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Best Android Cheap Gaming Experiences for Kids of All Time

Posted on Oct 11, 2016 by in Gaming | 0 comments

All Righty! If I am not wrong then I believe that the concept of video gaming was originally created to entertain kids. But as the concept spiraled out of surreal whims of cheap gaming zombies, it turned out to be a spectacular alternative to big screen movies for all big those big wise adult people in this world. So in no time all the makers of the games now started dishing out recipes to tickle the taste buds of mature adult guys.

According to reports by experts, kids do not really decide what they are going to buy. Generally, they depend on their parents for all types of decisions. Hence, catering to kids did not turn out to be a really good business strategy for a variety of gaming stalwarts. They rather started focusing on adults to make more money. The frenzy to keep adults hooked got so frantic over a period of time that kids were completely ignored.

However, a wave of new cheap gaming stalwarts seems to have swarmed up the whole world. They are back on cashing in on the frenzies of kids because smartphones are no longer the jewels of adults. Kids are using them like never before. They make for the great audience for all the makers. So we have rounded up some of the best android cheap gaming experiences for kids of all time—right here for you. One important thing before we proceed is that creatures as young as 4 years are also called kids. Some of the cheap gaming experiences that we have listed below are way too mature for them in that context. Parents’ discretion is required. Here we go:

Playing it Cool with Angry Birds


Angry Birds are a cultural phenomenon in veins of Temple Run and Pokemon Go. They became so popular after the release that Hollywood decided to make a full-fledged movie on the characters of the game of the same name. One of the best things about the game is that the makers have struck the right chords. The story is mind blowing. Characters are interesting. The gameplay is simple yet challenging. It has got all the right ingredients to spice up the entertainment world of your kids.

What really works in favor of the game is its graphics. They are designed keeping in mind the psychology of kids. They put a smile on your face with their angry facial expression. There are a hell lot of cutie pie animals that have become a rage amongst kids all over the world. Adding more to the popularity of this android cheap gaming frenzy is a variety of games in the franchise with countless levels. This ensures endless fun without a single break. With so much variety in the game, you hardly get tired of it. There are loads of things to be done by your kids here. On top of that, all the games and levels free of cost. However, we recommend you to put a password on your Google Play account. Otherwise, chances of draining your wallet with in-app purchase on some innocent whims of your kids are high.



Having just a few angry chicken to throw away would not have been the real without those buildings for them to topple and come crashing like never before. The thundering experience of Angry Birds does bring you more than 200 building all over. Not just that you can add more than that while you are playing.

The fun of crashing cannot be described in words. To feel it you got to be on the field and crash them into all that exists like never before. You can demolish just anything your way to punish those inglorious pigs who have stolen your eggs.

The game is simply incredible. It is not a rocket science. All you got to do is load up a chicken in your slingshot, pull back, set your angle, and release to wreak havoc. The destruction is visual delight and makes you want more of it. There are a variety of chickens in the game for a variety of destruction and visual effects. For example, there are blue chickens that split in the mid air for that spectacular spread effect. There are heavy bomb chickens that blew the building up in the air like they are made of cotton balls. Egg-laying hens are my favorite they allow you to deliver yolky payload right below.

One of the best things is that all the hens are there in a particular order out there. This does not allow you to play out some important strategies. There are chicken for chain reactions but you can use them all in a particular order. For example, there are burrowing chickens to soften up the exterior of the wall of the building and they have to be followed up by the ticking explosive chickens to blast the walls—otherwise the trick won’t just work. If you all the chickens in this order, then strategies are working out for you. Otherwise, they are not working at all.

No matter how perfect you are in the game you are not likely to hit the same spot all the time despite repeating the same angle all the time. That has got to do something with the game’s sensitive gaming physics. It gives different results all the time. You can’t really depend on your angles for hits. There is no physics involved. There are no patterns whatsoever. Hence, you got to depend a lot on your luck for hits and misses as well. Your high scored derived out of pure good luck.

