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Best Adventure Cheap Gaming Frenzies for Android Phones in 2016

Posted on Oct 11, 2016 by in Gaming | 0 comments

All right! After forcing the world to fall prey of genre called adventure with movies like Indiana Jones and Star Wars, the so-called ancient whims of legendary filmmakers have now been kicked into these portable cheap gaming zombie devices right in our pockets. Understandably, smartphones are the pulse of the world that can easily slip into a variety of characters whenever required.

One of the main characters that it often plays in our life is that of an out of the world entertainer. With just one soft tap of your finger, you have got Drake rapping for you and Trump discussing his witticism plans to take down his contenders during next presidential debate. The aura of playing games on your android smartphone is not new and the makers are leaving just not stone unturned to oomph up the frenzy. So there is lot to more dig into your android turf for adventures that not even Hollywood stalwarts can think of. We have got you a long list of some of the most popular adventure cheap gaming experiences of all time. Here we go:

Crashing it with the Popular Crashland


Topping our curious list of adventure cheap gaming experiences in 2016 is none other than the heartthrob game called Crashland. The game keeps you hooked throughout its fast-paced gameplay and incredibly intriguing storyline. What is another good thing about this game is that it throws more elements right at you than you could have ever seen on other android games till now.


The storyline of the game is not really that enticing. However, throw in the compelling spices of the gameplay and you got the magic of Harry Potter’s wand working for you. You as the main protagonist in the game are playing the character of Flux the trucker who accidently crashes into lands and gets stranded on an alien planet where things are weirder than the planet of apes.

As you can predict it yourself, the aim of Flux is to get back to his planet after accomplishing a chunk of things systematically in order. But that is not going to be that easy at all—obviously. There are a hell lot of bad guys who would make your journey an ordeal of lifetime. There are some Kung Fu sessions with them and you needless to say have to emerge as the winner at the end. Interesting thing is that you are not there just to don boots of Bruce Lee. There are a couple of smart things to carry out in between. You got to retrieve your cargo and more importantly build a base yourself. On top of it, you are also saving the world. I don’t understand why always an ordinary hero in any cheap gaming plot has to save the world. The plot from just a simple land crash spirals out of the world mystically. The plot still has its moment of goose-bumping excitement. The elements are spectacular that help bind the storyline perfectly through the end.


Interestingly, a moron in the game has stolen some of the important parts of your spacecraft without your knowledge. More interesting thing is that Flux does not run a safety inspection of the craft before taking off in the space. As a result, the so-called crash land happens and Flux is on an isolated planet that looks more like lands occupied by zombies. To spice up the gameplay, the makers have brought in a twist here. The parts of the spaceship can’t be found in the local 7-Eleven. This is exactly when Flux has been assigned a crafting station.

As you spend some time into the game, you will realize that you do not have been given access to have a variety of weapons. Interestingly, you don’t have to go through sections of menus to choose your weapons. All of them will be incorporated to you in your character’s suit as you gain experience in the gaming. You will get all the important tools according to your particular job in the game. That means you will always have all the required tools whenever you need them. Having a particular tool means you have to do a particular task. For example, you have a saw in the game. This means that you must go to neighboring wildlife to cut some woods to make some base for yourself.


So you must be thinking now if there are no weapons for Flux then how he would have to fight against all the attack? Actually, Flux does not have to fight with weapons. He should save himself by not coming into the way of the attack. To make this even simpler, there is this red marking to indicate any incoming attack on the way. You will not spend too much to understand all the mechanism of the game. All the aspects of the game are easy to learn.

You are required to craft your own weapons in the game. And trust me they are not going to be great always. Their level of performance will vary from time to time. You can even recreate your gears in the game depending on your requirements. It is all up to your thinking. Decide according to your situation and get into the game your way. However, it is not required to change or upgrade your weapons if you are good at evading attacks. But having good weapons handy makes your life easier in the game. Plus, you get to change the appearance of your character, which is visually delighting and also refreshing all the way.

