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Best 4K Experiences on Your Gaming PC in 2016—Part I

Posted on May 14, 2017 by in Gaming | 0 comments

All right guys! So you too have been feasting on all the rave reviews about 4K gaming PC experiences on the block recently. Great! But let me tell you something on a personal level. You got to experience it on your own to actually know the magic of the Potters behind the phenomena called 4K gaming PC experiences of 2016. It is surreal in all rights. It is like the invention of hotdogs for gaming zombies feeding themselves on almost on the verge of extinction 1080 Ps.

If 1080 PS are the atom bombs then 4Ks are nuclear fusions of our modern times. They are 4 times more powerful than 1080 Ps. It is like having green Hulks in place of zombies for all the destruction in the world. But obviously to have a Hulk around you through the day, you got to have a bigger home without a doubt. For 4K resolutions, you require a gaming PC that is not less than a Hulk in strength. It must be packed with a powerful GPU or graphic card with a frame rate 10 times more than your shoe size.

So if you are planning to buy some of the best 4K gaming PC experiences this year, then don’t just make the leap without considering our gallery down here. Here we go:

The world of Witches: The Witcher 3


Topping the chart is none other than The Witcher 3. This gaming PC series has been on the block for a long while now and making all the heads turn with its out of the world gaming experiences. The makers of the game have taken the entire level of fun on the gaming one notch higher with the Witcher 3 this time. It is as enthralling as the Game of Thrones series on the television. It has got all the ingredients of a hot Hollywood potboiler.

One of the best parts of the game is its hero—Geralt of Rivia who has given up on swinging his sword like a vampire obsessed Blade. He is no more a Jack Dawson sweeping off his Roses around with his charm. When you foray into this game you feel like Jack has become brooding Mr. Gatsby but sans all the tantrums that may come with that personality. Another good thing is that the game is like a Persian Biryani of all the sublime action, music, art, story, twist, and turns. The game has got more fantasy than the entire series of Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings.

Since the launch of The Witcher 3, the rumor mills are churning out stories more complicated than the plots created by Christopher Nolan and his brotherhood. However, the makers of the game have put all the rumors buzzing around to the rest by dishing it out sublime third-person adventure in 4K resolution for all gaming PC s. I have never seen a game with so much detailing in my life—Kudos to the makers who thought of giving it such a blazing immersive environment.

The game looks out of the world at a 4K resolution. The architecture in the gaming looks more gratifying than those you see in Dubai. From Echinops to Bloedzuigers to its Cemetaurs, everything is mind blowing. The action scenes are lifelike. You feel goosebumps on your body every moment. Chopping off heads is more brutal and exciting than watching Spartans being slaughtered in Spartacus. When you have such a fine detailing, you stay glued to the screen without making any fuss.

However, some ladies from the sex and the city might find try to point out a few mistakes in the game unnecessarily. The background of the game is slightly not up to the mark considering its previous version. Though it is unnoticeable and may pass off without any noise. I didn’t notice it even once. There was something written about this in a magazine a long while back. Foliage is another downside that many self-proclaimed Einsteins have talked about recently.

It like its previous version is not up to the mark either. But when you have fast cars and furious studs in a plot with a few hot ladies, you don’t really care about the story and a few glitches. The same goes with the Witcher 3. You got the world’s best gaming PC experience with that of some out of the world immersive experience. This is still the best I have seen so far. One word-incredible.

It is Time for Racing Big Time with Dirt: Showdown


All right! The Spartans of gaming PC share an impeccable relationship with racing games. The thrill is unprecedented like you are driving the mean machine yourself. If you love the thrill of racing cars live, then you will be forced to bow in front of this version no doubt.

This arcade gaming will rip you off with its detailing. Dirt: Showdown will leave you dumbfounded with its storyline and action-packed twists and turns literally. Crashes in the game are lifelike and speed is speedier than cars those in the Fast and Furious series. You get goosebumps every time cars go in flames. For those who are great fans of speed must play this for an out of the world ride on the circuit.

I am personally a huge fan of playing racing games on my gaming PC. There is hardly any game I have not played in this genre. But what I personally loved about this game is its lifelike feel throughout. You feel you are in the game riding the super machines yourself. The cars drift better than those in Tokyo Drift. When the cars swerve close you are literally shaken. The plot of the game keeps you on the toes, which is very important. What I have picked up after playing these types of games is the fact that interesting plots work in favor tremendously. If you don’t have an interesting plot to keep you going, you tend to lose the entire drama unknowingly.