There are no benefits of high scoring in the game except that you can flaunt them off on online scoreboards. That is it. The game like just any other comes with a few set of its flaws that don’t just bother you though. I mean you are so busy chasing pigs with your colorful chicken that you won’t just notice at all. The arsenal, weapons, chickens, and a variety of levels are just too excellent for everyone. The game has designed for kids but even adults will not be able to keep their hands off it for long. And when you are into it you are there for long. Trust me.

Sharing Candies is Fun in the Cut the Rope Series


Another nuclear bomb waiting to go off in the android cheap gaming industry of kids is none other than Cut the Rope series. This cheap gaming series has earned indisputable recognition since its release and parents from all around the globe are going gaga over its gameplay. The storyline of the game strikes the right chord amongst its little fans around the world. Critics have also given it a thumbs-up for its cute gameplay.

One of the common mistakes committed by the makers of kids gaming series is that they fail to bring the kind of innocence is required in such gaming series. Makers throw in just everything to oomph up the flavor of the entertainment but fail to play with the basic ingredient. Graphic, actions, control, and other spectacular mechanisms can seriously make any game big. But what is the point if they do not have the childish charm and innocence?

Kids will be kids like men will always be men. So if you are trying to hook kids with the flavor of adults then you are all getting it wrong obviously. Try to lure them with something they would make move for. If you are showing them guns to be in the game, then I am not sure if it will work. But yes candies and chocolate bars will always work. Interestingly, looking at the popularity of some of the kids’ games, it looks like games designed for kids have tendency to attract even adult but that does not go the other way round for sure.

Cut the Rope series is one such game that enters the dragon with all the required weaponry. Kids will love it because they have got something they can relate to. A lot of cartoon characters have a weird behavior and attitude. All is done to entertain those kids that love such gimmicks. And the series ensures that the kids have a blast with all the out of the world experiences around.



In the gameplay, there is a cute monster called Om Nom. Note that it is a cute monster. Not like ones that you see in Resident Evil series. There has to be some kind of innocence in all respects. The cute monster is stranded, he wants to eat candy, and whose job is this? You got it right. It is your responsibility to feed the little cutie pie monster with candies. As a player, you are required to cut the dangling rope that holds all the candies. However, you have to do it in a particular way so that all of them fall right into the mouth of Om Nom. Candies and cute monster blend really well and make the game even more interesting and fun to be into.

The game shares a lot of similarities with none other than Angry Birds. It has got simple mechanics. Your kid does not really have to bother about getting to know the game. There has been a string of cheap gaming experience for kids in the past that were way more convoluted than Christopher Nolan’s dark movies. Kids get into the game in no time. They play and learn at the same time.

Another best thing about the game is its soundtrack. It keeps playing in the background and you subconsciously enjoy it without even knowing it. That is the effect of the music. I remember playing a lot of games as a kid and the music in each one of them was slightly quirky. We would recognize all those games by their different quirky music. Music plays an important role in your cheap gaming experience. If it is good then chances are you will love the game too. There is no logic behind it. A lot of other games have failed drastically despite having everything in place.

But yes mostly good kids like music, which strikes the right chord, works in favor. Do you remember Mario? Yeah. I think that game has been a part of all the cutest childhoods. For me Mario was the video game. Its music was simply out of the world. I never paid attention to until one day its soundtrack failed I had to play it without any music. This is when I realized the importance of the right music. You pay no attention but when it is not there you feel like missing it badly. It plays in your ears when it does not really plays in your ears. That is the beauty of kids gaming.

So when you are into this Cut the Rope series you feel like you are into a different world. The music somehow hypnotizes you and makes you buy all the fantasies offered to you by the makers. Its soundtrack is simply out of the world and fun at the same time. You must play it once to understand what I am talking about.

Another trait that it shares with its counterpart Angry Bird is levels. Cut the Rope series has hundreds of exciting levels, which ensures that a kid has just no time to feel bored. The game will keep going on and on without any ending whatsoever. Experts believe that having a variety of engaging levels in game is ideal. It keeps fans hooked and going.