The Dark Night Rises with Dead Effect 2


As if the frenzy of sci-fi genre was not enough on the big screen, the sellers of entertainment have now gone a bit further by dishing this addiction out in everybody’s pocket for free. One of the most popular poisons in the adventure of cheap gaming industry doing the round today is Dead Effect 2 that according to some experts is the next big thing in the sci-fi FPS genre. Dark plots are the current rage in the gaming industry. Dead Effect 2 serves every essential ingredient of it really well. Graphics of the game are spectacular and make you feel like you are watching a big budget Hollywood sci-fi action movie. Dead Effect 2 for me is the Transformer: Dark of the Moon for all the good reasons.


So recently there were a lot of die-hard cheap gaming fans who were way more worried about slowly disappearing frenzy of first-person zombie gaming. Dead Effect 2 is an air of new belief for all of them. There was not happening too much on the plot front of new zombie game series. They were all the same and most of them have picked up plots in the name of inspiration. However, Dead Effect 2 steps into the world of entertainment with a strong ray of hope. It is on the verge of becoming Terminator 2: Judgment Day in the zombie cheap gaming world. So the all good looking zombie fans should give up all their apprehensions and get ready for the experiences that will blow you away.

So all those who have already played the previous version of the game know where the story ends. Dead Effect 2 picks up its plot right where the last version had ended. It is like Doctor Wagner’s facility in shambles and the heavily armed military forces are closing in to take care of everything that is left out there in the debris. However, the story takes a sharp turn when just everything on the ship now is after your life just for one reason—your blood.

Critics are not too much happy with the story of the game as they feel it does not do justice to the previous version, which is still in the minds of die-hard adventure cheap gaming fans for it all and out enthralling content. They have also panned down the entire script that at some places go out of place. According to critics, the makers should have tried to bring in authenticity in the dialogues. Some tend to sound quirky with loads of efforts. They are simply flat-out at a number of places.

For example, there is this scene where characters are referring to an engineer a retard as his brain functions are diminishing. A woman in the game asks a character whether she is looking fat or not after wearing armor. The dialogue delivery is awful and does not help the game anywhere. The characters too slip into quagmire of bad performances due to a hell lot of crappy dialogues. There is just Danette in Dead Effect 2 whose work is commendable. Dialogue delivery is just fine with this character.


One of the most interesting parts of the game is that to play it post first stage, you will have to register through your Facebook, Google+, and your email account. Otherwise, you cannot play after the first stage of the game. Very unlike its story, zombies are a hell of entertaining in the game. Ironically, they look good. You have got weapons more than Rambo in his any movie series. They are fancy and make your experiment with them like never before. Interesting thing is that you can stock up your cash to later exchange them for some out of the world cool looking guns in the game.

What I personally feel is that all adventure cheap gaming experiences should have big environments. You know so that you can explore some around and check all the nooks and crannies in hope of discovering something spectacular. I mean that is what you call the adventure right? I make it a point to explore the environment around me whenever I am done chopping off a set of zombies in any game. The curiosity of exploring is always there with gamers. So I am pretty much happy to have such big levels in the game.


One word for its functionality is that it is decent. All the buttons of the game are just fine and do their work like a gamer would expect. However, a few buttons after spending into the game did not register my taps but still they are just better than good. Functionality is one of the most important things while zeroing in on a particular android cheap gaming on your smartphone. Understandably because your smartphone is not like your PC. Hence, your cheap gaming experience on your smartphone will be way more different than you can imagine. Smartphone are usually the size of your palm and thus their buttons too have to be in accordance with the size. Well, this may sound easy but the makers have to undergo a real ordeal of their lifetime to ensure this. So with just a few minor glitches, the functionality of all the buttons is ideal.

A few taps are not registered by the game, which is not really a big problem that happens only when you are switching the weapons. Some other players have complained about it hanging up while taking aim through the gun sight. That again is not a big problem. It does not affect your game anywhere. I did not face the problem anywhere. The best part is an auto-firing option. I had to search a little bit more to have it in my kitty. Once enabled I was the king of the world. All you got to do is just focus on the target every time you want to shoot and you are done in no time. It was an amazing experience all and out. You know possessing the guns that shoot on their own without having to worry about any mistake whatsoever.

I practiced a little in the game for the Headshots and after some time into the game, they were pretty much like the back of my hand. I was the best shooter in the world. Honestly.