Another good thing about the game is its immersive gaming experience. The colors are amazing and you are hooked from the very moment you start playing the game. However, the version of the game has been criticized for a variety of features. It does not make any difference to those who are die-hard gaming fans. Detailing of the cars is incredible. In fact, they are better than the real cars. When the dust goes off with the speed of the car your experience doubles in no time. What I most loved most about this game is the muck that sticks to the cards as the game progresses. I mean the makers have not ignored even the slightest of details. When you see your car embracing sands in the race, you feel like you are driving it in real.

When you enter the game, you find the environment blushing in rage. 4K resolution doubles the gaming PC experience here. The fireworks will rip you off incredibly. The crowd in the game is surreal. Getting into so many fine details without having to break the reality factor is the achievement for the makers of the game. No doubt. The chasing sequences set the beat of your heart racing. Couple them with the art, music, and crowd of the gaming; you get an experience like never before. This is not just visually appealing but also a game of real thrill. If you have not tried it yet on your gaming PC yet, you are missing on the real gaming PC action right now. Grab the game and be the stalwart you are.

Calling All the World Savers: Call of Duty—Advanced Warfare on prowl


Call of Duty is a hell lot of a gaming PC experience for all those who have not had a chance to gorge on some real blood lately. So if you are tired of watching zombies flirting with ladies in immersive visuals, time to take a break for something really incredible. Understandably, every game looks out of the world on 4K but the thing is a notch above always on with action packed games. And when you are dealing with the enemies on some already famous games, your gaming PC experience is going to be better than watching Transformer series in 3D—like it was for me.

The thrill around the war of games is out of the world. The zeal to kill and emerge as a winner is awesome. And all the frenzy around this is a little more decked up in the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. This is due to the fact that the version is dished out in fully 4K resolution. A lot of those who have played previous versions of the game in 1080 P were simply wowed by the experience. But this time, it will leave you speechless. The action you know Call of Duty for is four times its usual. I mean try picturing the Fast and Furious series growing 4 times more than what it really is today. For me, there is just no improvement scope in the series because it is already the best we have got. If somebody asks for a personal opinion on that I would say no. It is already so good. It does not require any improvement. But things are good until they are transformed into the best by some innovation lurking around in the future. The same theory applies to the incredible Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

Even I had not thought of experiencing it so differently from 4K perspective. The game is packed with some gravity-defying action scenes that look awesome in the incredible 4K resolution. You will have to play it on your own to actually know it. The best part is that the game has surpassed all the expectations that it could not really achieve with its early adaptations. A lot of people have even criticized it for its over the board gameplay. However with its 4K resolution version, the action scenes look pretty much awesome. The detailing of the weapons leaves you speechless. You feel you are carrying a real gun. HUD is another good feature about this game. The best part is when you get a chance to wear the Exo suit. The whole level of excitement goes to another level. Hand combats are better than those you have seen in classic Hollywood flicks. You heart beats with the thrill. Despite receiving flak for the past few game series, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare lives up to its name. It is not just advanced but also the most exciting experience on your gaming PC with 4K resolution.

Dishonored Shines in the gaming PC arena like never before with 4K resolution


The story behind the success of Dishonored on gaming PC platforms is no less than a fairytale. The game was first launched in the year 2012 by Arcane Studios and went on to become one of the worst games of the year. The critics panned it severely. However, a few years down the line with a new plot, and some pixels higher than before, Dishonored comes back to haunt even the best of the games riding high on their success.

The game has been nominated in a variety of categories for its art, graphics, style, and what not. What works in favor of this game is that it lets you play without putting restrictions on your gameplay. You control your game your way and that’s the best part of it. I see a lot of gamers out there who are not pretty much happy with the host of gaming plot these days. They are doing their own things without thinking much about the pleasure of gamers. You are thrown into a situation where you are just a piece with limited controls on anything. The computer plot does not allow you think your mind. Thus, the game becomes way more than predictable. I have often been into spectacles of such gaming plots, where I feel choked when I fail to do my mind.