One of the most exciting puzzle games for kids on the block right now. It is a fast-paced gaming experience that sometimes requires you to think swift with quick reflexes. Some new challenges such as balloons, blowers, spikes, and electrical currents have been added to the plot lately. This makes game even more exciting and adventurous. My advice—casual players should stick to cutting the rope and feeding the cutie pie monster Om Nom.

The Game is Deeper than the Ocean—Explorium: Ocean for Kids


Some games are deeper than an Ocean and Explorium: Ocean for Kids is exactly the same android cheap gaming experiences for kids all over the world. The best thing about this game is that it gives a whole new definition to all knowledge-based gaming concepts. It also blends a hell lot of fun, adventure, and excitement altogether. This is probably the first game for kids so far that encourages them to know the world of Ocean in that much detail. The storyline is perfectly done to keep all the kids hooked and curious. Keeping kids hooked to a particular thin is not really that easy as it may sound. There are just no logics that work when it comes to what kids will like. They can like just anything bad and give up on anything that we consider good for them. Remember, nothing works logically in case of kids. Thus, makers of such games try to attract their imaginations by feeding them on their curiosities. If you are able to pull the strings of their curiosities then chances are that you will be able to dish something out they will love.

Explorium: Ocean for Kids does the same trick in the most convincing way I have seen. The gaming industry for kids is very old. I think the first video game was actually designed for kids. So it is very old but nothing in the veins of Explorium: Ocean for Kids has ever been explored so far. The marine life is purely a new concept that no maker has ever tried before. The best part is that nobody had thought it could be so exciting and knowledgeable. Graphics are just like they have to be. The heroes of the game are cutie pie and the Ocean world has been depicted really well. Your kids will love it and you will love it too for it has so much for your kids to learn that you will want your kids to play it.

The best part of the game is that it comes with a built-in encyclopedia. There are more than 50 fun facts that spice up the gaming fun throughout. I personally loved the game very much for its ability to teach with fun. The same concept is applied in schools to help little grasp something and learn in future. And I am glad to have come across such an iconic cheap gaming experience for kids that work on such an iconic scale. As the name suggests, the game is all about exploring the new world with loads of things to do down there in the depths of Ocean. In fact, the concept may lure bigger kids too. There has hardly been any game that explores the life of Ocean like that. So I am really in awe of it.



All right! The game begins with the introduction of two kids namely Alex and Alice. They have the map to the lost of Atlantis and kids can choose one character out of the two that they want to help find the city. Once that done, they are now required to go deep down in the Ocean. One of the best things about the game is its spectacular music. You know having a soundtrack for a world down below the Ocean is a little tricky and may not be possible for all the makers to come up with something that can hook the audiences. However, the makers of Explorium: Ocean for Kids have done a really great job. The music is outstanding. It helps you feel for the game. The fun of exploring the world down under spices up like never before with the right dose of music.

A lot of things, creatures, and other sea time in the Ocean can be seen with an exclamation mark. That is actually to notify kids that they have to tap on them. Once they do so they will get to read a new fact that will only be an add-on to their developing knowledge. Not just encyclopedia facts, there is lot more to discover in the game by kids. There are several interesting mini-games in the scenes throughout the game. All these games are purely for fun for the kids. However, the interesting part is that all of them have an animal of a different species. After completing each and every game, kids receive a puzzle to crack. Once they are close to the end of the Ocean Journey, they can then put all the pieces together to reach Atlantis. Finishing puzzles land them to a sticker page. This is where they can create an underwater Atlantis scene.

If you think that the information provide in the name of fun facts is just like that, then you are completely mistaken. I played the game myself for a while and what I found was really interesting. Most of the fun facts taught me new things about the Oceans. I did not these facts already. I got to know after playing this hell lot of a game. So there is something new for everyone to learn. It is not just for kids then you should try it for yourself. It has a lot of fun moments even for adults. And that is quite amazing. Another good thing about the game is that kids can have easy access to encyclopedia after they have found all the facts. The difficulty level of the mini-games can be easily adjusted. That has been by the makers considering the fact all the families have kids of different ages. This feature has been given in the special parents’ section. You can adjust the difficulty accordingly in the game.