Other Elements:

Another good thing about the game is that I am pretty much in awe of is its RPG elements. You know having an opportunity to explore way beyond your expectation was just incredible but with this RPG element in the game the experience got to another level in no time. You can have access to all RPG elements after spending some time into the game and finishing some important missions.

The game kicks off like just any other shooting cheap gaming frenzy with some seemingly occasional on and off interesting experiences and soon turns out to be a hell lot of a ride once you start customizing your character. Do not forget to customize yourself with things like cybernetic augmentations that will have your accuracy and energy recharge rate improved in no time. Pick up your armor to boost your defense and health. You can even boost up your special abilities that remind you of biotics from Mass Effect.

It is a hell lot of game for all types of gamers. The game takes your adventure cheap gaming experience to a very different level.

Fighting it Out with Difference in Doom and Destiny Advanced


We have all seen it on big screens but did not really have an idea that the idea can be implemented for adventure cheap gaming frenzy of the current generation. Blending an adventure with humor is quirky and Hollywood makers have on an off dabbled into this genre. It is very brave of the makers of Doom and Destiny Advanced who dared to experiment with the idea of adventure humor.

All the series of Indiana Jones, Star Wars, and Transformers among others had their shares of a flavor of humor in them. However, Doom and Destiny Advanced has gone a little bit farther this time as compared to its big screen counterparts. The flavor of adventure in this gaming series is like extra cheese on thin crust pizzas. Humor blended in the thrill of fighting out the demons is exceptionally wonderful all the way. Doom and Destiny Advanced binds in jRPG gaming style and takes it another level effortlessly. More importantly, you are on your standards mission of saving the world with a tinge of fun and roller coaster ride.

The game forces you to chill throughout as you chop off monsters brutally in the game.  The concept of the game is to offload all seriousness that comes as an essential baggage with the gaming. It is a unique concept that seems to have gone really well with the genre of adventure cheap gaming. The game can be players for over a month. There are more than 15 character classes all infused with comedy prowess and a wide range of character costumes. For more than 15 character classes, there have to be more than 150 special powers. Doom and Destiny Advanced has got it all with an extra bonus of tickling your bones. Available at just $0.99, it is surely the best android adventure cheap gaming you were looking for.


As it has already been told above, it is a fun so not every storyline of the game and its important characters allow you to go the serious at any given point of time. If you have played the previous version of the game, then you know the four characters. The same four characters are there at your disposal in this game as well. But that does not mean that the game does not have anything different to offer to its cheap gaming fans. There are loads of surprises in store for gamers. First of all, there are loads of jobs for you to unlock in the game. You have ample of opportunity to switch your jobs at crystals. Like all other standard jRPG cheap gaming styles, the job system is pretty much similar. There are more than 15 classes of characters and all with particular combat skills. To get to know new skills, you are required to level your skills up with your jobs. As simple as that. You cannot level it up just like that. You don’t have fight it out for this but spend rare materials smart you will come across to as you gain experience in the game. There are 15 jobs and according to reports more jobs on the way by the makers.


Just like its twists and turns blended in humor, its gameplay is equally exciting. There are hundreds of chambers of secrets out there for you to explore and wreak havoc on monsters out there. That is why gamers just admire the idea of exploring. You discover so much on the go that you can’t even imagine. In Doom and Destiny Advanced, you stumble upon special powers while exploring environment.

Those who have played the original will have no problem in understanding the game. The basic premise of the game is quite similar and so as the main characters. However, critics have described the game as complicated. The beginning of the game is slightly confusing for gamers. I don’t understand why the makers of the game have taken so much to clear the confusion. If I am not wrong then there was loads of scope to answer the recurring questions in the minds of gamers earlier. But that did not happen at all. But still, the gameplay is original, which is probably the best thing here in the game.

The good thing is that humor part has been focused upon a lot through the game. However, some of the jokes do not really make you laugh, let alone smile. The depth of the jokes keep moving from pop cultural references (which is way more boring than before considering millions of experts out there have already experimented with the subject on all possible platforms human mind can think) to junior high school.

