people are fast getting bored of them. In a fight to dish out something special every time, the makers are consistently failing to deliver the basic ingredient right. There are players who actually wish to play some basic gambling to keep their chances of winning high. Slots Paradise is the knight in this league. It is simple, basic, and fun.

Like other games on the list, it comes with a host of android gambling games loaded with variants. This allows you to play the same with different features. You can play your game with your friends and also share your wins on social networking sites. Live chats are also available. You can talk to your friends or other competitors from any part of the world.

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