Every game comes with a set of flaws and so does Explorium: Ocean for Kids. Giggling of character does not go down well with me. It was not really need in the game at least when it interrupts the music that keeps the mood going. Kids won’t really mind it. It may a little a matter of concern for big kids.

The Cultural Phenomenon Called the Temple Run


Oh my God! Some critics have compared the addiction of Temple Run with the effects of morphine and crack on human mind. People are still so crazy about this game that they just can’t see others games being dished out by other makers with new plot, twists, and turns whatsoever. Temple Run is probably going to be there next few generations as well. Its graphics are mind blowing. The soundtrack is interesting enough to keep you hooked throughout the game. Challenges are interesting. Mechanism is easier than you can think. Gameplay simply blows your mind out.

In the Temple Run, you are a male version of Tomb Raider Lara Croft or Indiana Jones on the run for crystal skulls in the Kingdom of Akator like set up. And trust me playing the game is not less than watching these two exciting games movies of all time. You are running away from the clutches of monster Gorilla who is running after you. Reasons are unknown and better be left unknown because that does not make any difference to the story at all. The game is still the best you can play. There are other obstacles on your way. You have to duck them all by tilting and swiping your way through them all throughout the game.

I must say that Temple Run is way more interesting engaging than Angry Birds and Cut the Ropes. One of the main reasons is that the hero is running all through the game. The only way to stop is to press pause button. There are times when you just can’t even blink your eyelids. Those who have not played the game may find it a little more difficult than usual to get used to it. Not just running, your hero in the game is also jumping and doing the Fast and Furious like drift on an off that keeps you going without a doubt.



One of the reasons the game is so popular amongst people from all age groups is the fact that its graphics are way more detailed than others I have known. I seriously could not believe for the first time when I played the version on my phone. The game is quite simple and to have such a quality graphics for something like this commendable. I don’t know why but most makers tend to stay away from throwing in good graphics for such simple games. The makers have put in loads of efforts in the detailing, which is phenomenal without a doubt. The setup of the game is also interesting. The foggy moat surrounded motionless water backdrop is awesome. It somehow makes you feel like you are on an alien planet—something like you have seen in movies like Avatar. The environment, trees, and just everything leaves you dumbfounded. Their detailing is simply out of the world.

The game does not entertain you until it is loaded with a hell lot of challenges around you. Temple Run is packed with obstacles that make your journey even more interesting. If you are playing it for the first then you know how addictive it gets to work on a particular problem. I could not cross a particular stretch despite planning my move for a while. The challenges are awesome and probably one of the most prominent reasons you stick in the game for so long. Some of the most common obstacles in the game include cliffs, burning arches, mossy rocks, and wooden docks among others. All the obstacles have been designed with utmost dedication. They are spectacularly done to keep you give you a cheap gaming experience of lifetime.

However, the real of the game begins when you start collecting coins while on the run from the clutches of the flying monster Gorilla. You don’t have to do any new tactic to collect them. All you have to do is just run through coins. Collecting enough coins will help you active special power-ups in the game. Different power-ups serve a variety of purposes.

The first power up you get is that of Coin. It helps you increase the value of the coins you collect on the run. One of the best power-ups in the game is Invisible. As the name suggests, you become invisible after activating it and you plow through obstacles. This eliminates the need of swiping on and off. The coins you collect on the run can be invested by you for the utilities like Resurrect. As the name suggest, with this utility in handy you don’t die. You just get up from wherever you die.

One of the best investments that can be done by coins is that you can change your wallpaper or if you want characters. There are more than seven characters in the game. The difference is in their costume and the gender that is it.

So if you have been raving about the quality of details and designs of the game, then you got to look at the other side of the coin now. This android cheap gaming experience for kids is way more burdensome on your smartphone. It kills your battery fast.

Surfing it Big Time with Subway Surfers


Of all the games we have discussed so far, this is a hell lot of a game that does not seem to be losing its shine any time soon. The frenzy of a kid through subway has never been so exciting and thrilling. Plus thrown in a couple of more adventure on the run and there you have the undisputed that nobody can take away from you.