Despite a few glitches in the game and script, the game has gone to become one of the most popular adventure cheap gaming frenzies of all time. Jokes are repetitive and look stupid at times.

The Hottest Lady in Town is Mysterious as a Puzzle: Lara Croft Go


Lara Croft is a cultural phenomenon in all rights. There is nobody who does not adore the lady zipping past our eyes kicking some badasses around. Angelina Jolie starred Lara Croft series went to establish the reputation of the actresses in the Hollywood league of extraordinary women. So when cheap gaming version of the game was released, there was a hell lot of excitement amongst a group of PC gamers.

The version on the gaming platform became a blockbuster overnight, spawning more hopes of a bright future. Eventually, the game made it to the android adventure cheap gaming platform to keep the world hooked on the go. And it seems to have played its trick here as well. The android gaming version has also been received by both critics and fans. It is all the way a legend of games on all platforms.

One of the most interesting things about this game is that it is slipping into the adventure genre with a slight taste of suspense and moments of breaking the Da Vinci Codes. It is a puzzle-adventure game forcing you into the depth of histories to take some secrets out of the chambers of Hogwarts like mansions and ancient artifacts. The turn-based play makes it a hell lot of more exciting. You move along the game’s board with other zombies of the game and obstacles. And that is actually the fun of playing this game—smart challenges that are thrown at you. They keep you hooked and want you to be into the game forever. There are more than 100 puzzles to crack, hundreds of things to discover, and loads of special power to unlock. Interestingly, there are hidden cams. I mean stealing is not going to be that easy. You will be forced to slip into the character of the Lara Croft to be able to pull off those smart stealing tricks.


As it is a turn-based game, everything in the game happens in a systematic way. There is everything in order. I mean first, the hottie Lara Croft moves than everything else in the game follows her—the obstacles and other villains. What I personally found most interesting is the fact that everything is bound by a set of rule. I mean there are snakes in the game but they can’t attack you just like that. They can only attack you only when from the sides of the rear. All the enemies that are after your life and the boulders rolling down on you are all set by rules.

I always believe a woman looks hotter than a man with guns. The makers too seem to have abided by the same philosophy and have designed the android version of Lara Craft with a pair of guns. Yes. Lara can pick up her gun and pull the trigger on her enemies anytime. However, that does not give the lady any edge in the game. These pairs of pistols come with a set of limitation, though. You can’t just use the guns like that. To use a gun Lara has to smartly use the environment. There are spears to kill your enemies and they are way more useful than the pair guns honestly.


What really works in favor of the game is its gameplay. The way it allows Lara to use its environment is spectacular. You can run over boulder your enemies and even use a spike trap on a giant snake. These types of gameplays are rare even on PC games. Lara Croft Go masters the art like a pro. The mechanisms of the game are perfectly designed. The rules are not that stricter in the beginning. They are quite easy on you initially but as you gain experience in the game the difficulty level tends to test your intelligence with patience. At the end of the game, you come across a stage where you are stuck. All the hell breaks loose on you and you have no choice but use your experience to come out of it. This is the beauty of the game. It does not challenge you unnecessarily. It teaches you and then tests you based upon your skills in the game. The concept of the game is ideal. I think all critically acclaimed games are based on the same concept of challenge. Teach, test, and stay challenging throughout.

Not everything in this world is quite a perfect picture thing and so is the case with the sultry siren of the game. Some of the flaws of Lara Croft Go are shared by Hitman Sniper.

But sans all the minor issues in the game, Lara Croft Go is undoubtedly a hell lot of a game for its fans from Square Enix Montreal. I am in awe of the makers who have revolutionized the industry with their offering of this game. It is like an ode for all those who want to take a break from some traditional gaming concepts now. Lara Croft Go is in the vein of Temple Run that has now become a cultural phenomenon around the world. The best thing about the makers is that they did not try to tread on the same traditional path. They knew that they were making it a paid game so they wanted to give value in every single penny invested by fans. The makers have been able to do with unique plots and gaming styles that have not been experimented with so far. The game is full of special features, magic, and a hell of a new environment that you can use to your own advantage in the game.