However, things are totally different now with Dishonored. You are free to playing this game on gaming PC with full control. The experience is just out of the world. You have fun playing a game when you know your opponent is tough. When you play according to your gaming PC, then the fun just disappears. Dishonored is just like thin crust pizzas exploding with loads of cheese for the people planning to eat after a crash diet to lose weight. It will not just tickle the taste buds but also burst all your senses off without a trace. It is way more than just refreshing guys.

After a few moments of the game, I found it intriguing. The entertainment of the game and its thrill takes off where several popular games have ended. For example, Deus Ex and BioShock are nothing as compared to Dishonored.

Talking about its 4K resolution on your gaming PC, it is wonderful. I don’t even have perfect words to describe the performance of the game on a gaming PC with full 4 K resolution. Water effects in the gaming deserve an award. You feel like you can touch water by your hands itself. The detailing is marvelous. The architecture of Orwellian era is mind blowing. They are like drawn from the Orwellian culture itself. The environment, foliage, grounds, dresses, and just everything is so perfect that can’t stop raving about the makers and the people who were involved in creating such an out of the world graphic from ground zero. Honestly, the visuals are a big distraction throughout the game. I mean they are so good that you keep coming off the track to admire it. One of the best experiences on my gaming PC without a doubt.

Dying Light is the Real Rise of the Horror emerging on your gaming PC in 4K


Zombies are probably the most quirky creatures developed by some of the finest intelligent people on earth. I don’t even where they popped up from seriously. But yet there presence in the movie or in a gaming Pc pumps up the blood running through all my veins in the body. The gaming experience just gets automatically spiced up in no time. All right! We are not going to talk about the evolution of zombies on gaming PC s here. We are discussing about one of the 4K games on your gaming PC that has become a rage in the past few months.

Dying Light falls into the category of horror. There are zombies wreaking havoc on the mankind for no reason. They are infected by a deadly and you as the hero has to find a around way to save mankind. Well, that’s the basic plot of all the zombie movies and games, right? Not exactly because of the best graphics that helps this game stand out drastically. Yeah. There is no doubt that killing zombies innovatively is no more fun on our gaming PC s. But trust me, the experience can truly become out of the world on 4K resolution.

Not just this game, I have played a few more flop games before on 4K resolution but they didn’t appear as bad as they really were. But with all due respect, Dying Light in itself is a wonderful game, whether 4K or not. And this did the trick here. Watching these zombie creatures die on 4K resolution more wonderful than you can imagine. The blood is oozing out from different parts of their body and it all looks so thrilling that you can’t just stop raving about its graphics.

The plot of the game is equally mesmerizing. The hero or the protagonist of the game is tasked with a variety of adventurous things that make the game even more interesting. From smelling the presence of zombies to chopping them off innovatively, this exciting 4 K game is the must have on your gaming PC.

What I personally loved about this game is detailing. Detailing is one of the most important parts of creating a game to make it a hit amongst its die-hard gaming fans. A few top developers have failed to abide by this theory and landed them into trouble. Their games that were previously famous went on to big flops of the year. Many developers have learned a lesson from these experiences. The makers of Dying Light have also abided by this wonderful theory.

Details are phenomenal. Their moves, gestures, grin, eyes, wounds, walk, stance etc. are so perfectly depicted that I wonder they are real. One of the main highlights of this game is its weapons. They are empowering. When the hero holds the guns or any other weapon, the frenzy of this exciting game doubles up without wasting a single moment.

In fact, the plot of the gaming also looks perfect in 4K. You know what I feel is that 4K resolution does support some plots. They go hand in hand. We have seen in a lot of movies when the protagonist climbs up towers to keep a watch on hordes of zombies and we are already a bit overwhelmed by this fact. But watching this scene again in the 4K resolution in Dying Light was not tiring at all. It was one of the best scenes I have experienced recently on my gaming PC. It feels so real that I had goosebumps on my skin. All actions are very perfectly directed by the makers. They knew how to keep the plot racing with some really gory action sequences in the backdrop. In many scenes, you will see loads of car being set on fire by zombies. The smoke billowing from the cars and other objects looks real.

The best part is constantly trying to escape the world. It feels more than just real. The sensation just overwhelms you with complete confidence and you feel like trying till your last breath.