One of the best things about Subway Surfers is that it does not restrict entertainment for adults. This game is as cool for kids as for adults. There are not many games in the world today that can be played by all the age groups with the same enthusiasm. However, Subway Surfer is a unique zombie in the league today.

The ideas behind creating some of the most popular games for all age groups have changed over a period of time. But the basic concepts seem to have remained intact even now. The makers of android cheap gaming industries try to make games that can be played by just anyone anytime in short burst of time. And that seems to have been the idea behind creating Subway Surfers.

You can take your smartphones out when you are on the metro, bus, or just anywhere without any worries and can have all the nuclear explosion of entertainment all on your head. Another best part of the game is that you don’t have to be a professional money-making video gamer to play this game. You simply do not require any introduction to be into the game. It mechanics are easy to learn and to die for. All you got to do is just launch the gaming app on your smartphone. That is it. You are ready to go. Just like Temple Run, the hero of the game is running unstoppable. This means that you cannot even blink your eyes. If you want to take some rest for a while then the best way is to do by hitting the pause button on the screen. Otherwise, you will lose the game. I have played Subway Surfers many times and pausing it for even a second looks like another task. If you fail to do it properly then you will have it the wrong way. Chances are you will be caught by the guard chasing you in the game. So play it with full of patience. One of the most interesting parts of the game is that the difficulty level in the game increases as you keep gaining experience in the game. It sometimes looks a little bit tiring but at the end of the day, it is just as magnificent as it can be. I found it more entertaining than Temple Run. Temple Run has all the cool graphics, foggy moat surroundings, with special powers to unlock. But Subway Surfers has something really intriguing about the game that makes you choose this game over Temple Run.

I have both the games on my android phone but I play Subway Surfers most of the time. Graphics of the game are cool. Detailing is spectacular and the challenges are awesome. You got to be really quick thinking gamer to be able to able score high. Coin collecting and special powers to help you in the game are incredible and make you feel like you are a star on a mission. The game throws a number of special powers while you are on the run. If you run through them you get them. You can use them to make your journey even more feasible. One of my favorites is those high-jumping boots. With the help of these high-jumping boots, you can jump over fast running trains and over-bridges. There are special rewards for you in the game. If you are able to collect them you will be able to unlock special powers or else earn extra coins. You can use these extra coins to unlock other characters of the game for an out of the world gameplay.

My one more favorite power in the game is those skateboards. You can earn them in the game. The best part of skating through the game is that you don’t die if you are on the skateboards. Even if you collide with train or crash with any wall, you will not die. You will get up on your feet and run in the same vein. I prefer collecting as many of them I can. They are actually important if you are on a mission to score high and want to brag the scores in the online gaming arena. There are so many Subway Surfers cheap gaming community all around the world. You can post your achievements right on there.

The game is so addictive that you will keep repeating it even if you die again and again. The game fit the bill for those who want no confusion and complicated gameplay styles. It is an ideal gaming experience for those who want pop it right away. There is probably no end to this game. I mean I have played it for a long time and have never been able to see any ending in the game. With some extra twists and turns, you actually do not want to get rid of it honestly.

Graphics are wonderful of the game. They are simply and thus offer more effects. There are a variety of running guys. You can pick the one you like. Some of them are free. You can play them as default. However, some of them have to be unlocked with the help of your achievements in the game. You can unlock them by buying them with earnings in the game or you can sometimes get them as rewards in the game. If you perform well you will be rewarded at the end of your marathon always. While playing Subway Surfers, my focus was on performing well and finishing as many levels as I could. The game starts slow allowing you some time to get used the plot of the game. After sometimes, everything is just so fast that you can’t bat your eyelids for a second.

You got to be really smart to make decisions. It is a fast-paced game. There is a time when you will be running through the game and you have to decide about the next move while still on the run. It will seriously be very difficult for a newbie. However, as you gain experience in the game it won’t really matter to you. The game comes for free. The value of the entertainment thus received is spectacular.

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