Lara Croft Go is an ideal for makers who seem to get inspired way more than required. A good thinking, innovation, and a few special things here and there can turn even a bland experience into a hell lot of magic.

The Plot of Fiction Meets the Plot of a Game: Lifeline


So another hard hitting game for all types of android adventure cheap gaming platforms is the unique Lifeline that takes you on a journey of a lifetime. The game has been inspired by the novel by the same name and has a variety of plots to choose from for you to quench your thirst for entertainment with a twist. There are different plots in the game and the protagonist is carrying out a hell lot of interesting things. Protagonist is powered by your decision in the game. if you fail you character dies and if you win your character lives. That is how the game progresses in the game.

There is just no dearth of unique games in the industry but the way plot of Lifeline has been executed it is simply spectacular and effortless. Its premise is out of the world and flawlessly done by the makers. The best part is that the game support android gears. This means that you can play your game on other android devices such as android watches. In fact, you receive a notification when you are due to make a decision in the game. Of all the good things about the game, what I find the best is its simplicity. A lot of makers tend to go a little more confusing in the name of uniqueness. However, that is not the case with the game.


You can rather call it a sort of a game book that allows you to choose your own plot. You choose your own plot and there are notifications for you to make a decision. All you got to do is choose an option from either A and B.   It is as simple as that. The game has been designed to keep you hooked wherever you go. It supports both Apple and Android watches. There is no doubt that the game is a hell lot of exciting. It is a unique concept done with smart writing. However, Lifeline tends to fall flat on several occasions in the game. After the first playthrough, the game looks a tad slower and simply falls out of place.

Lifeline is a story of Taylor and you. He is a survivor of a spaceship crash. He gets in touch with you and now you are his only on the planet earth. Taylor is totally dependent on you for all the moves. You will guide him through the game now. So as long as you keep taking right decisions, he keeps moving and lives but the moment your decision goes haywire, he dies and you lose—obviously. There are moments of finding meta-fictional elements where you will be required to Google things to whether they will be harmful to Taylor or not. How smartly makers of the game have carried out this game can be realized from the fact that the character of the game has been written in a gender-neutral way.

The game ends only when Taylor dies in the game. You can start over whenever you want. In the beginning, you have to think a lot before taking a decision. But as you gain experience in the game, you will attain abilities to change your decision, which obviously oomphs up the fun later. The story of the game has been presented to gamers from top to bottom allowing you an ample of ideal reading experience. Taylor is not just there waiting to take orders from you. He might indulge in some other activities while you take your time to make an informed decision. You might have to wait for Taylor to return in such cases.


The game gives you a feel of talking to an alien in reality. I mean a spaceship has been crashed into earth and some mysterious alien is on the loose. You are leaving no stone unturned to get him back to his world. Awesome! In fact, the layout of the game is so realistic that you buy into the whims offered by the makers in the name of entertainment. It is a crazy with an out of the world writing. You can even quench your thirst of reading with it. There are two things you can do to keep yourself entertained at the same time.

Apart from being an adventure android cheap gaming frenzy, the game also supports Apple watch. You receive notifications to keep a track of Taylor and the status about your next move etc. The game works well on Apple watch and looks great even on iPhone because of its interface.

The writer of the game Dave Justus deserves a standing ovation. Without him, the game would not haven what it is today amongst its fan. He is also the name behind masterpiece like The Wolf Among Us. One of the advantages of this game written by a seasoned professional writer is that it lets you connect emotionally with Taylor. Every time he dies because of your wrong decision you feel bad about him.

One of the irritating flaws of the game is the waiting time after every decision. In the beginning, waiting time comes in handy as you get enough for yourself to make an informed decision and not send Taylor to the deadly gallows. But when you grow old into the game, it irritates you on and off. You don’t want too much to spend on small time decisions.

One thing that helps you tolerate the pangs of waiting is that you can now change your decision accordingly. It is certainly a great help to push you through the end of the game. However, it is still very boring and way more tedious than any other game I have played in the same vein.

Undoubtedly, the writing of the game is phenomenal. The graphics, gameplay, and storyline are equally appealing. However, the makers should have done something about the waiting time because it seriously annoys you after some time. Otherwise, the game is phenomenal.


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