Exploring the Magnificent Bioshock Infinite


All right! I am a huge fan of shooting games where I can feel a lot like Clive Owen in Shoot’em Up smashing heads and kissing his lady love passionately. So when I sat down on my couch to explore the new frenzy on the block, I was really forward to it. And I was completely wrong. Don’t worry I am not trying to rip the game off with my sword like comments because I need not to.

However, the game is surreal. From a few moments into the game to the time you are done with it, you can’t actually understand what has just happened to you. The game is faster than the light and visual feast to your eyes all the way. I could not have enough of the game even after playing it. The effect of the game was such that I could not leave its traces behind. This is one of the strongest plots for all games on gaming PC s this year. There is a lot of adventure, action, shooting, explosions, drama, and a hell lot of panic running down your spine. The makers of the game have given it a very different feel from its previous versions. I mean it is exactly like Superman’s Man of Steel, which was so different from its superhero movies. A Christoper Nolan like plot helped it big time.

According to my knowledge, the game was not really designed for 4K resolutions on gaming PC s. But still, there is no way you can ever identify this. It works like a hell of a game, honestly. Those are die-hard Gerard Butlers of the genre should try this right away. The experience of playing this game on your gaming PC is out of the world. Your gaming feat is incomplete if you have still not played it on your gaming PC. What sets this game apart from the crowd of other games is its unique gameplay packed with full fun adventure.

The plot of the game is appealing. You are tasked to find a girl named Elizabeth. Obviously, the task is not simple. There are loads of enemies that won’t let you complete your mission. The visual effects of the game support the plot. I mean its 4K resolution make the experience even more delightful. I wonder if it would have been the same fun on 1080 P resolution. But yes, every scene of the game is jaw-dropping and the credit goes to its graphics and lifelike textures. One of the best things about the game is its architecture of Columbia. Even if you are a new entrant into the game, it will keep you mesmerized with its detailing.

Weapons are the precious treasures of such gaming experiences and Bioshock Infinite does not let you feel down with its offerings. Firefights in the game keep you on your toes. They look stunning in 4 K resolution on your gaming PC. Don’t forget to indulge in its wonderful boss fights. They are awesome.

Metro: Last Light Redux Leaves You Dumbfounded in 4 K on your Gaming PC

All right! The first thing first. Metro: Last Light Redux is the sequel to Metro: Last Light with a few tweaks and turns. However, the version in 4K for your gaming PC s is just more than what you can expect from the makers. It is delightful and enthralling in all aspects. The graphics of the contemporary version are a notch high as compared to the previous version. What is personally I loved about this game is graphics. They are just better than any Hollywood movie. The detailing of a post-apocalyptic era is mind-blowing and keeps you intrigued about the whole plot.

I don’t know why some of the most popular games for your gaming PC s have been set in a post-apocalyptic future and they have all went on to become hot favorites among their fans instantly. The same history repeats with Metro: Last Light Redux. There are hungry mutants in the plot on the killing spree. The human race is trying to survive the wrath of the deadly mutants on the prowl. However, the one thing that sets it apart from the crowd of other games on gaming PC s is its mysterious plot. The adventure and the excitement to unfold the mysteries of the plot keep you on your toes. It is a nail-biting experience for all the gamers.

The narration of the story, mystery, first-person gunplay, background score, dialogues, graphics, and costumes all weave together to bring you an out of the world gaming experience on your PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and gaming PC. If you have already played its previous versions and not delved deeper into its dark alleys, then you have got the opportunity to do that now in Metro: Last Light Redux

In this version of the game, the visual effects are little over the board. I mean the smoke billowing from objects and fire going frenzy are flashier than the ones you must have seen in the previous plots. The idea to take the version on 4 K gaming PC s has paid off really well. The game has suddenly reached to another level with a touch of 4 K resolution. The graphics are better than those a top rated Hollywood. The protagonist’s costume and guns are so dazzling that you can’t leave your game in the middle. You got to unravel the mystery. No matter what comes in your life.

Like just any other shooting game on your gaming PC, the main highlight of Metro: Last Light Redux is its eye-popping weapons. If you don’t have a good looking gun in your hands to kill predators in the story, then you can’t really enjoy the game. But the makers of the game understand the fun behind it and give its human race savers a chance to explore a range of weapons from its own arsenals. These guns double up your experience of gaming on your gaming PC.

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